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First Set
  • Feel Like a Stranger
  • They Love Each Other
  • Cassidy
  • Scarlet Begonias
  • Estimated Prophet->
  • Truckin'
  • West L.A. Fadeaway
  • Hell in a Bucket
  • Althea
Second Set
  • Visions of Johanna
  • Help on the Way->
  • Slipknot!

Playing next week is Tuesday

To truly jam, you must subjugate your ego for the good of the group and seek harmony that lifts everyone higher.  One player, acting selfishly, can ruin a jam.

Meet the Freaks . . . Fab Freaks
  • No Brotman, Johnny was there for one set only as Ratdog was waving its scrawny tail around town.  Johnny bit the bait and is probably worse off for it.  Unlike the  Dave Nelson Band on slate for tomorrow.  Scott's friend Tom showed and brought a few guests.  Johnny had a big bottle of the Freaky scent and stunk to high, holy freakville.
  • Really good Delicioso.  Large well done Sicilian pie with sausage, great knots, wedges, salads and for dessert fancy Italian Twinkies whose name I can't remember.  It begins with a "C"
  • The Stanger song was great, almost perfect, the jam seem to go on without intent.
  • Cassidy messed up going into the whip.
  • Great Bucket, it was tight and smoked
  • Andy tried to get our tempo right on the Scarlet but he could de-rail the Deadstein Express to Freakville.
  • West LA was really tight as so was Estimated.  The jams' "MO" was start off slow with a purpose, build, fad and re-find.  It's a path or "Way" nevertheless.
  • Help on the Way and the Visions of Johanna were lethargic.
  • Garcia Art courtesy of Diane Alexander, MCMUA Attorney,

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Zoom In/Zoom Out

One's lens must have the ability to see the smallest ant on the tree, the tree within the forest, the forest on the mountain, the mountain range on the continent, the continent on the globe, and the globe within the universe.

When little problems arise in your playing, widen your lens angle.  If you miss a note, break a string, or can't find your tone, don't fixate on the problem; it's only a solo, one song, one gig in the great scheme of your path.  Measured against the Way, all problems seem small.  Conversely, when you have trouble focusing, when too many things are on your mind, zoom in close.  Put them out of your mind by finding the Way in the smallest detail - playing one note right now.

Develop your sense of perspective.   When everything around you looks like weeds, remember: From the heavens, all is a garden.  Then get to weeding.

General Comments

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Name: Larry G.
Date: 11/19/98
Time: 6:21:40 PM


The form submission now works. Sorry for the technical difficulties this week. Great Jam. DNB!

Name: dave
Date: 11/20/98
Time: 4:16:43 AM


hey that "stranger" was truly great.....we definately have to work on the breaks of the help/slip....estimated was also great, i counted 7 so many times i thought george martin was going to call me for background vocals.

hey its been almost a year since i'm back and now andy's hear too..can we change the band photo on the opening page..and not to one of those lame photos kevin has.

anyone obeject to a turkey thing on is tues right? we probably could do it from bens and it'll be hot and juicy !!!!!

and lastly...if you please, i think i've got an original coming up....i can feel it.

Date: 11/20/98
Time: 7:36:54 AM


Much better set-list and overall energy level this week. I don't think I, personally, had a great playing week (concentration problems), although I enjoyed it greatly. TheGind's newfound eastern mysticism is gradually seeping into our operating system, and it can only bring us goodness. I fully support his quest for true balance. LarryB coming up big with the strong vocals and getting stronger all the time. Trister had a big week. I knew that kid was good, but his work in the solo out of the Estimated knocked me to the ground. Unbelievably tasty ; I tip my hat. Speaking of the Estimated, nice focus on holding the 7 all the way through the jam (I said TheGind was rubbing-off on us). Freakboy in patchouli, is like Jerry in fat. It's natural and it makes you smile. Even though Freakboy reverted back to his fractional attendance routine (I guess going to see Bobby is an acceptable excuse), his clear-headedness provided us with a perfect food order and some fancy foot-work. Freakboy Stinks !!! (And that's good.)

Name: Freakboy
Date: 11/20/98
Time: 4:43:07 PM


Deadstein does it for me but Ratdog rocks! Oh what a show. I enjoy the insrumentation in Deadstein but nothing gets me going into a dancing frenzy like the fierce drumming from our fine percussion section comprised of Scotty and Davy. I like when the tempo gets going and the beat goes chicka, chicka, chicka, chicka...Whew! How about that Andy Trister guy. He has quickly ascended the Deadstein ranks to become everyone's favorite guy. Well I should speak for myself. He's my favorite guy. Thanks for being you, Andy. I am getting into the Gind philosophies. Pretty soon, we'll find him munching vegetables in the lot with his commune buddies from Vermont. The Gind has hopped on the bus and he's sharing the kind fumes with the rest of us. Thank you. The institute thanks you. Hey LB, I saw that Ratdog setlist from your Jersey show. It looked real good. Tell us about the show. I bet you enjoyed more than Philly due to the comfort factor (i.e. seat). Bye-bye.

Name: scott
Date: 11/20/98
Time: 8:32:36 PM


I Think Ben's Even Has A Turkey SPECIAL In The Window. I guess the estimated was one of the high lights of the evening. I totaly found myself and Schwartzy GROOVIN TO THE MOVIN IN SEVEN!!!!! Bucket was intensely Hot and enjoyable."I Know I Know " (Thats what she said) But Its True. Hey My Friend Ken (From Chicago) Will be joining us on Tuesday. If all in favor we would love to do a couple of tunes we used to jam to way back when ie: Cortez the killer, Cinnamin Girl, Southern Man, Like A Hurricane.Some Beatles Would Be Cool To. Anyway La Di Da.... Ken Sings real Well Too. Have A Good Weekend

Name: scott
Date: 11/20/98
Time: 8:39:13 PM


P.S. That J. Garcia Picture Is Called " Paris in the the rain" Thanks Jer'

Name: Mike Moskowitz
Date: 11/21/98
Time: 6:31:56 PM


Surfing the net on a Saturday, and decided that I missed that weekly party that used to happen right in my garage! Thinking about you guys.....maybe I can stop up to fill up on Deadstein this week?

The only caveat is that we must have the finest eatings, the staple, no far reaching new stuff.

Date: 11/22/98
Time: 8:47:56 PM


Down By The River (Young)

Last Updated 05/01/96

General Rules On Chord Charts

Em7 A7

Em7 A7 Be on my side or be on your side, Em7 A7 There is no reason for you to hide, Em7 A7 This much madness is too much sorrow, Em7 A7 It's impossible to make it today, Cmaj7 Bm Hey, hey, ooh-ooh

Cmaj7 Bm She could drag me over the rainbow, Cmaj7 Bm - D Send me away.

G D A Down by the river G D A I shot my baby G D A Down by the river, Em7 A7 Dead - shot her dead.

You take my hand, I'll take your hand, Together we may get away,


This File contains merely an interpretation of the represented musical piece. It is not intended to replace any commercially available publishing, nor is it guaranteed to represent an exact transcription of any commercially or otherwise released piece.

Ed Bick's Tab Archive, 1997

Name: dave s
Date: 11/23/98
Time: 1:13:58 AM


cin. girl?, beatles?, down by the river? this must be heaven..........but i'm still alive

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