The Weekly Freak



Thurs., Dec 29, 2005 Hitting 50 jams for the year illustrates what a successful year it was.
Mon., Dec 19, 2005
Jam #49 seemingly too close on the heals of #48.
Thurs., Dec 15, 2005 Jam #48 with Jimmy taking heat from the choir as MB comes to town
Thurs., Dec 8, 2005
Back together winding down 2005 at Carroll's.
Tues., Nov. 29, 2005
Without Trister, the five of use vaporized at Carroll's.
Mon., Nov. 21, 2005
#45 has the whole band together in Carroll's
Tues., Nov. 15, 2005
As we approach the end of the year the jam count is still high with this being #44 so far.
Wed., Nov. 9, 2005
We jam but with poor MB being a no show.
Wed., Nov. 2, 2005
A CoffeeBoy birthday show with a nice list played.
Mon., Oct. 24, 2005
A quick jam on Monday after Thursday leads to a hot one for a cold one.
Thurs., Oct. 20, 2005
A ten day turn around and playing on Thursday.  TGIF!  Thank G-d it's Freaky.
Mon., Oct. 10, 2005
A short turn around has us all playing well.
Thurs., Oct. 6, 2005
We all have a hot jam together at Carroll's
Tues., Sept 27, 2005
Hopefully we get the whole band together for the first time in a while
Wed., Sept 21, 2005
Larry G. plays lead on Scotty's birthday as Trister is out of town.
Mon., Sept 12, 2005
No Larry G. as signals got mixed up on the night
Wed., Sept 7, 2005 Hopefully we get the whole band together for the first time in a while
Tues., Aug 30, 2005
No Trister but the rest of us got it together.
Tues., Aug 23, 2005 Coffee and I couldn't play as two substitutes filled in for us.
Mon., Aug 15, 2005
G-d knows what happened this week.
Tues., Aug 8, 2005
Here to celebrate Trister's B-day and Jerry's "Deadcade"
Tues., Aug 2, 2005
Six of get back together after a week off to jam in dedication to Jerry for his birthday.
Tues., Jul. 19, 2005
Another super hot week for the six of us.  Let's hope we play like the weather.
Tues., Jul. 12, 2005 One more week at Caroll's with Larry playing his midi.
Wed., Jul. 6, 2005
A last minute date change enabled us to play at Caroll's
Wed., Jun. 29, 2005
Just the five of us play at Carrolls without Trister
Tues., Jun. 21, 2005
Larry calls all the songs as we went along for my birthday.
Tues., Jun. 14, 2005
Back in Carroll's with the entire band.
Mon., Jun. 6, 2005
Jam in Studio 2 of Carroll is a bit arduous and thick.
Tues., May 31, 2005
Back in the studio with Little Jimmy instead of family, friends and dogs.
Sun., May 29, 2005
Coffee-Boy Memorial Day party at his home in Syosset.
Tues., May 24, 2005
The band is back as a group for the first time in weeks.
Thurs., May 19, 2005 Brotman's friend Jodie from high school fills in for a missing Coffee-Boy at Caroll's
Wed., May 11, 2005
Larry is forced to try to play lead as Trister is out of town.
Wed., May 4, 2005 After an unusual week off, the whole band is back and playing well at Carroll's.
Tues., Apr. 19, 2005
The whole band is back and playing well at Carroll's.
Tues., Apr. 12, 2005
No Trister, no Brotman, but at least we have ourselves, and Bill Siegel.
Wed., Apr. 6, 2005
Deadstein without Trister plays some really good music
Tues., Mar 29, 2005
Deadstein meets Byrnesteen who meets Carpetsteen.
Tues., Mar 15, 2005 Just the five of us as we play at Carroll's without Trister.
Wed., Mar 9, 2005
All of us in for a rare Wednesday night jam at Carroll's.
Tues., Mar 1, 2005
We make it in after a snowy day to be joined by the entire band and a guy named Bruce.
Tues., Feb. 22, 2005
Scott is on vacation as the five of us muddle through a night.
Tues., Feb. 15, 2005
Brotpen sits out a week as Marty fills in for him.
Thurs., Feb. 10, 2005
All six of us together in Studio 2 to witness the "Blemishing of the Bolt."
Tues., Feb. 1, 2005
Five of us get by without a Bolt guitar to lead us, just an ordinary Strat.
Tues., Jan. 25, 2005
A new Andy Trister lightning bolt guitar joins our arsenal as Michael enjoys its sound with us.
Tues., Jan. 18, 2005
Trister is missed as the five of us go on without him.
Thurs., Jan. 13, 2005 Standard six play a Kevin setlist at Carroll's.
Thurs., Jan. 6, 2005
First jam of the new year brings Bill S. in to join us.


