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First Set
  • Cold Rain & Snow
  • Jack Straw
  • G Blues Jam
  • They Loved Each Other
  • Little Red Rooster
  • Scarlet Begonias
  • Estimated Prophet->
  • Eyes of the World
  • Feel Like a Stranger
  • Ramble On Rose
  • Looks Like Rain
  • Let It Grow
Second Set
  • Bertha
  • Crazy Fingers
  • Deal

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Next Jam: Wednesday January 7, 1997


Baby Freaky New Years
One Sole Studios, Inc.


This last jam of 1997 is our 50th of the year.  I noticed there was no jam the first week of February, but short of that, an impressive year.   We pulled of the move without missing a beat, got lots of new equipment.  We are getting abetter sound and this week  when put to the task, One Sole pulled through. 

This was one strange Deadstein night for many reasons.   First of all, Scott's mother had some bad misfortune and Scott really has to lend her a hand.  Due to this we were unable to secure the confines of WWI and as of Monday night at 9:00 it seemed bleak that there was to be one final jam of 1997.   Before we get one with the night we all wish Scott's Mom a speedy heartfelt Deadstein recovery.

As I said, jamming was just not going to happen this week.   Larry B. was pretty upset, Kevin and I accepted the situation but Larry M. had the way to take action and find us One Sole Studio.  10 minutes later it was confirmed and I had an address.  Most of our equipment was at WWI so I brought my two Strats, my red for Larry and my EMG thing for myself.  It felt good to get back to that guitar.  I used my original strap and we were short on books.

I met Jonathan at Kevin's store about 6:00.  Hung for a bit, went for a great Hunan chicken meal at the Chinese Restaurant and walked to this studio, just a few quick blocks away.

I would like to say this studio get a full bravo!  Clutch in every respect.   It's on 31st, you buzz in, go in the creepy elevator to the 6th floor. From behind a metal door a subdued rocker type of guy greets you and you walk to the back.  The walk through the hallway with the many soundproofing doors is spooky in it's "de ja vous."

I walk in and immediately see a Roland Chorus amp, God help us all but then to the right is a nice Little Boogie.  I was envisioning the fight ahead when the dude asked if I would prefer a twin.  Need I say more.  The only unclutch part of this studio was their inability to get my D5 patched out of the tape decks.  No biggy, we got one tape and I won the chose,odds, one took it.  It's nice writing right after the jam.

He informed us there was no smoking in the rehearsal studio but we could use the lounge out front.  Before this guy knew what hit him, there were 5 super sized value meals in the lounge.  That's the clutchness I am talking about.  Finally, Kevin did state this place did have the nicest bathroom he had ever seen in NYC.

The sound in the room was flat and absorbed into the walls, the opposite of the basement. It made for a nice quietness.  The music was generally boppy and vibrant and had a nice sound.  Larry M. did a real nice job of keeping it all together.   There were virtually no times that we lost tempo and/or energy during the songs.   Could restricted relaxation and air conditioning have something to do with it?

First Set Comments:
  • I had a lot of trouble getting my bearings from note one.  Just remembering the chords was tough.  Two chord songs are funny that way and can be more difficult to remember than 6 chord songs.  I think Kevin can back me on this.
  • We jammed on the G blues riff I have been practicing recently.  I think I'm going to call it the "Mojo Riff."  Finger-picking it with reverb out of the Boogie wade a nice pop.
  • As usual when we play it, the Love Each Other may have been the best song of the night.   That is one song where we can get a nice staccato groove going.
  • Larry pooped out by the Let It Grow but we played the whole first set.
Eating Comments:

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Spillboy and Freakboy did a spectacular job in doing a McDonald's run and bringing back the goods.  Lots of large sodas couldn't have been easy to carry but they deserve the deepest of thanks for doing that.  What a great place for letting us sit there and eat.  We almost lost the second set.  Paying $20/hour to sit on two couches relaxing and eating McDonald hamburgers.  Thanks God the music that we do play is good enough to keep us coming back.

