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First Set
  • Cold Rain and Snow
  • Walkin' Blues
  • It's All Over Now Baby Blue
  • Me & My Uncle->
  • Mexicali Blues
  • On the Road Again
  • Ballad of a Thin Man
  • Deep Elem Blues
  • Touch of Grey
  • Jam on some Song->
  • Let it Grow
  • Deal
Second Set
  • One More Saturday Night->
  • Terrapin Station->
  • Playing in the Band (Back into)->
  • Morning Dew

Playing next week is Tuesday


I freak therefore I am
  • A special night, no food, lots of kindness, lots of music and virtually no lows except for Kevin, just kidding, not. Actually nothing implied there except a play on words.  Kevin played well.
  • Only guests were Michael, Rich Rothenberg and Bill H, the guy who sold me my banjo and that's it, but it was more than enough.  With all the ancillary activities which can preoccupy us, it was great to see us play through all urges not to.   The anticipation, like the opening of an oyster, kept us content to keep playing along.  This couple with the playing, which deserves platitudes more so than most weeks, made for a setlist which was almost finished.  The missing Sugar Magnolia at the end was a tribute to the excellent and fulfilling night of music. The sweet Morning Dew as well as the lack of calories also made it easy to wake for before our sunshine daydream.
  • What!  No food?  It worked for me even though I did have a Burger King on the way in and others had a small Bens do-wop beforehand.   Nevertheless, I felt good,Best Replica Watches I still do and I look forward to a morning without heartburn and "DI-2 Farts and a Splash."  That's the way I spell diarrhea.
  • I felt good and established a good tone early on and was able to play it through out the night.  Few mental errors, lots of scop, little "SPOC" made for true Zen like music, so different than last week.  Anyone agree with that?   Much less mush?

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  • Walkin' Blues had a great pop and tone.  Cold Rain was even well done, very little uncertainty.
  • Haven't played Baby Blue in a long time and it didn't show because it was sweet and touching. Rolex Datejust Replica
  • Uncle was good with a poor, lack of leadership type of transition into Mexicali, but nevertheless there wasn't friction in a battle to get it going but graceful listening to figure out a way while never losing the beat.  Andy messed up the second lead because he forgot there was to be a second lead and try to end the song, a little stumble that we didn't fully recover from by the end of the song but nothing worth the effort of these worthless keystroke.  I think it was William Shakespeare Gates that said the keyboard is mightier than the sword
  • On the Road again was solid as can be and worth the time and effort.
  • Ballad of a Thin Man was first besmirched by Andy until he realized it was the Mrs. Jones song which was cool.  We played it well, Larry took off with a ferocious lead on it.
  • Deep Elem bopped along well.
  • Touch was good.  I think the lead was a bit sloppy but the verses were done well and the breaks were cleanly and crisply broken into.  Didn't go the whole 3 times around on "We will survive," but the song may not have survived if we did.  We don't have 18,000 fans cheering us on now do we?
  • Some song we jammed on for a while and transitioned into Let it Grow.   Larry was raving about the transition, it think it was a bit drawn out but nevertheless the song was great, who could beat it.  Great jams and leads.  We got really, really loud during the 3 part of the jam.  I was standing in the vortex and was enjoying the power.Round, Round Deadstein come around.
  • Deal was hot, love the sound of Andy's guitar as he starts that thing.
  • Well done Saturday Night, ditto on the Terrapin, we were timid on the Playing, not knowing whether to go in or come out so we went back into it without ever coming out.  You can see why I liked it.
  • Morning Dew was just very well played.  Larry took the first lead, Andy took the second and I guess it doesn't matter anyway.
  • Goodnight.

General Comments

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Name: dave s.
Date: 12/2/98
Time: 1:05:38 AM


hey sorry if i played to loud on a few songs, but i had too.....although i must say there were some outstanding moments, i "tranced out" at least 5 times and thats with no "partaking" of the brand or the generic.

Name: Freakboy
Date: 12/2/98
Time: 11:28:19 AM


What can I say that the Gind has not already covered. I, too, was enthralled with last night's jam. I enjoyed the uptempo action. I get into that stuff. One of the keys to executing a great build jam (a jam that builds in intensity using a lengthy crescendo) like the one at the the end of Morning Dew, is to hold out on the beginning of the crescendo as long as possible. Keep it as soft as possible, as long as possible. Deadstein pulled that off very well last night. I pretty much enjoyed everything very well last night. The lack of food enabled the band to get in about 45 more minutes of music in and last night, that was a good idea. Perhaps, next week, that food will be that much better.