Tues., Dec 30, 2003 Jam #51 with the help of the Bayside Boys in newly expanded Smash Studio A.
Tues., Dec 23, 2003 Deadstein meets Bayside at Smash Studio J in a Bizarro way. 
Tues., Dec 16, 2003
Back at Carroll's for a full, reverberating Deadstein.
Mon., Dec 8, 2003
Two Alan's play guitar in a wildly modified lineup to end the Smash era.
Tues., Dec 2, 2003
Terez and Classic Deadstein format in Studio A.
Mon., Nov. 24, 2003 MiniT and Bill S. do their Donnie and Marie impression in Studio A.
Tues., Nov. 18, 2003
MiniT returns back to the fold in Studio A.
Tues., Nov. 11, 2003
Smash Studio A again with core Deadstein.
Tues., Nov. 4, 2003
Smash Studio A and we played lots of songs.
Mon., Oct. 27, 2003
In Studio A for some hot jamming but Core Deadstein.
Tues., Oct. 21, 2003
Core Deadstein does 8-30-78 show plus a few more.
Mon., Oct. 13, 2003
Smash Studio A for a four member band at the start of year 14.
Thurs., Oct. 9, 2003 Playing Tobacco Road billed a Terez.  Tore Up through the Music.
Mon., Sept. 29, 2003
Whole band in Studio A for the last time we play Tore Up in private.
Tues., Sept. 23, 2003 Studio R and our practice is showing some results in our play.  But is it worth it?
Tues., Sept. 16, 2003 Whole band in Studio R prepping for the MiniT at the Big T gig.
Mon., Sept. 8, 2003 Back in Studio A without Trister as Kevin begins to lose his mind.
Tues., Sept. 2, 2003 The entire band is Back In-Stein.
Tues., Aug. 26, 2003 No Trister but MiniT keeps forging ahead in the Morning Dew.
Tues., Aug. 19, 2003
A week off but the entire band is back and MiniT has big news.
Wed., Aug. 6, 2003 Four man Deadstein rocks all night long. Hopefully we don't get too used to it.
Tues, Jul 29, 2003 Four man Deadstein rocks all night long.
Mon, Jul 21, 2003 Good ol Grateful Dead songs played with enthusiasm in Smash Studios R.
Tues, Jul 15, 2003 Mini T and the Teasettes sing a wide variety of songs with Deadstein in Smash Studios R.
Mon, Jul 7, 2003 Michael Carpetsteen sings with MiniT without Mr. T.
Tues, Jul 1, 2003 Larry birthday setlist with lots of normal songs to play
Sun, June 29, 2003
Terez gig at Tobacco Road
Tues, June 24, 2003
Studio R with the without Trister getting in one last practice session before the 6/29/03 gig.
Tues, June 17, 2003
Studio R with the whole band getting in one last practice session before the 6/29/03 gig.
Mon, June 9, 2003 Studio R without Andy practicing for the big show, incase anyone asks how to get to Tobacco Road.
Tues, June 3, 2003
Studio R with a colorful setlist for Tobacco Road gig prep.
Tues, May 27, 2003 Whole band was in getting geared up for the big Tobacco Road gig.
Tues, May 20, 2003 Everyone but Trister is Smash Studio B.
Tues, May 13, 2003 A full band win Smash with MiniT singing several new Dead songs. Dreams coming true for Mr. T. in a bright new world.
Mon, May 5, 2003 A Tristerless pre-Tobacco Road rehearsal session in Smash Studios R
Tues, April 29, 2003 Stagger Lee drums for us in Studio R.
Tues, April 22, 2003 Celebrating Brrome County Arena in Smash Studios R.
Tues, April 15, 2003 A tax day U.S. Blues day in Smash Studio R
Thurs, April 10, 2003 Coffe-Boy, MiniT and a regime change around the world.
Tues, April 1, 2003 Coffee-Boy and No MiniT in a Round Robin at Smash Studios R.
Tues, March 25, 2003 MiniT in Smash R without Andy, lots of songs played.
Tues, March 18, 2003 We finally got the good takes with MiniT in Smash Studios R, time to forge ahead.
Thurs, March 13, 2003 Coffee-Boy, MiniT and Milk in Smash Studios R.
Mon, March 4, 2003 MiniT and Deadstein for a short but productive night in Smash Studios R.
Mon, February 24, 2003 Core Deadstein in Smash R for some classic jamming.
Mon, February 10, 2003 Smash Studios R again, with no Trister but a MiniT.
Tues, February 4, 2003
Smash Studios R again, but a relaxing week without all the wires, mics and hassles of taping.
Tues, January 28, 2003 Smash Studios R with lots of high quality MiniT.  Oh, that was last week. Again.
Tues, January 21, 2003 Smash Studios R with lots of high quality MiniT.  Oh, that was last week.
Tues, January 14, 2003
Smash Studios R with lots of high quality MiniT
Thurs, January 9, 2003 Jam 1 of 2003 in Smash Studios R with MiniT for a Mini-Set followed by Round Robin.


