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First Set
  • Mississippi Halfstep
  • Me and My Uncle
  • Big River
  • Mr. Charlie
  • Feel Like a Stranger->
  • Franklin's Tower
  • Quinn the Eskimo
  • Brown-Eyed Women
Second Set
  • eYa-Cuka-Racha Jam
  • Let it Grow->
  • Deal
  • Lost Sailor
  • Saint of Circumstance
  • One More Saturday Night

Playing next week is Tuesday.

April Showers bring freaky flowers
Larry and Dave came late because of prior engagements.   Larry came in classic fashion during the last lead of the Big River.  Jumping in head first into the leading world of freak.  Once everyone got there the whole band was there.  There were no guests but Rich and Pat did hang, play a rack or two and got into the tunes.  The room was still recovering.

Trister went over the lead pattern during the Halfstep with me.  I should have remembered but my mind wandered.   I was unclutch and just couldn't catch a break during the first few songs.  I wasn't relaxed enough and was playing a bit nervous and burnt.  Speaking of which Larry and Kevin welcome home.

Deliciozo was pulled off perfectly.  Right amount of food and the timing couldn't be beat.  We wer up and playing again just after 10.  Good going Freak LaLane.   Rice balls are still popular, a little ziti, salds were nice and soda abounded.

Weather was an amazing sping day.  Beautiful coming in and going home.


General Comments

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Name: Steele
Date: 4/8/99
Time: 3:58:54 PM


Deadstein rules!! Johnny is the king of da freaks!!

Name: dave s
Date: 4/9/99
Time: 2:36:09 PM



Date: 4/9/99
Time: 5:50:47 PM


Who is more Deadstein-icated and freaky than L.L.Brent? Nobody!! God bless that kid. I so glad he's on our side. His "storm trooper" entrance (which was quite impressive), was set against a MVP performance of vocals and organ by Brotpen and the super solid, kind Axmanship of Trister (Deadstein has many faces)((Each one freakier than the next)). The re-configure after the big April Fool's party yielded some interesting developments. The back wall of Guitar Amps moved a good 5 feet closer to the drums, effectively tightening the "circle of freak". It must be a good thing, because it felt and sounded very comfortable. I added a compressor to my set-up. It is what I have been missing for 8 years. I don't know why I have refused to plug it in for all these years. I really knew better, but I think I was going for that minimalistic "guitar & cord & amp thing". Better late than never. Freakboy, new haircut in tow, was present and provided us with the basic freak-stuff: dress, a few well-done dance steps, sleep, Ringo proselytizing and ordering (only after I had to bring Steele into it).

Name: jay hutcher
Date: 6/19/99
Time: 1:39:35 PM


Steele Rules

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