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First Set

  • Feel Like a Stranger

  • Friend of the Devil

  • Uncle John's Band -->

  • The Wheel

  • Get Out of My Life

  • She Belongs to Me

  • Beat it on Down the Line (4)

  • Cumberland Blues

First Set

  • Franklin's Tower

  • The Weight

  • Me and Bobby McGee

  • Crippled Creek

  • Jam in A

  • Shakedown Street

  • Big Railroad Blues

  • One More Saturday Night

Upcoming Schedule:

  • When and where it will be is still a mystery.  

This week  

I had a slice at the corner slice place and got a few soda's there.  I also go a slice on the way out.  That's living.  Still gonna be lots of vacations and difficulties in the up coming weeks in getting the jams together.  Let's work hard to get it done.  Till next when and where "to be determined."

Fuckin' Clay, it's just a saying, kind of like "That's What She Said."

General Comments

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Name: JB
Date: 8/19/2004
Time: 11:19:53 AM
Remote Name:


Good fun. When are these last 2 jams going up for all the world to bear witness? Feeling like Carly Simon.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 8/19/2004
Time: 1:22:16 PM
Remote Name:


JB, I'll be there with the song posting soon enough as I get the time. I've been a little busy to deadicate to this posting over the past week, but hopefully I'll get to most of it over the next few days. Keep watching for updates.

Name: Larry G
Date: 8/20/2004
Time: 4:26:19 PM
Remote Name:


I just posted the music and the song lists from the last three jams. One thing is for sure, my Rode mic blows away Mitch's cheap little Sony Thing. Frequency response is much wide. The music is much more open, not so crammed in a small frequency range. A world of difference, enjoy. hanks for the work Coffee.

Name: Trister
Date: 8/26/2004
Time: 1:08:52 PM
Remote Name:


Hello long lost friends. I hope everyone has been having a good summer...I know I have been. Sure do miss jamming, when is the new Carrolls open for biz?

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