Wed, Dec 26, 2001 Jam # 51 of the turbulent year, who would have thunk it?.  It shows the enduring strength of the Deadstein institution.
Tues, Dec 18, 2001
Kiss Deadstein good-bye with a loud bang.
Tues, Dec 11, 2001
LG is on vacation and a new trio of guitarists appears.
Thurs, Dec 6, 2001
Everyone but LB share in a freaky experience.
Tues, Nov. 20, 2001 Dave and Larry G. share the guitar part for some GarBand and Top 40 hits.
Tues, Nov. 13, 2001 Almost a full band for another my first 14 track taping experience.
Tues, Nov. 6, 2001
Election Night Deadstein
Tues, Oct. 30, 2001 A nice soft night at Carolls is video-taped.
Thurs, Oct. 25, 2001 A fare-the-well jam for Tefillin Ken at Caroll's without Larry or Trister.
Thurs, Oct. 18, 2001 Chuck Bariss and Gene-Gene the Dancin Machine are there for a Deadstein gong show.
Thurs, Oct. 11, 2001 An 11-year anniversary celebration at Carolls.
Tues, Oct. 2, 2001 The whole band was together for the first time in months as we get back to "normalcy".
Tues, Sept 25, 2001 A small night a Carolls with Dave on Bass, one drummer, 2 guitars and no keys.  Almost a solo act from a Deadstein perspective.
Thurs, Sept 20, 2001 Ten days later at Carolls may sound like the "same-old same-old" but so much has changed outside our little freaky world.
Mon, Sept 10, 2001
A small night a Carrols to mark the beginning of 8-track recording
Thurs, Sept 6, 2001 Week 2 at Smash, 24 songs, no Kevin, Bill Sloan, Dave on bass.
Thurs, Aug 30, 2001
Our first foray into Smash Studios worked nicely with an abbreviated lineup.
Tues, Aug 21, 2001 Playing at Carrols on the third floor with Andy but without Larry B.
Thurs, Aug 16, 2001 Back at Carolls with Michael Carpetsteen who plays a first set for a late Kevin.
Thurs, Aug 9, 2001
Trister birthday show is a move back into PSEUDO that's a little haunting.  Jerry!!!
Thurs, Aug 2, 2001
Deadstein fails to field a full band but Dennis surprises us as he shows up a Caroll's.
Sat, July 28, 2001
Tommy Banjofest on Long Island.
Tues, July 24, 2001
A hot sticky night at PSEUDO without elevators is tough.
Mon, July 16, 2001 Day 3 at PSEUDO.
Thurs, July 12, 2001 A Dave birthday show in a very comfortable night at PSEUDO.
Thurs, July 5, 2001 The PSEUDO Deadstein era begins
Tues, June 26, 2001
A last minute move back to Carroll's for the "A" list Larry G. birthday show moving.
Thurs, June 21, 2001
Classic Deadstein may have played its last night at Carrols and may be  back downtown.
Mon, June 11, 2001 A full band with a full night and nothing really went too wrong.
Tues, June 5, 2001
A less reverberating night on the 3rd floor of Carroll's
Tues, May 29, 2001
The future post, now in the past, but at least it got done.
Tues, May 22, 2001
A full band for half the night and Tefillin Ken's birthday.
Tues, May 17, 2001
A late reverberating night at Carrolls that drove Larry B and Andy home early.
Thurs, May 10, 2001 No Andy and no Scott in a nice new room in Carrolls.
Thurs, May 3, 2001
Beginning of hot weather inside Carrolls.
Tues., April 24, 2001
Freaky scoppy night at Carroll's where the air was thick.
Tues., April 17, 2001
A bigger night at Carroll's
Thurs., April 12, 2001
A small scaled down night a Caroll's.
Tues., April 3, 2001
Reverberating at Caroll's with no Trister.
Tues., March 27, 2001
Caroll's, below the Port Authority gets it's first whiff of Deadstein with a liquid lightshow.
Tues., March 20, 2001
A last night at Vinny's but without Trister.
Thurs., March 15, 2001 Vinny's without Scott or Rich left Larry to pull-out before too long.
Tues., March 6, 2001 Vinny's without Kev and Trister as Dave plays bass and Scott by himself on the drums.
Tues., Feb. 27, 2001 Vinny's without Scott is like a day without sunshine or night.
Thurs., Feb. 22, 2001
Vinny's with no Larry G, no Andy T and no Rich B but John Spitz made a cameo.
Tues., Feb. 13, 2001
A night a Vinny's seemed to give us a less contentious evening.
Wed., Feb. 7, 2001
An SIR volume messstival.
Thurs., Feb. 1, 2001
Jamming at Vinny's with Larry Menaker
Thurs., Jan.25, 2001
Big full night in SIR Studios.
Tues., Jan.16, 2001
the new nomadic era begins at the overly nice SIR studios.
Tues., Jan. 2, 2001
the WWI era is sadly over but "we will survive".  That's what Jerry sang and look at him.


Tues., Dec 28, 1999 Last jam of the millennium and jam #51 for 1999.  Everyone was there for the enjoyment.
Tues., Dec 14, 1999 Dave on Bass with no break and no food.
Mon., Dec 6, 1999 A Paul Pos Hanukkah without Kevin
Tues., Nov. 30, 1999 Full Deadstein enjoys a scoppy environment
Tues., Nov. 23, 1999 Only 4 musicians hold down the freakin' fort.  Week 47 of 1999
Tues., Nov. 16, 1999 LB is seeing Phil while the rest of Deadstein rocks..
Thurs., Nov. 11, 1999 Jordan Weenz comes in for a bluegrass freaky night.
Tues., Nov. 2, 1999 The last week of Larry B. before being Philled in for a couple.
Tues., Oct. 26, 1999 A no Trister night and Dave with new drums parts.
Tues., Oct. 19, 1999 Once set to root for the Mets.
Tues., Oct. 12, 1999 Many return from treks unheard of while Trister's still on his.
Mon., Sept. 27, 1999 Original, stripped down Deadstein rocks before the sojourn.
Tues., Sept. 21, 1999 The Freak Kipper is beginning again.
Tues., Sept. 14, 1999 A Scott birthday show in lieu of the big surprise.
Tues., Sept. 7, 1999 No Larry G make for a very empty experience for Larry G.
Mon., Aug. 30, 1999 Everyone was there for a mediocre night though it had its moments 
Tues., Aug. 24, 1999 Supposedly back to meat and potatoes Deadstein 
Tues., Aug. 17, 1999 No Kevin and virtually no Dead songs. 
Tues., Aug. 10, 1999 Andy Trister birthday show made for a hot complete setlist. 
Thurs., Aug. 5, 1999 Recovery after the party and we're back where we belong.
Sat., July 31, 1999 Laura Cohen Birthday party in Jericho, NY
Tues., July 27, 1999 Last jam before the party left no time for a second set.
Tues., July 20, 1999 A powerful night featuring no new originals.
Tues., July 13, 1999 Schwartz birthday list with freaks to boot.
Tues., June 29, 1999 Gindoff acoustic birthday show.
Tues., June 22, 1999 Full night, no list, GarBand, Dylan and sweet, kind pearly tunes.  Good to be on the Mend.
Tues., June 15, 1999 Andy slaps us a bit by not showing.
Thurs., June 10, 1999 Jerry Garcia Songbook, released 4 is distributed.
Tues., June 1, 1999 No Gindoff and No Trister so who knows what happened?.
Thurs., May 27, 1999 A little sluggish but they all can't be above average.
Thurs., May 20, 1999 Deadstein powers through another great night.  God Bless Us!
Tues., May 11, 1999 What, Gindoff's there.  Is it worth the posting?
Tues., May 4, 1999 What, no Gindoff.  Is it worth a posting?
Tues., Apr 27, 1999 Eat first play later.  At least the salads get marinated.
Tues., Apr 20, 1999 A spacey one-setter brings us back to our roots.
Tues., Apr 13, 1999 April Fools on the 13th for the Kev's Rickenbacker.
Thurs., Apr 8, 1999 Playing short till Larry and Dave arrive
Mon., Mar 29, 1999 Just four showed up which probably ties a record.
Tues., Mar 23, 1999 A day of recovery after the storm.
Sun., Mar 21, 1999 Kevin's Harley Davidson Surprise Birthday
Tues., Mar 16, 1999 Better food was promised and delivered.
Thurs., Mar 11, 1999 A 1 Set night but it was quite a set.
Tues., Mar 2, 1999 Back To basics.
Thurs., February 25, 1999 Annual Larry Brent acoustic birthday show.
Tues., February 16, 1999 The Zen of not taping.
Tues., February 9, 1999 Wow, that Jerry special stuff sure is great.
Thurs., February 4, 1999 A super kind night with Dave on bass, no Kevin and no food.
Tues., January 26, 1999 Soft night that was played loud and Deliciozo. Pointing right now.
Tues., January 19, 1999 Larry B.'s first show for 1999.
Tues., January 12, 1999 Larry B. still away in fantasy land as we get a solid night in.
Tues., January 5, 1999 First show of the year but without the sick Larry B.


