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First Set
  • Jack Straw
  • Tangled Up in Blue
  • They Love Each Other
  • Same Thing
  • Shakedown Street
  • Playin' in the Band
  • Estimated Prophet
  • Picasso Moon
  • Terrapin Station
  • Brown Eyed Woman

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  • Box of Rain
  • And it Stoned Me
  • Music Never Stopped
  • Sugar Magnolia

Playing next week is Tuesday

Freak at Forty

Special David Schwartz birthday show belated by a week.   This was a jam following a week without Deadstein due to Scott's move. This was the first one this year but we had one double so we are still on par for the year.   Nevertheless, unfortunately for Dave, that was to be a week that Kevin wasn't going to be there and Dave was to play bass.  Oh well, it's the way the bloody cookie crumbles.  He got to play bass during the Box of Rain and Stoned Me and guitar during the Brown-Eyed.

Facts of the week impacting this week include: the previous jam being the acoustic thing,Best Replica Watches Kevin getting back from Anguilla, lots of guests due to Dave's birthday, and new POD box of mine that squeals when you don't pay attention to where the effects tweak knob is when the compressor goes on and even Penny throws in a monkey-wrench to make this night Freakier than most. I made everyone a copy of our second CD entitled 6/29/99 from the acoustic jam.

Plenty of guests and food to celebrate the night's  activities.   The entire band was there in all it's glory including Johnny.  While he didn't dance up a storm at all he didn't sleep either so that was a little bonus.  The BandHe pulled off a perfect Deliciozo meal and tended to the door like only a Freaky Carlton can.   I brought Penny, the Recycling Freak that works next to me and spent the day with me and my brother prior to this engagement.  Scott's Patrick was there soaking us in for all we're worth.  Then Dave brought his entire entourage.  They included Brenna who never gets her just desserts for the wonder pork she has bestowed upon us.   This time she with melons,Audemars Piguet Replica pineapples and other goodies.  Knowing how to get right to our hearts.  Dahlia and Rob were good to see.  Classic Deadstein heads.   Two guys who I don't know but are rumored to have been related to Dahlia.   That's about it besides other stopper-byes.  I met Teddy the UPS driver.   I advised him to go to, and I just confirmed it with a glance at it right now and it does look perfect for him.  You can tell him that Scott.

Musical highlights included a tasty Estimated jam, back into Shakedown singing.  Tangled Up in Blue was strong.  I pulled off the solo drum thing effectively during the Brown-Eyed Woman.  Trister had a good lead during the Box of Rain.  The Music had a nice Larry lead in the B jam followed by the blazing Trister jam at the end.

Deliciozo was a big order but not unruly.  Riceballs, to pies nicely crispy. bread and butter salads sodas.  Dave surprised us with these nice ices which he kept cold some way.  Lemon, catalopue, rasberry, fudge, and strawberry.   Better yet, he had good cups for it.  People were drinking beer having fun.   Weather was beautiful for the day and night  eventhough it got a tad toasty at times downstairs considering the general comfort of the outside waether.  Johnny could probably comment better on this than I could.

General Comments

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Name: dave s
Date: 7/13/99
Time: 11:26:52 AM


hey there fellow, freaks...thanks for the good times--and ain't we lucky we got 'em........i thought the music was great and we really took it out there a couple of times---we should remember that when we play-out......."LAURA'S PARTY", speaking of which----no kids, i need a comformation on that......thanks again for the bass and guitar......and just in case it went unoticed by most...7/13/99---first kevin on drums, and excellent drumming by larry G on the Brown Eyed

Name: Freakboy
Date: 7/15/99
Time: 9:35:16 AM


Freakboy really loved the jam. Freakboy enjoyed the drumming groove. I missed more of the acoustic versions. Seems the bass is a little top-heavy when not playin acoustic. Freakboy would sing more with the bass amp less facing the middle. Always nice no matter the freakshow! This is Freakboy, signing off again.

