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Big night with a big show and a big guest list.  Lots of people were there to see Deadstein at its best, that is until next week.

In the room were Donny H. and his friend Mung Gna Knuck who did say much.  Donny is definitely our most consistent out-of-town guest and he's is really learning the ropes, pulling off a "think on your feet" order from the Trio which was pulled off like a pro.

Also in the room were my friends from the floor covering industry Bill and John and their friend Bill.  Bill and John own Rugs To Riches of Flemington, N.J. who furnished Deadstein with the rug on which we excel.

Of course, we cannot forget Michael who was able to soak us in for an uplifting second set.  Mendo and Pearl only could hear us through our thoughts.

You can't put a price on freak

It was hot inside which sent the Freakboy upstairs seeking refuge from the swelt, whilst not kicking up the dust draped in dress.  What are you gonna due.  It the middle on concert season and he just pulled off the historic Daultry/Zeppelin in one week.

It was a night marked by expected traffic due to the scaffolding and crane collapse in Time Square, but the traffic was light and casualties only 1, it was a miracle.  Speaking of which Larry B. is still seeking his Miracle to Shoreline.  I'll be kind and comment no "Further."

We played a pre-Trister Dark Hollow which was fair followed by a strongly groovy and solid Brothers and Sisters.  The song stuck like glue to its beat and we stayed within it building power through consistency.  It was good and confident.  Scott did a nice job, as he did for most of the first set, when he was solo eagerly awaiting Dave's arrival.

It's funny because we don't do Bucket well.  We pulled it off about 6 weeks ago with Trister by himself and it was pretty good.  It's a tough song to just run in off the street and do but some how Deadstein and Trister forced itself into hotness by the end of the song.  Like most weeks, the first verse of the night was relatively cool, calm, lackluster and we gain our stride, and that is difficult in a Hell in a Bucket trashing.  By the second lead we force ourselves, and especially Andy into and play it and play it long and hard mode.  After this powerful Bucket Andy commented, "I think I'm warmed up now."  The rest of the night just kept on building.

It's rediculous that we make music like we do.  Playing to our own beat, not living up to anyone's expectations but our own making the music the way we like it, freaky without a cause.

The Arround and Around was scoffed at prior to play but we stuck with the list and it payed off because it was the sleeper of the night with an excellent final jam.  It's All Over Now was also like that, it really had a feel that was more than just unabashed power.

While the Dear Mr. Fantasy wasn't super hot it was well played, under control and I think for us the most legitimate effort on that song to date.   We didn't do the Hey Jude as was called for.  There really was no need for it.   We said what we had to say during the song and anything we would sing would only take away from what we didn't ruin.

General Comments

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Name: dave. s
Date: 7/23/98
Time: 3:02:20 AM


in '83 i saw donny order pizza from the 3rd row.

Date: 7/23/98
Time: 8:44:27 AM


Deadstein grew a blow-hole. The evolution is in accelerated progress. By next week we probably will grow wings and fly (as if we aren't soaring now). This week was an old-fashioned Deadstein jam in the style of Gansevoort Street (ironically on the year anniversary of our departure). Guests were everywhere, the only thing missing was midgets. We stuck to our standard M.O., which is to step-up play in front of an audience, and we didn't "dissapernt". The crowd seemed to appreciate it. We sure did. Scotty did an excellent job laying down a superior groove with me in the first half of the first set. It set the tone for the rest of the evening. The L.L.Brent/Trister duo is like cheese on a hamburger, so natural, so tasty, so good. I could live on nothing but that. Dave showed up in his usual dramatic style, of jumping on the kit during the full stride of a song. I like that. TheGind had some top-notch slide work going on this week, possibly due to the return of his old guitar. What's up with Menaker, is he in or out? Either way he was there. By old buddy TheHutch somehow has pulled-off an amazing feat, he has figured out a way to hang out with me every week at the optimum hours of my world. God bless him. Freakboy, Freakboy, Freakboy, they don't call him Freakboy for nothin'. He gives you the highest highs and the lowest lows all at the same time. He came up big early on with a much-needed water run and then disappeared for most of the nite, showing up only to eat and proselytize us with oldies schedules. But that's why I love him. He did show-off a little for TheBrand, and do a little dance, but it was not his best work. But that's why there is next week.

Name: Larry B
Date: 7/23/98
Time: 1:18:23 PM


Deadstein at it's finest. The whole night was powerful and I thought the Fantasy was great with me and Trister doing some great dueling leads. Same for the Bertha and Same Thing. Birdsong>Music was really good and I thought the Estimated was the best ever.

Name: Paul Pos
Date: 7/23/98
Time: 4:15:18 PM


Gin, you've outdone yourself this time! The page looks incredible beyond words - better than the Dead's page and more professional than most Fortune 500 companies. Kudos!!! I'll be coming into town for a wedding, Oct 17th weekend. Mark it!

Name: Freakboy
Date: 7/24/98
Time: 2:59:43 PM


After meandering about the metropolitan area, following the musical gods of our time (i.e. Daltrey, Page/Plant, etc.), I was skeptical about Deadstein's ablility to enthrall. I was also exhausted which perhaps explains my early disappearance. But after a lengthy cat-nap on my (well, it is actually Scotty's) favorite new couch on the comfortable, air-conditioned ground floor, I was ready for action. Food arrived and it was good. I am glad that the Hutch was there. Because he's fun to hang out with and because he helps with the food duties. And then the Big B arrived and things really got rolling. The band played Help => Slip => Franklin's, Estimated and it was really good. Mr. B must have left the place dumbfounded because that Trister kid was phenomenal. The Trist sounds just like Jerry. I like that. We are very fortunate to have hime with us. Yeah, he's a good guy and everything but damn, can he play a lead. Remember, Saturday afternoon, August 1st, in celebration of Jerry Garcia's Birthday, the Zen Tricksters are playing a free outdoor concert at the South Street Seaport. At night, they are playing the Wetlands. Make your plans now.

Name: Don
Date: 7/27/98
Time: 8:06:16 PM


I am still high...I will be back in NYC for that groovy Tuesday night thang...from the third row.

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