Tues., December 30, 1997 Last show of the year on the road in a rental studio.
Wed., December 24, 1997 First Annual Deadstein Christmas Special.
Mon., December 15, 1997 A great, powerful first set with Dennis to boot.
Wed., December 10, 1997 Scott's new Tama brings in a dynamic evening based on 12/10/96
Tues., December 2, 1997 We were hot with no outsiders to know that. Dynamite Dine-O-Mat and a backwards second set.
Mon., Nov. 24, 1997 Scott by himself pulls off a successful evening
Tues., Nov. 18, 1997 A freaky night with great music, bad food and a wide variety of kind and unkind guests.
Tues., Nov. 11, 1997 A super-spacey first set with a mellow JGB oriented second set.
Tues., Nov. 4, 1997 The Kid's back in town
Tues., Oct.28 , 1997 Larry and Larry Twin Artist come into town.
Wed., Oct.22 , 1997 A Freakboy birthday and Penny's worth of freak.
Tues., Oct. 14 , 1997 Stuffed to the brim but rodent free.
Wed., Oct. 8 , 1997 7 Year Anniversary Show. A mouse upsets us all.
Tues., Sept. 30, 1997 Settling into a comfortable state of Freak.
Wed., Sept. 24, 1997 A beautifully solid night of the core of Deadstein.
Thurs., Sept. 18, 1997 Scotty's birthday, post bris and the new RP6.
Mon., Sept. 8, 1997 Blobs of new light shine in. Check out Larry's new Jerry
Thurs., Sept 4, 1997 Trister sits in for Brent at the last minute and shines.
Tues., Aug 26, 1997 A good night with the Java King and I'm talking the real Java.
Mon., Aug 18, 1997 Settling Into The Basement Can Sound Good.
Thurs., Aug 14, 1997 Pauly Pos comes back to the fold for one more night.
Weds., Aug 6, 1997 Second night of William Weiss.
Weds., July 30, 1997 First Night of the new PA in the bowls of William Weiss.
Thurs., July 24, 1997 A last closing night of the Ganesvoort featuring Andy Trister.
Tues., July 15, 1997 Second To Last Night, Dennis starts to write the book of the Kid
Thurs., July 10, 1997 Steele Freak Us Out With His Appearance
Wed., July 2, 1997 A shortened night that is used to evaluate the new place. What was there was hot.
Wed., June 25, 1997 Phoebe and Gindoff birthday show played in it's entirety
Tues., June 17, 1997 What Will Happen we don't know
Wed., June 11, 1997 Core Four for a big night. Brotman shows for the first time in a while.
Thurs., June 5, 1997 The first night of the end of Ganesvoort Street.
Thurs., May 29, 1997 Drummers are back together for a jam dedicated to an ailing Bob Dylan who is Knockin' on Heaven's Door.
Tues., May 20, 1997 No drummers so we have substitute a coffee bopper.
Wed., May 14, 1997 No Larry G, No Scott, with Jonathan Spitz filling in.
Wed., May 7, 1997 A non-descript night with no guests
Thurs., May 1, 1997 Coffee Boy Mitch sits in for Larry M on drums
Wed., April 23, 1997  Passover is celebrated by Deadstein. The Greatest Story was there without a Prophet. We could have opened the door.
Thurs., April 17, 1997  A core five jam with no guests whatsoever. Kevin with the metronome
Thurs., April 10, 1997  Kevin's new speaker booms our night away
Tues., April 1, 1997  Larry M. has a better offer and bails on us. It resulted in a one set evening.
Tues., March 25, 1997  The Official Kevin Birthday Show.
Tues., March 18, 1997  While Larry Menaker's away Mr. Pan will play.
Tues., March 11, 1997  While Scott's away the Coffee Boy will play.
Tues., February 25, 1997  The Official Larry Brent Birthday Show - Acoustic
Tues., February 18, 1997  Dave in for Larry M. whose back keeps him out.
Tues., February 11, 1997  First set second and vice-versa.
Tues., January 28, 1997  No guests with very well played tunes.
Tues., January 21, 1997  Another powerful night with the Spitz and and Mr. Roosevelt.
Mon., January 13, 1997  Festive jam with return of Jonathan and Dennis.
Tues., January 7, 1997  First Jam of 1997, lots of guests and great Memphis Trio.




June 8, 1993 - Wetlands, NYC


June 11, 1991 The first Jam at 60 Ganesvoort Street
June 29, 1991 Dahlia's engagement party in Brooklyn
August 2, 1991 Laura Cohen's birthday party. Acoustic in Massapequa Park, NY
September 1, 1991 Dave Schwartz's cousins backyard in Pikesville, Maryland.
December 21, 1991 Andy Fischman's Birthday Party, Brooklyn


Mon. Oct 23, 2006 - Finally back together after a tough time getting it to happen.
Tues Oct 9, 2006 - 16-year anniversary jam is a major hodge-podge as we are showing our age I'm in the hospital and Andy and Coffee are out.
Tues Oct 3, 2006 - I'm back from vacation but having trouble jamming due to the pain in my butt.
Tues Sept 26, 2006 - Jam while Larry is in Sedona.
Tues Sept 19, 2006 - Last jam prior to Larry's vacation
Tues Sept 12, 2006 - Having to resort to play at Smash for hopefully the last time ever.
Thurs Sept 07,2006 - Another night is Carroll's that is posted late with no recording.
Thurs Aug 24, 2006 - The whole band is back as a unit enjoying the end of summer jam.