Name: The Real Freakboy
Date: 7/15/99
Time: 11:19:44 AM


Thou shalt not misrepresent the name Freakboy. Only the real freakboy may post using the name Freakoy. Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let's move on. A full complement of Deadstein with plenty of guests on hand. How about those melt in your mouth ices that Dave brought from Brooklyn. His entourage was up there with Pos for the largest Deadstein entourage award. Way to go. When Deadstein gets things going, it does it in a big way. Congratulations Scotty Gibson on his big move to the lower Chelsea area. Did you know that neighborhood just to the north of Chelsea is Clinton. Isn't that interesting? The acoustic stuff is nice but I'm glad we got back to electric. The sound seemed to be a little crowded during the first couple of songs. But, it didn't take too long for the muddiness to settle down. I think everyone was pretty happy just to hang out with everyone else. This tends to happen when we miss a week. Today is Thursday. Our old friend, Richie Havens is performing at Castle Clinton in old, historic, Battery Park tonight. But Freakboy is more excited to see the master Johnny Maestro & the Brooklyn Bridge at the World Trade Center Plaza tonight. I am very ready for the mushy show. Who wants to go? I don't know. I don't know. After the J Maestro show which begins at 6pm, I'll probably saunter over to the Richie show at the Castle. Richie's show begins at 7pm. And then I'll head over to Wo Hop for a post show feast.

This is the real Freakboy, signing off.

Name: Trister
Date: 7/15/99
Time: 12:15:11 PM


I'm reclaiming my mike and stand permanently next week, so those who have been "borrowing" make arrangements. Thank you.

Name: dave s
Date: 7/15/99
Time: 3:38:10 PM


i want MY own mikrofone stand too.....i thought the first freak boy posting was funnier

Name: Steele
Date: 7/16/99
Time: 9:52:13 AM


Thanks Dave! And Happy B-Day Man!!

Date: 7/16/99
Time: 10:28:08 AM


Will the real freakboy please stand up.........

Name: Laura
Date: 7/16/99
Time: 1:57:57 PM


I am confirming that my party will not be including kiddies. I hope that doesn't offend any parents out there. Wives/significant others are welcome. I would appreciate it if you guys can post whether you will bringing someone, just so I can get some sort of head count on number of people. So far I am expecting 50-55 guests. PAARTTTTY!! :-) Here are directions to 54 Fountain Lane. I'll be in touch with Kevin to finalize any details. I am psyched!!

You can either take the LIE to exit 41North or the Northern State to exit 35North. Both exits will say Route 106/107 North. Take 106/107 north and make a right onto Route 25 East (Jericho Tpke), Milleridge Inn is on the corner, go three lights and make a right onto Robbins Lane (EAB Bank on right corner), make third right onto Freedom Drive, left onto Forest Drive and first right onto Fountain Lane. Our house is second on the left. (516) 933-0349

Party starts at 6:00 p.m. till ?

Name: Tuna Man Trister
Date: 7/19/99
Time: 10:55:20 AM


First offshore report of the year: Ran 80 miles south of Bayshore to Texas Tower and trolled the edge of the Hudson Canyon. 2 30lb. class yellowfin, 3 Mahi Mahi (one 25 lb bull that left his hook in the captain's leg once in the boat) and a number of skipjacks. A good trip, but a 5 foot westerly chop leaves me in need of a chiropractor. Till tommorow.............

Name: Larry G.
Date: 7/19/99
Time: 4:59:12 PM


I'll bring the wasabi if Andy brings the Ahi. Love that stuff.

Name: Larry Brent
Date: 7/19/99
Time: 7:03:09 PM


I'm in. Any Tuna steaks available for the freaks???

Name: TMT
Date: 7/20/99
Time: 9:37:49 AM


Sorry guys. Had the Monday night fish fry last night and it just doesn't get any better. Fresh Mahi & Ahi with margaritas and friends. Got a couple of steaks left but I have to use them as bribes. Besides, you can't put tuna on pizza, can you??????

Name: dalia
Date: 10/4/99
Time: 1:41:24 PM


you fuckin spelled my name wrong, dummies!!!

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