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First Set
  • Don't Ease Me In
  • Dark Hollow
  • Candyman
  • And It Stoned Me
  • Brokedown Palace
  • Black Water
  • Positively Fourth Street
  • Love in the Afternoon
  • Attics of My Life
  • What Does Love Have To Do With It
  • Mrs. Robinson
Second Set
  • Doin' That Rag
  • Goin' Down the Road->
  • The Other One (x)
  • Lazy Lightning ->
  • Supplication
  • How Sweet It Is (x)
  • You Ain't Going Nowhere

Playing next week is I'm guessing Thursday because I cannot play on Tuesday 4-6-99 cause of my Tuesday MCMUA meeting.

Very Few Freaks
With Kevin sick, Trister AWOL, Brotman eating potatoes and Johnny watching the big Huskie upset, I assume that is where Trister was come to think of it, it was a four man Deadstein jam.  It was intimate, quiet and quite enjoyable.  We played many songs and had a good time.

I had the new pickup for my banjo and mandolin and used it on my banjo for a few songs.  It worked well and I can see using it for a time to come.  Dave was all psyched to do his base thing  (base is to symbol as bass is to ?).  The banjo worked oaky, not great but when I got the song it would click by the second verse.   I used it for the Dark Hollow, Stoned Me and Black Water.

Food was only a quick skip to Micky Dees for Larry and Scott as Dave and I worked on our big hit in D, as well as Mrs. Robinson. 

I wrote out the chart for Love in the Afterneoon and it had its moments.  We did some Ike-a-Tina Clapton song that worked and the Tied to the Pussy Post was fun to fool with.  Second set was a little tough as Scott and Larry pooped out.  It took over the drums for How Sweet It Is and Scott played my guitar and even had a nice lead on it.  The Lucky ol' Sun was attempted a few times but never got off the ground.

Attics and Brokedown both had some nice singing in them.  For you freaks that weren't there, you could imagine what you missed.  Was it much, it was for me and I'm glad it didn't miss it.


General Comments

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Name: AWOL Trister
Date: 3/30/99
Time: 10:19:48 AM


Job hunting can really put a crimp in your social schedule...let me tell you. I had a prospective employer ask to see me at 5 pm yesterday and I pushed it back to 4 in order to join deadstein. To make a long story short I diddn't get out until seven and actually went home, changed and packed my shit. As I passed Greenwich CT at about 8:15 I thought twice about getting there just in time to see the gorging. I ended up at Mary Anne's in Port Chester swilling margaritas and wathching the Huskies. Catch you next week.

Name: scott
Date: 3/30/99
Time: 8:11:10 PM


Well were should I start? For one thing we definetley played lower, and being the lone drummer and missing three freaks It was actually difficult to get into the groove. Most tunes got going eventually. Highlights for me were by far Love In The Afternoon, Black Water, Candyman (with 4 part harmony), What does love.... (great choice Dave) I had a chance to listen to most of the tape on my way to and from Yonkers Today and really got into it. I wish everyone a very happy holiday. P.S. Gind I couldn't find your apparatice on your amp????? Peace

Name: dave s
Date: 4/1/99
Time: 2:57:30 AM


i obviously had fun, i'd like to try at least one of those "new cover" tunes this week with the whole band...BLACK WATER, WHY DOES LOVE HAVE TO BE SO SAD OR MRS ROBINSON (which i really think could come out great as a Deadstein song)....thurs 4/8 is good for me but i most know by sat... i cannot play wed...marilyn manson is calling me and i must pray to my master at the nassau colliseum

Name: Larry B
Date: 4/2/99
Time: 7:49:23 AM


Thursday is not good for me ,I have a computer training session. If we can't find a good day for all I'll just pass for the week. Good Pesah everyone

Name: scott
Date: 4/4/99
Time: 5:34:00 PM


Tuesday Or Thursday Gents....???

Name: Larry G.
Date: 4/5/99
Time: 12:48:45 AM


Thursday Please, I cannot do Tuesday.

Name: Rich B
Date: 4/5/99
Time: 1:22:31 AM


Thursday is possible, Wednesday is also possible. However anything until May 20 is subject to last minute scheduling conflicts for me, so I'll go with the flow and join up when I can as much as possible.

Name: Larry B
Date: 4/5/99
Time: 11:35:54 PM


Let's go for Thursday and I'll be in ASAP

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