Thurs Aug 17, 2006 Trister took the night off leaving the five of us to do the best we could.
Tues Aug 8, 2006 A Trister birthday jam at Carroll's with Larry getting there late but Bill Siegel was there to play.
Tues Aug 1, 2006 On Jerry's birthday, Michael comes to pay us a visit.
Thurs July 27, 2006 Whole band playing together on a Thursday that had trouble materializing.

Thurs July 20, 2006 Trister's back playing well with stories of bringing in the 250 lb. shark.
Thurs July 13, 2006 Back to jamming at Carroll's with Jeff joining us late in the night and Scott's nephew also sitting in.
Sat July 8, 2006 A back yard party with Terez aka Deadstein with MiniT in Short Hills, NJ
Thurs July 6, 2006 Trister needs to attend to his Mother while Jeff Hennefeld appears out of the Blue to fill in.
Tues June 27, 2006 A week where Lance Rolls into town
Tues June 20, 2006 My Brother and my nieces show up for a little sterilized Deadstein.
Tues. June 13, 2006 Playing lots of fun songs at Carroll's
Mon. June 5, 2006 Quick turn around, Monday after Thursday with hard core 6.
Thurs. June 1, 2006 Second week at Carroll's for jamming with MiniT
Tues. May 23, 2006 The return of Terez and a little Zeppelin is a lot of fun.

Tues. May 16, 2006 at Carroll's small room with a piecemeal band including Michael Carpetsteen
Tues. May 9, 2006 at Carroll's with a late The Gind.
Tues. May 2, 2006 a Binham-de-Mayo inspired set
Tues. Apr. 25, 2006 Finally the whole band back together
Tues., Apr. 18, 2006 Jack B joins us again, but this time with two new drummers
Mon., Apr. 10, 2006 Jack Bounocore joins us for first time with his resurrection guitar.
Tues., Apr. 4, 2006 The whole band in Carroll's for another springtime jam
Thurs., Mar. 30, 2006 A beautiful spring day to exit March like a lamb with lots of hotness but a Lucky ol Sun.
Tues., Mar. 20, 2006 Kevin rolls out a setlist for the entire band
Tues., Mar. 14, 2006 A few guests come to watch us complete an entire setlist at Carroll's
Mon., Mar. 6, 2006 A few guests come to watch us complete an entire setlist at Carroll's
Tues., Feb. 28, 2006
a Total of 4 jams in February following 5 in January shows a year with no signs of weakening.
Tues., Feb. 21, 2006
The whole band is back in Carroll's big room but sounding and setup backwards.
Tues., Feb. 14, 2006
Trister's back but Brotpen is still saving cats in New Orleans.
Wed., Feb. 8, 2006
Wednesday night jam in at Carroll's where Alan sits in for Trister and Brotpen.
Tues., Jan. 31, 2006
Five Tuesday jams in a row in January.  A strong start to 2006.
Tues., Jan. 24, 2006
Another Tuesday night at Carroll's in January.
Tues., Jan. 17, 2006 Michael Carpetsteen and all his equipment join us for a night
Tues., Jan. 10, 2006 It's better to play late than not to play at all.
Tues., Jan. 3, 2006
First jam seemed like it wasn't going to happen but John the drummer from St. Louis was kind enough to sit in for Coffee.


