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First Set
  • Bertha
  • Same Thing
  • They Love Each Other
  • Just Like Tom Thumb Blues
  • Box of Rain
  • West L.A. Fadeaway
  • Feel Like a Stranger
  • Jack-A-Roe
  • Picasso Moon
  • Row Jimmy
Second Set
  • Here Comes Sunshine
  • Let It Grow

Last Revised: 02/07/06

Next Jam: Wednesday, October 8, 1997. 7 Year Anniversary Jam

You Wanted the Best. You Got the Best.  The Feakiest Band in the Land.


  • Freakboy was missed as he decided to blow off Deadstein as well as the great back to back to back Yankee game for Fleetwood Mac. Just for memory's sake, you know Fleetwood Mac is getting old when you look up on stage and notice Stevie Nicks has a long gray beard.
  • Brotman showed up for the first time in several weeks.
  • Spillboy enjoyed the night. One of his last night of freedom prior to be inducted and formally brainwashed by the Kabalah at a so called retreat. I'm telling you he siphons the dessert money by buying expired Oreo's and sending the rest to L. Ron Kabalah.
  • Gotta give Kevin Credit for the Kiss Garcia. Could be his best picture ever.
  • Rich Rothenberg with wife Omara and daughter Elaina showed for a brief while.
First Set Comments:
  • Box of Rain was especially good. The best one of those I have ever heard.
Half Time Eating Comments:
  • Pronto Pizza. As I suspected it lost some of it's luster. It served it's purpose in a pinch but was uninspired.
  • Sasauge and Perperoni Pizza, Sasauge Roll
  • Chcken roll people were comparing to a kinish. It think it was just soggy breading, nothing more.
Second Set Comments:
  • I was dead for the second set. I had no zeal if that's even a word.
  • Pretty warm out for the last day of September
    General Comments
Talk it up. Be nice. please say something or I will loose my desire to write these things up. Fill in the deatils, the fun little stories that I cannot remember. The little things like Allison calling exactly as the last note of the first set ends

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Date: 10/1/97
Time: 8:09:56 AM


Breathing difficult this morning. Trying to stay conscious...not easy. Playing still good. Mighty good. Space planning and reconfiguration a success. Sound quality pleasing at a primal level...getting closer to seeing God. Spillboy great attitude, bad results--keep trying. Freakboy *file not found. Happy New Year! Next year on 38th Street.

Name: Scott
Date: 10/1/97
Time: 12:58:43 PM


Quite an evening gentlemen. Most of it is still foggy to me. I do remember having a damn good time. As far as songs go the Bertha opener had the Tempo that Kev was looking for, everthing was played again with the feeling and power needed to bring it on home.I'm enjoying the opportunity to shed some harmony with L.B AND L.G. Now if we could pre arrange our parts it could be very succesful. Yes the Box was the best yet.Gotta go, so Happy & Healthy New Year to All.

Name: Paul Pos
Date: 10/3/97
Time: 1:00:17 PM


L'Shana tova! Happy New Year to the whole crew from Colorado.

Name: Menaker
Date: 10/7/97
Time: 8:22:19 PM


Who's sittinaround tonight not thinkin' of tomorrow night, huh who?

Name: Scott
Date: 10/7/97
Time: 9:07:56 PM


I was wondering when someone would wake up and post a little something. And yes I'm sitting home 9:05pm just put the kiddies to bed and on line I go. Wondering whats on Kevy's mind for tomorrow night? No guests on tap as far as I know. Sitting here getting into the Zep midi . See you tomorrow.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 10/7/97
Time: 9:19:38 PM


I just got home from my MCMUA Board meeting and I am psyched to play tomorrow night. I've been playing a lot at home, my chops are as good as ever, things are going to be kind and I'm ready to rock. As a matter of fact I may just work on pre-posting for Wednesday night and try to get a post done after I get home from the jam. I have a 10:00 hearing in Trenton Thursday morning so I can get up a little later. It's all just optimistic thinking sitting in my room. Let's see how I feel tomorrow night at 12:15. I bet I'll probably be pretty tired.

A small price to pay for Deadstein. Is this the week of the return of the Freakboy. Maybe some Carnigie Deli action, maybe now that the MSG season is starting GYRO II may be an option.

Just a few idle thoughts on the eve of a Deadstein Jam!

Happy Anniversary to one and all. Actuallly, I'm not sure Scott and Rich can official partake in the celebration of the anniversary.

Name: Brent M.
Date: 10/7/97
Time: 9:43:00 PM


No partake in celebration, No jam.!!! When will I not be considered the rookie in the band? .

Name: Bob W.
Date: 10/7/97
Time: 11:00:13 PM


When you play at McGoo's your a vet, otherwise a rookie.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 10/7/97
Time: 11:04:14 PM


By the way, I just had a nice conversation with Big Dougy Schmell.

He asked me, "Is that freaky guy who dances still showing up at the jams."

I said, "Who Johnny? He's usually there."

Doug then said "I think I saw him at a Yankee game and he is a freak."