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First Set
  • Lost Sailor->
  • Saint of Circumstance
  • High Time
  • Shakedown Street
  • Jack Straw
  • They Love Each Other
  • When I Paint My Masterpiece
  • Ramble on Rose
  • She Belongs To Me
  • Cassidy
Second Set
  • Playin' in the Band->
  • Morning Dew
  • China Cat Sunflower->
  • I Know You Rider
  • Box of Rain
  • Wonderful World

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Welcome To Freaky Island.  "ZePlayin Boss, ZePlayin"
  • Howie Glatzer on drums and Larry was right because he was really good.  Right on and very powerful, he must have bionic arms.
  • Spillboy allowed in without Menaker and proves his worth as he quenched our thirst before even entering the room.  Except for Spillboy, there were no other non-playing guests.  Kevin had a nice spill while the boy was upstairs doing something.  If it wasn't Kevin I would say it was spill boy's fault but since it was Kevin, and he   has a relatively high propensity to spill, I'll blame it on Kevin.  In the end, I was the real sap because like an idiot I put a bag of garbage that was in the so-called spill on my lap.
  • My amp still has a terrible midrange buzz and blow speaker.  It's rough out there.   I'm in the market for a used Twin, I'm tired of an unfriendly boogie.  It sounds good when it wants to but don't catch it on a bad day.  Wo!
  • We played as loud as we do, it was pretty loud.
First Set Comments:
  • Johnny pulled the plug on the Sailor Saint.  It wasn't any good anyway.
Eating Comments:
  • Bens Thanks To Johnny.  What A Job.  The corned beef was representative of corned beef you get at a 7-Eleven.  The Bens was clutch but not good.  It made me about as sick as I get from our halftime binges.
  • Coffee Maker and great coffee.  We are really starting to live now. 
Second Set Comments:
  • We got Johnny's dress for the due.  It was quite a breakout, and I am not talking about the Dew.
  • It was Deadstein first Wonderful World.  It was perfect but it was good, boppy and together.  Enjoyable little song.
  • Beautiful Inside but a Noreaster was approaching so the ride home had some moderate rains and strong winds.
General Comments

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Name: Larry B
Date: 2/5/98
Time: 9:05:09 AM


Wow what an incredible evening. This could be the first time I ever listened to the evenings tape on the way home and let me tell you it all stuck. From the opening of the pre-Shakedown jam to the very end, well we did run out of gas in the Rider but the Box was a nice recovery. Everything in the first set was real solid but how about that Playin> Morning Dew, Big & Phat. And what was up with the new harmonizing in the room. Who was that Scotty, Rich? That Cassidy was a whipping cauldron of intensity, nice job everybody, especially Freaky & Spilly on the fine eating and drinking. Thanks Howie

Name: scott
Date: 2/5/98
Time: 8:35:47 PM


Thats the sound I like to hear. Togetherness, Thought process was way on. Kevy locking in all night long, Leads from L & L were incredible, harmonies happening, (LB, we could really strengthen what you heard last night)I thought Howie and I played well together. He's got some chops!!! I think he enjoyed himself.I know I did!!! Coffee was mmmmm good. Johnny, thanks for taking charge for a bunch of lazy, lazy, freaks. If it weren't for you no one would get of there ass and take care of the eats. Thanks Again!! You really gave it to us BIG in many ways.

Date: 2/6/98
Time: 7:58:38 AM


Boy, did I feel right from the get-go!! I had a horrible day and barely enough energy to breath, but as soon as I put on my Bass, I was cured. The Pre-list tunes, while more of a rehearsal than anything else, felt good and the rest only got better. While LarryB's friend, Howie the drummer, got set-up, I configured one of the most important and influential audio effects ever to hit Deadstein. Earlier in the evening I was talking to Scott and TheGind about TheGind's re-configuration of the PA-Mic set-up, and I was voicing my concern about the drums/amps getting into the PA, thus muddying the sound. Scott brought to my attention that he could finally hear everything and that, in essence the PA was being used as stereo monitors. I saw his point and thought to myself, if the Ends of the PA was to be Stereo monitors, the Means should be optimized. I then disconnected the Digital Delay from the mixer and in it's stead, patched the PZM room mics into the Aux Receive of the mixer. This patch replaces digital processing of the vocals only, with analog ambiance of the whole mix. It puts the whole room into the PA (drums/amps), so the drummers get a better mix, and it feeds back vocals from the speakers back into the vocal mics, creating natural analog enhancement. The net synergistic effect is that of a controllable, living psycho-acoustic vortex. It works, and works good. The tapes capture the phenomenon and we are all better for it. LarryB's friend Howie was good. He fit right in and the grooving was effortless and abundant. Freakboy's self-fulfilling prophecy of "something very freaky going to happen", was realized. He broke out the dress, vest and some mighty-fine dancing. I give him credit, even though he is working with very limited resources. All of this made for another banner Deadstein nite, and leaves me hungry for more. Woo.

Name: dave s.
Date: 2/7/98
Time: 3:42:48 AM


i saw "jazz is dead last night", i'll withhold comments so you can form you own opinions. i will say that tears came to my eyes during the few dead notes and that i did inquire about tix for the sat. show. i'm bursting with excitement to play as an actual member again and i can hardly wait to hear the new set-up. later. not a guest

Name: Larry B
Date: 2/8/98
Time: 2:35:18 AM


Final show of the tour though Merle seemed to indicate there would be Spring Dates. Merle opened with a long rap and before he began introduced a 14 Year Old Boy from Long Island. They proceeded to do: Funny Valentine Fire On the Mountain Sugaree The kid, whose name I didn't get, was excellent.

Jazz is Dead

King Solomon's Marbles/Stronger than Dirt Unbroken Chain Scarlet Begonias> Drum Solo> Help on the Way> Slipknot> Franklin's Tower

Encore ( with Merle ) Dark Star

Band seemed a little weary from the road but the music was most inspired. Alphonso & Billy Cobham have got to be one of the most dynamic rhythm sections of all time. What they created as two musicians is unbelievable. Jimmy Hering (sp.?),whom I had never seen or heard was excellent as well. He was a powerful and soulful lead player; he played alot of melody to help make up for the instrumental nature of the band. When he lets loose, look out the cat can really fly. T Lavitz on keys rounded out a very tight quartet. Much less jazzy than any Illuminati I have seen and a most enjoyable evening


Name: Rich B
Date: 2/8/98
Time: 8:51:59 PM


The playing felt and sounded solid to me. There were your dynamics, your multi-part harmonies, your solo breaks and rides that had a beginning, a middle development and an end leading back into a verse...All the good stuff one would want from a Deadstein Jam. Great drumming chemistry. Looking forward to seeing what happens this week. I hope Larry B. brings along the tapes.

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