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First Set
  • Brown-Eyed Women
  • Mr. Charlie
  • Feel Like a Stranger
  • Althea
  • Me and My Uncle->
  • Mexicali Blues
  • Harder They Come
  • Beat it on Down the Line
  • Love in the Afternoon
  • Tangled Up in Blue
  • Joey
  • All Along the Watchtower

Playing next week is Tuesday.  It's Larry G's birthday show and an unampliphied acoustic set is being called for.  Get your chops ready for a fast moving bluegrass special.

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  • Scarlet Begonias-->
  • Playing in the Band-->
  • Terrapin Station-->
  • Playing in the Band
  • The Wheel
It's kind of surprising, but when you look at it, we played quite a few songs considering all that was going on.  For the first time in a while we had unknown guests, specials guests and a whole lotta freak.  Rich brought the firsts guests I recall him bringing.  I forget their names but one was a pomegranate.  Of course patrick was there, Freak boy was back from Colorado and hooped up a storm by the end of the night, pulling Larry's cord out at one point.   Andy brought a music chick Liz there who played the best tambourine I have heard down there.  Lest not forget our fried MB who always loves our tunes.  He usually brings out the best in us and while I can't say that was necessarily tonight we will reep the rewards in the upcoming weeks.

We did the Brown-Eyed and Mr. Charlie while awaiting the arrival of Andy.  They were pretty good.  The prescribed set then started with the hot Stranger.  It was hot and ended with a nice ovation.  This place is getting hot, and it did with the Althea.   The lead vs. verses interplay was fairly crisp and dynamic.  The uncle and Mexicali moved nicely pretty cleanly.  Gotta love the southwestern stuff.  The Caribbean sea stuff with the Harder they come and the Love in the Afternoon were also apropos surrounding an quick and unevenful Beat it on down the line.

Tangled Up was pretty solid was a hot final jam.  Our first full Joey and it was well done.  We have to squeeze a lead into it somewhere.   We close with the Dylan theme with the Watchtower which was normal and not in the style Dave wanted.  What are you going to do.


I started the second set with the drums on the Scarlet and Dave rescued me during the plaing transition.  I think the second set died off a bit but who could expect too much more from us.  At least we kept going to the end and the wheel sustained us through 11.

Till next week's quite acoustic panic with lots of troubling songs, shaloom


General Comments

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Name: dave s
Date: 6/22/99
Time: 4:08:53 AM


ahhhh, The Tuesday Evening Post....what a paper, i thought the playing was great..and the watchtower was not really the way we usually do it and not the "dave matthews" way either but something in between...a deadsteinization of the matthews version i thought...and i also think it allowed for more intense leads.....well its late but i'd like to say.......what a fun band !!!!

Name: MT
Date: 6/22/99
Time: 10:18:52 AM

Comments times reminiscent but all together a good time. Sure, it was loud at times but that was offset by bringing it back down...that's the secret. If we could only refer to that wisdom when we need it most it could be scary. I'm not talking about Larry's zen stuff (not to say there's nothing to that; it is just another discussion)'s more like a major league ballplayer in a slump. He knows he has the ability to hit the ball out of the park, but the more he doesn't the harder he swings. The harder he swings the fewer balls he hits. It's not until he slows down and gets back to his swing fundamentals that he climbs out of his perceived hole. It's like anything, really. There were times last night when I was able to back my amp down to 3 and play wide open & clean. I love that shit. Freakboy was out of control; bordering on unconscious. What a sight...I wish he pulled out my patchcord..I think that is the ultimate compliment FB can pay someone. If I'm lucky he'll knock over my amp next week. Long live freakboy. PS Thanks Larry for the disc and Scotty for the chair.

Name: Larry G
Date: 6/22/99
Time: 10:31:25 AM


The harder he swings the fewer balls he hits. It's not until he slows down and gets back to his swing fundamentals that he climbs out of his perceived hole.

Name: Larry G
Date: 6/22/99
Time: 10:43:38 AM


Not Zen stuff, MT doesn't know what he's talking about. This is Zen between the foul poles.

"The harder he swings the fewer balls he hits. It's not until he slows down and gets back to his swing fundamentals that he climbs out of his perceived hole."

To wear a black belt an expert must constantly tak off the belts he has earned and wear the white belt many more times. Not worrying about backstepping on the path you took is vital knowing you can start over and easily get back to where you left off.

When you simplfy and listen will the true complexity show its face. Covered up with a whitewash of muck, a surface may seem clean but the inner beauty of its grain will never show through. Scrape off those useless layers and get down to the foundation from which to build an exquisite composition. When you cannot do it with basic building blocks you certainly cannot do it and don't desrve to do it with the tools reserved for a dojo.

The road is filled with false prophets trying to steer you down an easy path to know where. The trick is to stay one the road you started on because all the other detours lead to deadends. At least the road to stay on goes somewhere and ends somewhere. It goes to where you came from and ends at the start. Black belt to white belt to black belt, ying-yang, those who know a lot know nothing and those who know they know nothing no a lot.

There is zen between those foul poles.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 6/22/99
Time: 10:46:05 AM


One thing I know is my English sucks. Try to read between the errors.

Name: Scott
Date: 6/22/99
Time: 11:32:57 AM


WOW Where did everyone go??? Don't be fooled by me. I remember everything that happened last night. Highlights were, Joey, Love In The pm, Harder they come Me & Mex, And yes My big comeback for the 2nd set. Nice And Spacey Just THe Way I Like It.

Name: Freakboy
Date: 6/23/99
Time: 2:56:43 PM


Freakboy loves Deadstein. Freakboy is way glad that he has a place to go every week to show off his freaky colors. The Band was simply hot. Drummers are in groove. It gets me going. Scarlet was wacky slow but found itself during jam. Great Wheel closer. Alway nice to have MB there. This is Freakboy, signing off.

Name: Trister
Date: 6/23/99
Time: 3:59:22 PM


Just heard the Harder They Come....I thought is was terrible while playing it but it was actually hot. Wax on; wax off.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 6/24/99
Time: 8:47:35 AM


I liked the flow of the Harder They Come, if I recall because I don't have the tape. I liked the Round Robin of leads we did. The breaks were powerful, and as usual, as we get past the first verse or so when it soaks into our minds then its starts ti heat up.

Get psyched for next weeks acoustic, get your Dm's out for items such as Thill is Gone, Little Sadie and Shady Grove. There will lots of short songs so get prepared. Others i'll be looking to include the train songs Freight Train, Monkey and the Engineer, Ballad of Casey Jones. The troubling songs of Sure Life of Trouble and I'm troubled. Odds and ends will include Rosa Lee McFall, Been all around this world, Louis Collins (Angles Laid him away), Sitting Here in Limbo, Dawgs Waltz, and More.

Break our those JGAB, Lunt Fontainne Acoustic stuff, Reckoning, Garcia Grisman Disks and Tapes and get ready.

Name: Larry Brent
Date: 6/26/99
Time: 10:54:52 PM


So, who's playing Bass on Tuesday??????

Name: scott
Date: 6/27/99
Time: 10:54:30 AM


I'M Assuming Dave

Name: dave s
Date: 6/28/99
Time: 1:32:44 AM


unlike lucy, in this case it is smart to ASSUME....however i'm still an ass!!! this is also a good time to bring attention to the fact that this is the "dave schwartz month"...bass this week and next and the following week is my birthday usual, i promise not to stray to far off the main road...but i may break out a new original for the occasion

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