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First Set
  • China Cat Sunflower->
  • I Know You Rider
  • Mama Tried->
  • Mexicali Blues
  • Pretty Peggy -O
  • Saint of Circumstance
  • Althea
  • Little Red Rooster
  • Loose Lucy
  • Picasso Moon
Second Set
  • Alabama Getaway->
  • Greatest Story Ever Told
  • Waiting For A Miracle
  • How Sweet It Is

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  • No guest whatsoever and only Scott was drumming as Larry M. couldn't be there. 
  • I got in about 10 after 7:00 as I was late due to the upgrade of the MCMUA transfer station computer system
  • This is the only time I recall that an event in the prior week influenced Kevin enough to include a reference to it in the set list.
First Set Comments:
  • Unbelievable Mexicali.  Bopping and Cheerful
  • We played Loose Lucy and a fast  little diddy.  Johnny loved it and it did have a certain flare even though it lacked all ties to a slinky blues.
Half Time Eating Comments:
  • We ate the main meal before the jam.  Freakboy ran to the city of Marathon you warn Petros of Deadstein's pending hunger.  No disappointing,   Johnny came back with a pair of Gyro for each of us.  There is a reason the call it Gyro II.  Since Kevin that the real Pinocchio Gyro's the night before Johnny got him a $1.35 Pinky Burger.  He seemed to love it.
  • For half time we went with the coffee, drakes cakes and burnt Herb pretzels.
Second Set Comments:
  • I thought the Getaway was right on and the transition into the Greatest Story was pretty good.
  • A beautiful night.
General Comments

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Date: 11/25/97
Time: 8:48:19 AM


Monday nite jams have their own special pain to them, don't they? Last nite I was feeling tired and sore (chasing my boy through the tunnels and ball-pits of a 2 yr.old birthday party), and I'm feeling more tired and more sore today. Oddly enough the music didn't reflect my physical condition. The pace was vigorous and solid. Scottso, whose handle of "slow drummer", shall now be dubbed "solo drummer". He was great (and was rewarded with a barrage of JGB material). We locked-in nicely from the get-go --Yea! Freakboy was sporting a new haircut. A horrific helmet of hair that looked like Sonny Bono's barber had an Epileptic fit on his head, while listening to Ricky Siegel sing to Danny Bonaduce. Tres chic. When he danced (and he did dance), it did have a healthy bounce to it (You little Breck-girl, you). I'd like to talk-up that Pinky's burger. It was good. A $1.39? Can we go wrong? I say we buy 20 next week and get crazy. A bag O'burgers is right up our alley.

Name: Freakboy
Date: 11/25/97
Time: 4:44:48 PM


The freakiness and comedy and food and camaraderie are all well and good. They can sure make a jam fun. But you know what keeps 'em coming back? The music. That's right, baby. It's the tunes. I'm loony forgood tunes and last night I was sent to the bin. Mm! You gotta give that Scotty credit for more than aptly holding up the percussion section. And Kevy had a big night bringing home the hearty bottom thatI crave. I enjoyed his technical precision and attention to detail.

Name: Scott
Date: 11/25/97
Time: 8:38:21 PM


Thank You Jonathan for shlepping out in the cold when you really didn't want to, but those gyros were real good. Eat early concept could work if given the opportunity. We need to be creative with our choice and timing.Lets do it again. I thought that 74' Lucy was boppin and must also say that the Mama>Mex was just exactly at the right tempo. Thanks Kev for putting up with the Shining Star. It to has potential along with a host of other JGB tunes. I know Gind and Brent wouldn't mind breaking out a few more nuggets. Lets use the song book to it's fullest. Would love to re schedule the Terrapin for next week. Have a great Thanksgiving to all.

Name: Larry B
Date: 11/26/97
Time: 1:50:19 PM


Here Here 3 Cheers for Freakboy for braving the elements for our munchies

Name: Freakboy
Date: 12/2/97
Time: 10:17:52 AM


Thanks for the appreciation for the eats. It makes it all worthwile. I'm bringing my CD player tonight because I got the new BBC Zep CD and I wanted to play it for everyone. Bring your favorite CD and you can play it too.