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First Set
  • Mississippi Halfstep
  • Me and My Uncle -->
  • Big River
  • They Love Each Other
  • Queen Jane
  • Friend of the Devil
  • Minglewood Blues
  • Loser -->
  • Same Thing
  • China Cat Sunflower -->
  • I Know You Rider

Second Set

  • Help on the Way -->
  • Slipknot ! -->
  • Franklin's Tower
  • Peggy-O
  • Morning Dew
  • Quinn the Eskimo

Next jam is next Tuesday, the 16th of April at Smash Studios on 36th Street, Studio A. 

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It was a night where everyone was there.   Nice simple stuff and we played well.  The sound was good and things seemed to go well.  Not too many bad points and many good ones.  The first 5 or 6 songs were great including a super comfortable, very authentic feeling Me and My Uncle as well as the Big River.  The Loser was both small and big at the same time.  A fast Devil that paced nicely though never came back into the break too well. A fudgcicle Help Slip Franklins was  pretty well executed for us and though all the meoldy lines may not have been correct, the timing seemed right on.

Till next Tuesday.

General Comments

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Name: TB
Date: 4/9/02
Time: 8:45:06 AM
Remote Name:


Hi Guys! Good jam. The tape (which sucks quality-wise) tells no lies. We were cooking for a large portion of the night. The Uncle-River was a Deadstein moment for the ages. AND, look how we made it through the H>S> a group thinking on its feet. Well Done. nice fast bounce to Same THing that also cooked so hard, it boiled over at the end. See you all next tuesday.

Name: TB
Audemars Piguet Replica Audemars Piguet Replica Watches Date: 4/9/02
Time: 8:48:13 AM
Remote Name:


Oh BTW - remember to bone up on your "Run For the Roses"

Name: dave
Date: 4/15/02
Time: 12:37:38 AM
Remote Name:


yes everyone was certainly there....the first 5-6 were pretty good, huh, even the queen jane which i hate but hey its all for fun and we had it --- countdown to more fun 42:18:00 see yaz there

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