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First Set
  • China Cat Sunflower
  • I Know You Rider
  • Cassidy
  • Sugaree
  • Minglewood Blues
  • Candyman
  • Mama Tried->
  • Mexicali Blues
  • Stagger Lee
Second Set
  • Music Never Stopped
  • It Must Have Been the Roses
  • Lost Sailor->
  • Saint of Circumstance->
  • Wharf Rat->
  • Not Fade Away

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Donny Hutchinson

Year in and year out, Deadstein keeps getting freakin good!

'Twas the first jam of 1998 and it proved to be very luck.  Fill with fortune and positive Karma.  It all worked out so well.  A quick change in schedule to Monday due to Kevin's courtside Knick tickets on Wednesday.  Just for the record they lost to the sad Washington Wizards tonight and Kevin shouldn't expect much more.  A good hot dog should be the best effort in the Garden on Wednesday Night.  Anyway the switch to Monday was executed flawlessly on Sunday night and the plans just rolled from there.

The Karma was right.  The Monday jam meant Kevin's friend Donny Hutchinson could hang with us as he finalized another business trip.  He and Johnny seeked out the attendance of the old Boston Garden because Johnny knew it from years of seeing that sold out figure next to the Celtic box scores.   He is a Freakboy Savant.  Besides Donny, and a quick kind hello at the end of the night by Rich, there we no other guests.   Brotman wasn't there and isn't expected for several weeks.

I got there early.  It was a no traffic Monday night.  I took the Lincoln Tunnel, due to Pulaski problems, and it was a pleasure.  I drove 5 mph through the Easy Pass and was on may way.  Cut off about 5 buses to get the right turn onto 40th and I bee-lined it for that kind parking lot.  I was there about 5:40 but the left turn into the parking lot took 5 minutes due to the hustle and bustle of people jostling back and forth making their way westbound to the commuting hubs of the big city.  In any event, it was amazing how a steady flow of people traffic precluded me from making a swift entrance into the lot.  Looking back on it, the wait was great.   The heisenberg principle.

For the first night of the year, I hope the music foretells the times to come.  We just rock like I still can't believe.  It keeps getting better and better.  I say it again and again, but our progression doesn't cease to astound me. 

After the Hanukkah party I set up the room differently so this was the first time in the new digs.  We are now turned facing out with the PA facing in.   The speakers are close to us and at ear level.  It made for an easy time to tweak, not only the PA, but also our guitars.  The sound in the room was great.

The drumming was great.  Their new green carpet really helped since it matches the other carpet perfectly.

First Set Comments:
  • The first set was really long.  China->Rider openers will do that.  It was good, but looking back on it, China Cat may have been the low point of the night , and it was good.  That is how well we played.  I thought the jam and the Rider were very good.  Larry B. took a 3 round first lead of the Rider.   Even the ending vocal thing of the Rider grooved.
  • As usual, Cassidy was just amazing.  Kevin suggest the subtle beginning of the Cassidy jam and we complied in a smoothly, easy ascent toward a perfect executed and powerful whip.  I can't say enough about the Cassidy.  If I didn't have to work tomorrow I could go on spitting out glowing remarks about the Cassidy but I cannot,  time is just not there.  Fortunately the tape is there to confirm and I'm sure it's good.
  • I mean what are we not going to play great Minglewoods and Candymans?   Or is it Candymen?  In any case, we are Deadstein and we rock.
  •   I can't say we have always rocked on a Mama/Mex, but we did tonight.  It just moved and grooved and danced to the music.  Oh, babe.  We really have come a long way on there Mexicali songs.  Even the transition was fairly smooth.  The Mexicali never once floundered.
  • Stagger Lee was fair, we have done better.  Food arrive and that was that.
Eating Comments:
  • The food Dine-O-Mat actually sucked and Johnny's early declaration of being the best Dine-O-Mat ever was way off course.  The was an overall rancid flavor to everything.  There were lots of BLTs ordered Stardust Dine-O-Mat - Click to See the Menuand there were lots of bad BLTs.  My Popeye salad had some disgusting greenish/yellow goop on it that didn't mix with the spoiled seven seas dressing.  How does a place like that spoil dressing?   I have had dressing in my refrigerator longer that that place has been in business and it is still good.  What gives?  Onion rings, fries, big cheese steaks, Kevin's burger, lime rickies, soda and ice topped of the feast of yuck.
  • Fortunately, I got there early and snuck into Bens for a couple of hot dogs and fries which I ate with Scott in his office.  They were pretty good
  • There were a few left over Hanukkah snacks including nuts, chips, cookies and beer.
Second Set Comments:
  • We turned off the lights for the second set and relied on the Christmas lights to show us the way.  The mood was nice.  We played the Music from the first set in the second and it wasn't our best effort.
  • The Roses was as good as we do it.  The jam and the exit out of it was elegantly done.
  • The Sailor saint was played with as much confidence as we play it and has to be our best ever.  It flowed.  It was structurally sound and had few flaws.
  • Wharf Rat was good not great.
  • The Not Fade, still fresh in out heads from Hanukkah was played without the standard break at all point except the end.  It surprised me each and everytime it happened.
  • Considering it was January 5th, it was super warm outside.  The ride home was very foggy and we should expect temperatures at record high levels this week.  El Nino in the east is nothing to complain about.
General Comments