Tues., Dec. 28, 2004 Jam #46 of the year is fun and proves Deadstein doesn't die, it just freaks-out.
Thurs., Dec. 23, 2004
Bill S joins us on the eve of xmas eve.
Tues., Dec. 14, 2004
A smaller, better, cheaper room at Carroll's serves us well.
Mon., Dec. 6, 2004
Cold wet Monday night at Carroll's.
Tues., Nov. 30, 2004
Deadstein Six back at Carroll's
Tues., Nov. 23, 2004 All six of us play with Bill and Michael Carpetsteen as MB spins wildly at the end.
Thurs., Nov. 18, 2004
Trister and his buddy John join us in another double drummer piano extravaganza in Carroll's
Wed., Nov. 10, 2004
Alan is a last minute substitute in a solid double drumming experience at Carroll's.
Tues., Nov. 2, 2004
Deadstein and George Bush's commitment to core values is rewarded with a rich and rewarding future.
Tues., Oct. 26, 2004
Scott Gibson makes his Deadstein return as we finagle 2 drummers at Carroll's.
Thurs., Oct. 21, 2004
Alan plays with us at Ludlow Street in a hot late night jam.
Thurs., Oct. 14, 2004
Core five together as one for the first time since July at a rebuilding Carroll's 55th.
Thurs., Oct. 7, 2004
Bill Siegel joins us for the grand opening of the new Carroll's
Thurs., Sept. 30, 2004
Deadstein reconvening at Ultrasound on W. 30th.
Thurs., Sept. 23, 2004 Ludlow pulling through again while LG is on vacation from it all.
Tues., Sept. 14, 2004 Back at the dreaded Smash studios without Larry G.
Tues., Aug. 17, 2004
A big festive night down-under the Lower East Side
Tues., Aug. 10, 2004
A shocking last minute jam down under in the bowels of Ludlow Street.
Wed., Aug. 4, 2004
Back to Smash without Trister, but Alan was there early, Ken Levine in the middle and just the freak four at the end.
Mon., July 12, 2004 Last jam at Carroll's on 41st Street, Wish You Were Here.
Wed., July 7, 2004
Carroll's Studio 3A with Trister leading us to a stray on some Floyd songs that rocked.
Thurs., July 1, 2004
Carroll's Studio 3A without Trister, but Bayside Alan and Jay sat in for some good fun.
Tues., Jun. 22, 2004
Carroll's Studio 3A without Brotpen but a good time nevertheless.
Sat., Jun. 19, 2004 A Saturday jam at Andy's House in CT with the Wind and the Weinz.
Tues., Jun. 15, 2004
No Brotman but the four of us had a stable balls to the wall jam.  That's what she said.
Thurs., Jun. 10, 2004
Bayside Alan D. fill's in for a missing Andy T in Carroll's Studio 3(A).  It almost rhymes.
Tues., Jun. 1, 2004
Bill Siegel joins us for a jam in a small room in Carroll's.
Mon., May 24, 2004
Back in Carroll's but with no Brotpen this week.
Thurs., May 20, 2004
No Trister again as we play in Studio A.
Thurs., May 13, 2004
No Trister to join on the Dark Side of the Room R.
Thurs., May 6, 2004
Surviving a poisonous atmosphere in Studio A.
Mon., Apr. 26, 2004
Celebrating 4/26 with classic early Dead version from this date in the past.
Mon., Apr. 19, 2004
The entire band is back in Studio A after a 2 week hiatus.
Mon., Mar. 29, 2004
Core Deadstein in Studio A for a Larry non-setlist with lots of Garband.
Tues., Mar. 23, 2004
Core Deadstein in Studio A for a Kevin non-setlist.
Thurs., Mar. 18, 2004
Core Deadstein in Studio A for a Brotpen 3/18 setlist.
Mon., Mar. 8, 2004
Core Deadstein in Studio A, 8-12 for a Trister setlist.
Wed., Mar. 3, 2004
Bayside Alan joins us for an interesting Mitch setlist.
Mon., Feb. 23, 2004
Early and abbreviated 3 hour set in Smash Studio A.
Tues., Feb. 17, 2004
Trister uses his electronically Garcia cloned guitar in Studio A.
Mon., Feb. 9, 2004
Nice weather for a change didn't disrupt Brotpen's birthday set in Studio A.
Tues., Feb. 3, 2004
A rainy night saw the entire band in Smash Studios A.
Tues., Jan 27, 2004 A snowy night quartet with no Trister and Brotman but Bill Siegel did the trudge.
Tues., Jan 20, 2004
Brotpen rejoins the band dampening the piano with his one good foot.
Tues., Jan 13, 2004
Bill Siegel sits in for Brotpen's broken leg in Smash Studio A for a hot jam.
Tues., Jan 6, 2004
Core-Four in Smash Studio A for the last time at that rip-off place of disrespect. 


Mon, December 30, 2002 Jam 50 of the year in Smash Studios A. Core-5 Deadstein Round-Robin
Mon, December 23, 2002
Coffee-Boy drums while Dave sings in Smash Studio A.
Mon, December 16, 2002
Mini Tyler Moore turned the world on with her voice while Larry turned them off with his leads.
Mon, December 9, 2002
A nice comfortable Monday night in Smash Studios R with MiniT.
Tues, December 3, 2002 Back at Smash Studio's B with MiniT where we were hot and cold.
Mon, November 25, 2002 Backstein Boys meet Deadstein Freaks at Caroll's
Tues, November 19, 2002 Back at Caroll's with Coffee-Boy and Therese.
Wed, November 13, 2002 Core -5 Deadstein in Studio R with a few guests.
Tues, November 5, 2002 Studio R sounds good with Terez on a GOP Election Day eve.
Mon, October 28, 2002 Terez and Deadstein play in Smash Studios Tiny Studio J.
Tues, October 22, 2002 Coffee-Boy and no Larry G with Dave on Guitar, What's this whole world coming too?
Thurs, October 17, 2002 Terez joins and entire band for a fun night in Studio A.
Wed, October 9, 2002 12-year anniversary jam ironically doing lots of Beatles
Tues, October 1, 2002 Rich rejoins us after his sojourn in eastern Long Island
Tues, Sept 24, 2002 A no Keyboard night makes for a very guitar oriented Deadstein
Thurs, Sept 19, 2002 Scott and Bill substitute for the missing as Andy the newlywed returns to Smash Studio.
Thurs, Sept 12, 2002 The Rock Trio of Kevin, Larry and Bill Sloan keep hope alive.
Tues, Aug 29, 2002 A fab-four man band sings lots of Beatles
Tues, Aug 20, 2002 A shortened night with Terez in Studio A at Smash.
Thurs, Aug 8, 2002 Trister Birthday show in Smash Studios, Studio B.
Mon, July 29, 2002 Dave birthday show featuring Terez and several originals.
Tues, July 23, 2002 Larry, Dave, Rich and the return of Scott do a rock quartet.
Tues, July 16, 2002 Terez and the 24 track Mackie join us in Studio R for a bunch of new songs.
Thurs, July 11, 2002 A nice casual no taping night in Smash Studios
Tues, July 2, 2002 Standard Deadstein in Studio A for Larry's birthday set with lots of GarBand.
Tues, June 25, 2002 Terez makes her Deadstein debut at jam #25 of 2002. Half way through and on target  Amazing!.
Tues, June 18, 2002 John Carpetsteen sits in for AT on the provebial DL
Tues, June 11, 2002 Smash Studio A is A-Okay. What else are you gonna say?
Thurs, June 6, 2002 Rain soaked Deadstein at Smash with Bill Siegel on keys
Tues, May 28, 2002 Hi-Fi Deadstein enters a new Golden Age.
Tues, May 21, 2002 Michael Carpetsteen sits in for Kevin on bass in a surprise substitution.
Tues, May 14, 2002 Kevin Albinder joins us and subsitutes for Andy Trister for a week.
Mon, May 6, 2002 Bill Siegel sits in on piano as we continue to make Smash our home.
Tues, Apr. 30, 2002
Another Studio A fun-filled taped evening.
Thurs, Apr. 25, 2002 A smashing night played to a sunset in Studio B, caught on tape.
Tues, Apr. 16, 2002 We made a good tape of some poor music on a super hot day in April
Mon, Apr.   8, 2002
Playing well and finding our space.
Thurs, Apr 4, 2002 Trister and Gindoff do their best Jerry and Bob imitations while Banjo is away
Tues, Mar. 26, 2002 Deadstein playing well in tough times.
Tues, Mar.12,   2002 Smash Studios was sound pretty good for us.
Thurs, Mar. 7,   2002 A shocking night at Prince Studios on 30th Street.
Tues, Feb. 26,   2002
Scott bids Deadstein a fond farewell.
Tues, Feb. 19,   2002 Mini-Deadstein at Carolls offers lots of songs
Tues, Feb. 12,   2002 Almost a full band plays pretty well.
Thurs, Feb. 7, 2002 Large Mini-Deadstein plays a mini-Freak.
Tues, Jan. 29, 2002 Maxi-Deadstein reassembles the pieces of a broken band.
Thurs, Jan. 24, 2002
Mini-Deadstein at a smashed Smash.
Thurs, Jan. 15, 2002
Moving to Smash Studios with the smaller Deadstein.
Thurs, Jan. 10, 2002 At Carolls featuring the return of Johnny
Thurs, Jan. 3, 2002 The whole band enjoys the Banjo birthday set.