Second Set Comments:
  • Bertha was really well done.  It had to move, really had to move.  It was right on.
  • Crazy Fingers was pretty good as was the Deal.
  • It was a place that teased us with delectable air conditioning but they turned it off too early any we roasted.  The morning started with Snow which dissipated by nighttime.  Therefore the Cold Rain & Snow was just hype and not based in any reality.
General Comments

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Date: 12/31/97
Time: 8:52:26 AM


1997 has been quite a tumultuous year for Deadstein, but we seem to have made it through with freaky colors. Even with our comfy Gansevoort rug pulled out from under us, we landed on our collective feet (thanks to Scotty) without missing a step and were able to thrive. Deadstein has evolved an instinctual lust for survival, like one of those alien life-forms that always is threatening to take over Capt. Kirk's body on Star Trek. We refuse to die. Faced with an unthinkable fate of no "last jam 0f '97", we picked up the whole show and transplanted it, like David Crosby's liver, to 31st street with very little apparent effort and great success. God bless us. A new home, new equipment, the consecration of Spillboy, the progressive freakiness of Freakboy, and the high level of play are all things to look back on with pride as this year comes to a close. We can all feel good as we look forward in anticipation to a longer, stranger trip in 1998. Thanks Deadstein. Woo.

Name: Larry B
Date: 12/31/97
Time: 10:21:15 AM


OOPS 1st official deadstein oops show, on erev new years eve to boot. A speedy recovery to Mrs. Gibson. Kudos to Larry M for coming up with space on such short notice. Drove by the phish kids on the way into and out of the city. Boy, I wish we had someplace to be like that. Now onto the music As Larry M said, remedial deadstein. Incredibly clean sound in the room. Took me some getting used to Larry G Red Strat but boy was I glad to have it. I felt totally naked and without my effects tray it was even tougher. The tapes have such stark vocals that they may have to be destroyed lest I never sing again. That having been said Kudos to all of us on our attendance and committment to further abuse on a weekly basis. Happy New Year

Date: 12/31/97
Time: 12:22:59 PM


Name: Paul Pos
Date: 12/31/97
Time: 12:25:07 PM


3...2...1... Happy New Year to entire extended Deadstein clan. I miss everyone and wish I could be there. Passover '98 in NY could be a reality for me. I'll keep you posted. Keep Jammin!

Name: Jonathan L
Date: 12/31/97
Time: 2:32:02 PM


Name: Freakboy
Date: 12/31/97
Time: 2:37:51 PM


Amazing how this group we call Deadstein refuses to miss a beat. Scotty was dearly missed. There was indeed a clean sound and I enjoyed it. It was nice to have strong vocals in the mix for a change. A healthy and a happy to our extended Deadstein family. I am truly fortunate to know and be with all of you. Our unique weekly gatherings help make life special for me. Love and Peace.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 12/31/97
Time: 4:13:15 PM


1.. I hope Johnny liked the K.C. music i put i for him. He mentioned how this Sunshine Band keeps showing up all over.

2. Deadstein celebrates New Years in Septembers and not the Julian December 31, 1998 new years. That is for goys. Happy end of December to all.

Name: Menaker
Date: 1/2/98
Time: 9:01:07 AM


We watched KC at midnight. KC rocks....

Name: scott
Date: 1/2/98
Time: 10:51:30 AM


That's the way uh huh , uh huh I like it. Play Dead !!!!!!

Name: Menaker
Date: 1/2/98
Time: 4:46:48 PM


So Admiral is dolishing the building on 10th Avenue that formerly housed "The Vault", a local club catering to the S&M life style. When the club was seized by the feds, they left behind the sound room mostly in-tact. All the mixers and good stuff have already been lifted by the general contractor, but the big PA bottom speakers are left. They are similar to VOTT. They can be shipped to 38th street on Monday....we just have to clean the bodily fluids off.

Name: demolishing
Date: 1/2/98
Time: 4:48:53 PM


amoshiling, dummpolishing

Name: Larry B
Date: 1/4/98
Time: 10:39:04 AM


So do we want these cabinets or what?? I say of course !!!!

Name: francella3
Date: 7/9/00
Time: 5:34:20 AM


It was in ohio and pigs were hard ass with drinking on the lott.Luckly i and my boyfriend could pugg like super stars and never got busted.

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