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Name: Hutch
Date: 1/6/98
Time: 9:34:45 AM


You guys were great last night! It is always a treat to be able to hook up with you all when I am in the city. Could not sleep after all the high pos energy from the jam and the close proximity to Times Square. See you soon.

Date: 1/6/98
Time: 9:52:48 AM


I agree, we just keep pumping out the kind groove. The fact that the TheGind is posting mushy, maudlin reviews, just validates the reality of our power. The new room configuration certainly didn't hurt the outcome of last nite's extravaganza. It was actually nice, it just needs a little room equalization. My buddy, Donny Hutcher, from Boston, made an appearance, and was glad he did (as was I). Donny made the mistake of challenging Freakboy on a sports statistic - bad move. I learned long ago, if there is one thing Freakboy is competent in (besides freakiness) - it's sports statistics. The food seems to have gotten a rotten review. My burger was foot-stompin' good. Fast, accurate service - I have no complaints. Deadstein is good.

Name: Freakboy
Date: 1/6/98
Time: 3:58:11 PM


Check out today's New York Times. Big article about forthcoming Jerry Museum in San Francisco. Scheduled to open at the end of 1999. Get into it. Great Jam. The new room set-up is fabulous. It continues the "I can hear the vocals well theme that was established last week at the little temp studio. And Deadstein faces the audience. A rarity indeed. I like the placement of the lights, especially when they are on. I enjoyed the company of Donny Hutcher. Hopefully we'll see him again soon. He seemed to appreciate the band well. The band likes appreciation. You gotta agree with the Gind when he astounds that the music keeps improving. I enjoy the oppurtunity to sing in R. Brotman's absence. I feel more comfortable and confident with my parts. Spillboy was missed.

Confident, confident, dry and secure....... Raise your hands, Raise your hands if your sure. Raise your hands, Raise your hands..... if your sure.

The Rats were interesting. I wasn't revolted or repulsed. The highlight was when they brought the film inside and indian temple devoted to the Rat. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of them crawling around freely. This indian sect celebrates and reveres them. Feeding them with tasty morsels and milk. People were walking around barefoot in that place.


Date: 1/6/98
Time: 9:10:56 PM


Thanks to the Admiral crew for there on time / total communication in delivering the two cabinets today. They arrived approx 2:30 and were escorted into the studio were they will definettley be put to good use. (I hope they work) I wonder if there was "ANYTHING" stashed inside them from the club? I like the Gind, also think that the band is really playing well. The little plan b/4 Cassidy allowed for a really cool transition > the whip.Thanks Kev. Lost>Saint rocked. I think a brief run through of two and three part harmony would surely pay off. Lets try it!!! On a sad note: Sonny Bono passed away today in a skiing accident. R.I.P. "I got you babe" Last but not least... Thanks to Donny for coming down and showing his support. Thank you and Stayyy in touch.

Name: Larry B
Date: 1/7/98
Time: 11:54:59 AM


I liked the new set up. Seems much tighter and the music continues to tighten too. One of the all-time scariest rides home ever in the fog and it still hasn't lifted

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