Name: Trister
Date: 12/2/98
Time: 12:09:35 PM


One of our best so far(post trister) as far as I'm concerned. Haven't gotten through the tapes yet but I heard was up tempo and real solid. Great work by Kev, Scotty & Dave to keep the groove moving and everyone up.

Name: Freakboy
Date: 12/7/98
Time: 2:31:07 PM



I got some websites that I'd like you to add to the "Links"

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

Thank you.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 12/7/98
Time: 7:21:42 PM


As you know I am going to be late for the jam a Tuesday 12/8/98. My meeting will end at 7:25 so I won't be in the city until about 8:30. I am requesting that you guys eat fist and play the whole way through the night. This way it is worth it for me to make it into the city. Please try to coordinate this. I'd prefere not to come in to watch you eat and not play.


Date: 12/7/98
Time: 7:31:27 PM


tomorrow Dec. 8th is the 18th anniversary of John Lennon's unfortunate death....let everyone please remember him in your thoughts and prayers... LETS PLAY SOME BEATLES

Date: 12/7/98
Time: 8:57:36 PM



Date: 12/8/98
Time: 12:43:15 AM


OH YEAH AND THE DEAD BROKE UP TOO This Day in Rock & Roll History December 8, 1998

55 years ago Singer Jim Morrison of the Doors is born. (1943) 51 years ago Gregg Allman, keyboardist for the Allman Brothers, is born. (1947) 42 years ago Billboard reports Elvis Presley is setting new sales records in Canada. Usually a hit record makes 100,000 sales, however "Hound Dog" and "Don't Be Cruel" have sold over 225,000 copies with "Love Me Tender" selling 135,000 in sixteen weeks. (1956) 37 years ago "Surfin'," the Beach Boys first recording, is released by Candis Records, a small L-A based company. The song was written by Brian Wilson and his cousin Mike Love and recorded with Brian's brothers, Carl and Dennis and their friend Alan Jardine -- Carl playing acoustic guitar, Al on double bass and Brian keeping time on a garbage can. (1961) 36 years ago After three months, Alan Freed leaves Miami's WQAM to appear at his payola trial in New York. He testifies to receiving $2,000 in 1958 from Cognat Distributors for a promise to play their records on his New York radio show. He also worked a similar deal with Superior Records for $700. He pleads guilty to payola and is fined $300 and given six months probation. (1962) 32 years ago Sinead O'Connor is born. (1966) 31 years ago Traffic's "Mr. Fantasty" LP is released. (1967) 30 years ago Graham Nash quits the Hollies. He intends to form a trio with ex-Byrd David Crosby and ex-Buffalo Springfield member Stephen Stills. (1968) 29 years ago Testifying at his trial for possesion of hashish and heroin in the Toronto Supreme Court, Jimi Hendrix claims that he has smoked pot four times and hashish five times, taken LSD five times and sniffed cocaine twice and that he had now "outgrown" drugs. After eight hours of deliberations, the jury finds him not guilty. (1969) 26 years ago An advertisement is placed in Variety magazine claims Frank Zappa will give private instruction in craps, roulette, keno and blackjack -- Frank Zappa Sr., that is, who teaches how to win through mathematics at your place or his. (1972) 23 years ago A Night of the Hurricane benefit show at Madison Square Garden brings the Rolling Thunder Revue to a climax. In addition to Bob Dylan and company, Muhammad Ali, Roberta Flack and others show-up. The highlight is when a phone call from "Hurricane" Carter reaches the Garden stage. The show raises $100,000 for legal fees for Carter and alleged accomplice John Artis. (1975) 18 years ago John Lennon is assassinated by Mark David Chapman. Lennon was returning to his apartment building with Yoko Ono from a recording session. Lennon was shot in his chest, back and left arm and was pronounced dead thirty minutes later. Earlier in the day, Lennon had autographed an album for Chapman. (1980) 18 years ago Pat Benatar receives a platinum record for her debut album, "In the Heat of the Night." The former waitress and bank teller was discovered late one night at the Catch a Rising Star club in New York. Her album made it to the Top Ten and the follow up, "Crimes of Passion," will go to #2. (1980) 17 years ago A letter carrying this post date is printed on the last page of Rolling Stone's January 21, 1982 issue. The date is, of course, the first anniversary of the murder of John Lennon. The letter begins: "I think of John's death as a war casualty -- it is the war between the sane and the insane." It's signed "Love, Yoko." (1981) 3 years ago The surviving members of the Grateful Dead disband the group following Jerry Garcia's death in August. (1995)

Name: okay
Date: 1/22/2004
Time: 2:19:53 PM

Comments;give this to david chapman(Lennon)

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