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Andy Trister Birthday Show

First Set
  • How Sweet It Is
  • Help on the Way -->
  • Slipknot!
  • Franklin's Tower
  • Keep on Growing
  • Keep on Growing
  • Honky Tonk Woman
  • West L.A. Fadeaway
  • Looks Like Rain
  • Let it Grow

L_secondset.gif (6157 bytes)

  • Dancin' in the Streets
  • Space
  • China Cat Sunflower -->
  • I Know You Rider
  • Playin' in the Band -->
  • China Doll -->
  • Playin' in the Band
  • Morning Dew
  • Brokedown Palace

Playing next week is Tuesday

Fishing Freaks

The official Andy Trister birthday show and we managed to get to every song on the list.  Well, except for the She Said because we didn't have the music to it.  But we did do an unprecidented Keep On Growing twice.   We did it twice becuase there were some breaks to be stressed during it that we were ignorant to.  In addition, the tape wasn't rolling the first time so so we did the improved version the second time.  I played drums during it and while all the confusion going on in the first take I was happy to be a drummer. Not worrying about being so lost.  Scott and I got to slap sticks at the end of it.   That's what drummers do for you musicians who don't understand what goes on back there.  Do you know they have seats?

Johnny was a no show after his big weekend in the Poconos with the Brents and Gibsons.  Deliciozo refused to deliver to us so we did the quick $16 hot dog meal which Andy wisely opted out on.  He brought his own pita wrap.  It was too bad because it was his birthday he was going to be treated to dinner.  Maybe next year.  Dooh!!

The good thing about the Bens hot dog emergency meal was that we were done and unsatisfied by 9:30.  Plenty of time to play the longest second set of a long time.  We got it all in and even went over time to do so,  Trister begged for the Brokedown as a night cap.  Larry and I had all the time in the world as the parking garage is now open to 12:00.  That helped get to the end of the show.

The How Sweet It Is was super solid, flawless.  While the Slipknot wasn't flawless it certainly flowed.  We had the Deadstein type of George Harrison space Am jam going during it which was pretty interesting and satisfying.   Scott did a nice job holding down the fort during the slip.  (Dave didn't show till a few songs later).

Honky Tonk Woman was our first, we all just followed Andy but it was pretty easy.  Too bad we didn't have words.  It was good though.  We had a twang going.  Let it Grow was pretty hot, good transitions, lousy come downs.   Andy and I and Dave spaced out a bit on my new hit song, "Come Find Yourself With Me" eventhough no one knew it.  I was just taking some liberty bouncing it off you guys.

There was talk of the great CD's from the party.  Jordan, if you are reading this I made a copy for you and gave it to Andy to give to you.  It's hot stuff.  I'm still amazed about it. 

Kevin's book broke, the cheap stands are no match for the mighty book.  I went directly in my twin all night.  No effects, no POD.  Andy's twin was about to smoke from his  effects.  Larry's Twin has showed his face in public in the last 20 years.  Just kidding.  We discussed new soundboards, for taping, Kevin suggested we just get the studio time.  I came from the IMX show all juiced up.  It was interesting..  Actually, I think the PA sounded pretty good last night.


General Comments

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Name: Trister
Date: 8/12/99
Time: 11:49:22 AM


Thank you Deadstein for a wonderful birthday show.

Name: Steele
Date: 8/12/99
Time: 5:31:07 PM


Happy B-Day Tristman. Nice fish! Keep raging. Hopefully freak boy will show next week and lay down some killer vocals ala Dora Hall. OUCH!!

Name: Scott
Date: 8/12/99
Time: 7:46:49 PM


Hey Steele, It was great seeing you at Laura's Party. I'm still feeling the vibe. Happy birthday again Mr. Trister. Great set list you came up with. I don't have to say how much I dig jamming to new tunes. And They were quite the gems. Looking forward to that "She Said" Nice late 60's Dancin' I can't believe my Honky Tonk Drum rif turned into such goodness. I'm glad Mr.T demanded the Brokedown, it was well worth it. Just dropped off my car at the garage, and who did I run into????? Our Friend Bill and his lovely wife. He informed me that Sept 17th (my birthday) he and she will be leaving for the BIG B for good. I asked him to come down on tuesday to say goodbye. Just for the record, Were all saddend to hear about the passing of Grateful Dead Tape Archivist Dick Latvala. Bring on Dave's Fav's!!!! Speaking of Dave, Brenna I HAVE SOME SALSA FOR YOU....See you Tuesday

Name: Brenna and Dave
Date: 8/13/99
Time: 7:47:10 PM


THANK YOU SOOO MUCH Scott and Lisa. We know it was worth the wait ... and that's what "we" said!!!

Name: Jordan
Date: 8/23/99
Time: 3:55:29 PM


You guys rule... Just got back from seeing Phil and Friends at Red Rocks... Awesome show...Highlights 1st night Viola lee, Alligator, Stella Blue, Wish you were here, Scarlet Fire

2nd night New patato caboose, Cumberland, Broken Arrow, Wheel->Terrapin

got the CD larry thanks a bunch, sounds great.

later Weenz

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