Tues., Dec. 26, 2000 Happy Snappa-Wappa birthday to you. Last jam of the millennium and jam #51 for 2000 but more importantly, 2nd to last at WWI.
Tues., Dec. 19, 2000 The Miracle on 38th Street where one pat of butter can coat 8 rice balls.
Thurs., Dec. 13, 2000
A musically lethargic night that sent Trister running from the ice.
Thurs., Dec. 7, 2000
No Trister, no guests and only Deadstein is to blame.
Tues., Nov. 28, 2000 The bleak looking end of the set is pre-empted by some better songs.
Tues., Nov. 21, 2000
We've got dimpled chads instead of Trister.  What's this country coming to?
Tues., Nov. 14, 2000
Dennis and Michael for President, That is a Race.
Tues., Nov. 7, 2000 Bush or Gore who knows? But I'm Uncle Sam, How Do You Do?
Mon., Oct. 30, 2000
 The countdown to the end of WWI begins.
Mon., Oct. 23, 2000 The mid-Subway Series jam.
Thurs., Oct. 19, 2000
 No Larry Brent to sing Johnny happy birthday.
Thurs., Oct. 12, 2000
 Deadstein, half a score later and ten years older.
Tues., Oct. 3, 2000
 A sad farewell to "Hey-Tom Banjo"
Tues., Sept. 26, 2000 The freaky night we all look forward to.
Tues., Sept. 19, 2000 Lots of music played to celebrate Scott's Birthday.
Thurs., Sept. 14, 2000 Another setlist almost gets completed plus more.
Tues., Sept. 5, 2000 Deadstein to the core with a little Snappa hooked in.
Tues., Aug. 29, 2000
 From Hot to Hectic with a slamming Strat at the end.
Tues., Aug. 22, 2000 Another big night of lots of hot freaky music.
Tues., Aug. 15, 2000 Tommy Snapple makes his official Deadstein debut.
Thurs., Aug. 10, 2000 An Andy Trister Birthday Show at the end of holy week.
Thurs., Aug. 3, 2000 A hodge-podge two days in one week.
Tues., Aug. 1, 2000 A Jerry Birthday Freakstein
Tues., July 25, 2000 In the heat of summer
Sat., July 22, 2000 Deadstein does Davefest.
Tues., July 18, 2000 Everyone's back for a supurb night of A-list hits.
Thurs., July 13, 2000 This week it's Dave's birthday, Who's Next?
Tues., June 27, 2000 Second annual semi-acoustic Larry B-day show.
Thurs., June 22, 2000 A hot night of some good listening, good jamming and bad food.
Thurs., June 15, 2000
 A full Freak-load of hot and cold jamming
Tues., June 6, 2000
 The Freak Four play a full night of big songs.
Tues., May 30, 2000 A full band one set extravaganza
Tues., May 23, 2000 Extra Freak, No Jus, Only Jews
Tues., May 18, 2000 Deadstein A la Carte Au Jus
Thurs., May 11, 2000 A hot night of Deadstein Au Jus
Tues., May 2, 2000 Early eats makes for one very long set as the drummers protest to no end.
Tues., April 25, 2000 Post Phil fills the room for one set.
Tues., April 11, 2000
 Playing on 411 for your information.
Tues., Mar.28, 2000 A full band, full sound and half night.
Thurs., Mar.22, 2000
 No Kevy and it was a hot hodge-podge
Thurs., Mar.16, 2000
 A short-hair Kevy plays well in the name of God.
Mon., Mar. 6, 2000
 A Monday jam where pork fat rules.
Tues., Feb. 29, 2000 The entire gang is back for a typical Deadstein overpower-fest.
Tues., Feb. 22, 2000 A Larry Brent birthday show with no Trister and Kevin, what was he wishing for?
Tues., Feb. 15, 2000
 No Kevy, but Dave on bass fills in with a recovering Trister.
Wed., Feb.9, 2000
 No Trister to witness Johnny going postal on Dave.  Even Larry B missed it.
Tues., Feb. 1, 2000
 Full band and a few guests for a festive night.
Weds., Jan. 26, 2000
 No Trister but Tefillin-Ken was there.
Thurs., Jan. 20, 2000 All back for the January 20, 00 jam. A lunar eclipse in the snow.
Thurs., Jan. 13, 2000 No Larry B or Brotman to join us but we do have a new mixer.
Thurs., Jan. 6, 2000 First jam of the millennium?  The kinder, gentler Deadstein?


Mon, December 28 1998 53rd and last week of Deadstein for 1998.
Fri, December 25 1998 2nd Annual Deadstein Family Christmas Special.
Tues., December 22 1998 Hardcore Deadstein and not much more.
Tues., December 15 1998 No Kevy, Dave on bass as we celebrate the miracle of the Freak.
Tues., December 8 1998 A late start but a long set.
Tues., December 1 1998 A great night, too good to bother eating during.
Tues., November 24 1998 A little less freak with a little more umph.
Tues., November 17 1998 Positively a good night.
Thurs., November 12 1998 Two steps forward and a step back is still progress.
Tues., November 3 1998 Quality playing and quality food.
Tues., October 27 1998 A quiet, delicately played evening for a bull in a China Cat.
Tues., October 20 1998 Johnny's birthday on the road at Ultra-Sound
Thurs., October 15 1998 Return of the Pos and a miss of the Trist.
Wed., October 7 1998 8 year anniversary jam.
Mon., Sept. 28 1998 Monday was the only day leaving many unable to attend.
Wed., Sept. 23 1998 Most of the band's back and Larry's has a new Twin Reverb II head.
Thurs., Sept. 17 1998 Scott's birthday and nothing but hardcore Deadstein
Wed., Sept. 9 1998 Kevin not liking the sound 3 drummers and no Brotman.
Thurs., Sept. 3 1998 First full week with turned amps and it was smooth.
Thurs., Aug. 27 1998 We turn all the amps around to open up the sound.
Tues., Aug. 18 1998 Kev's back, Dave still can't hear yet we keep rolling along.
Tues., Aug. 11 1998 No guests, no Kevin and Dave on Bass.
Thurs., Aug. 6 1998 No guests, no Dave, not even Jonathan.  Their loss.
Tues., July 28, 1998  My new strat and it didn't make a hill of beans cause we're still great.
Tues., July 21, 1998  A big night of  wonderful music and lots of folks.
Tues., July 14, 1998  Dave's birthday w/ Katz's and Deadstein keeps on growing.
Mon., July 6, 1998 A week off and a week stronger.
Tues., June 23, 1998 Larry G's Birthday Show
Tues., June 16, 1998 No Larry G.
Thurs., June 11, 1998 Comforting Quality
Tues., June 2, 1998 
Tues., May 26, 1998
Tues. May 19, 1998 
Tues., May 12, 1998 Larry and Trister just like the Other Ones, together unnaturally.
Thurs., May 7, 1998 Larry continues on his hiatus for one last week.
Thurs., April 30, 1998 Trister steps in for a rough raw night first night
Wed., April 22, 1998 A Brand new night of taping and freak.
Thurs, April 16, 1998 Two in one week, only for the Positively Freaky one himself.
Tues., April 14, 1998 Lots of Larry G. songs which can be pretty punishing.
Mon., April 6, 1998 Larry M for 1st half and Deve for the second.
Tues., March 31, 1998 What do you know
Tues., March 24, 1998 Larry B is sick and John Spitz fills in.  Extremely weird in its flow.
Tues., March 17, 1998 Larry B. praying for a Birdsong or a Ramble on Rose in which to conduct with his new Midi.
Mon., March 9, 1998 An Andy Trister night with a change of date at last moment.
Tues., March 3, 1998 Four drummers in and out and a wavy night.
Tues., February 24, 1998 Larry Brent birthday show is powerful coupled with the return of the Memphis Trio.
Tues., February 17, 1998 Scott not getting over his bad foot which wasn't operated on..
Wed., February 10, 1998 First official week with Dave back on the skins.
Wed., February 4, 1998 Super big sound with Howie Glatzer on drums.
Tues., January 27, 1998 The beginning of Menakerless Deadstein
Mon., January 19, 1998 Our page is becoming realer.
Tues., January 13, 1998 Dave Schwartz fills in for Larry M. leading us to the Dave Schwartz sound.
Mon., January 5, 1998 First jam of the year is an overriding success.


Mon., December 30, 1996  Last Jam of 1996 with the Wind and Spitz
Mon., December 23, 1996  No Larry G, an abbreviated jam page format
Tues., December 17, 1996  1st week with repeats, lots of good songs
Tues., December 10, 1996  9 weeks w/o a repeat and the last no repeat week. Johnny makes the dogs howl.
Mon., December 2, 1996
  8 weeks w/o a repeat, Gyros before the jam with not substantive half-time food.
Mon., November 25, 1996  One long set starting late due to nursery school, once again on a Monday
Mon., November 18, 1996  Starting early resulted in a short second set. The best plans are no match for Deadstein
Mon., November 11, 1996
  5 weeks without a repeat except that we play on Monday.

Mon., November 4, 1996  Day before Election day made for a marginal night.
Mon., October 28, 1996
  Songs on Not Fade Away bread for Menaker's Birthday.

Tues., October 15, 1996  No Freakboy, Dennis causes 1st set Other One.
Mon., October 7, 1996  Six year anniversary show with identical set list almost.
Tues., October 1, 1996  Kevy's umbilical cord with the back eight speakers is severed.
Tues., September 24, 1996
  A Penny for your thoughts never meant so much
Tues., September 17, 1996  Scott's birthday show. Missions, Bayous and Moons
Thurs., September 12, 1996  Setting up after a party is one of many distractions.
Sat., September 7, 1996
  2nd Annual Old Westbury Party.
Tues., September 3, 1996
  Fleas infested the evening, First Lost Sailor completed.
Tues., August 27, 1996  The Dentist with the cloned Irwin teased us all for a full affair.
Tues., August 20, 1996  Happy Birthday Dennis. If not the Trio, at least Estimated was good.
Tues., August 13, 1996  The long awaited arrival of the "Silence of the Falz"
Mon., August 5, 1996 Second Set First, Very Hot, Filled with Ballads, Pomes Frits!
Tues., July 30, 1996 Start with the drums, we can't beat that. Nomadicism on the horizon?
Tues., July 23, 1996 Larry G. on drums the second set w/ Dave S. on guitar. Good Pizza!
Tues., July 16, 1996 A powerful Dave Schwartz type of set, hot and humid
Mon., July 8, 1996 Larry B. wanted something he just wasn't going to find in Deadstein
Mon., July 1, 1996 Many First Time Songs




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