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First Set
  • Might As Well
  • I Need a Miracle->
  • Bertha->
  • Good Lovin'
  • Alabama Getaway
  • Desolation Row
  • Cumberland Blues
  • It's All Over Now
  • Birdsong
  • Tom Thumb Blues

Second Set
  • Music Never Stopped
  • Big Railroad Blues
  • Ship of Fools

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The house that freak built
  • Dave was back for the second week and it shows continual improvement.  He has these really cool wireless headphone that really monitor the situation nicely.
  • I had no real amp problem for the first time in weeks.  It is amazing was happens when you tighten a few screws.
  • I have my gig with Stormwind's band this weekend.  Two jams. Rehearsal then a party in a house.   All Grateful Dead.  If your are in the Boston area contact me for directions.  An appropriate name to go along with the night's weather.  I'm psyched to get into some of that hot Wind action.
  • Scott delayed his foot surgery so that wasn't a factor.
  • I provided lots of real audio, whole songs.  We filled up Kevin's server so I have to take a different different plan of attact and store the real audio at where we have a lot more space.  Nevertheless, I am going to post longer versions of the weeks jam and then erase them.  I'll try to save everything on zip drives for prosperity's sake.   In the meantime, I am going to start moving the old real audio files from Kevin's site to mine so not to incur any additional costs.  We had about 6MB of real audio at Kevin's.
First Set Comments:
  • Considering we just jumped in the playing of the Might As Well, it was powerful and well done.  Few mistakes and one of our best efforts in that song.
  • The Miracle was good, had a better final jam that usual.
  • Bertha was strong and confident.  It didn't have the coordinated big bang in the jam and the verse afterwards, but it wasn't missed either.
  • I didn't get the It's All Over Now on tape.  That's too bad because I was doing some nice G - E - D Rock & Roll Bass stuff, them I figured out my delta blues riff that went real well with this song.  Finally, I threw in my new short stubby, glass slide ("That's what she said") and it was nice stuff.  I wanted to play in but it's just blank tape on my tape.
  • Birdsong ended with a fierce, wacky and wild tour through the metaphysical RP-6.
Eating Comments:
  • Johnny pulled pulled off the pre jam Carnegie Deli.  Kevin had plenty of complaints while the rest of us stuffed our faces.  All the potato products sucked.  I ended up with a spare pastrami to take home.  You gotta love that.
  • I brought in Entenmanns Doughnuts and Danish that went well with the great columbine/French roast blend Scott brewed up.  Umm!
Second Set Comments:
  • Larry and I had some nice riff trades in the Music.  It was pretty hot. 
  • The Big Railroad was really tight, it moved like clockwork.
  • Ship Of Fools was very nice also.
  • Super strong rain and winds for the ride home.  Flooding on the roads but inside it was beautiful as usual.
General Comments

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Name: Larry B
Date: 2/18/98
Time: 7:44:48 AM


Way to go Larry G, full song posting. It's the cure for he oft forgotten tape, which I didn't do two weeks in a row. As I sit here listening to the Birdsong I'm still blown away at the power of last night. I thought last week was good but look out. This week was all the swirling and churning I'm looking for plus really rock solid drumming out of Dave & Scotty. Nice job guys. Hope you saved some for my Birthday show next week.

Name: Larry B
Date: 2/18/98
Time: 7:50:13 AM


Bye the way, Kudos to Johnny on a monstrous Carnegie Deli. My Pastrami was absolutely breathtaking, who cares if the fries were mushy. Don't pay Kevy any heed, it was great.

Name: Freakboy
Date: 2/18/98
Time: 10:05:20 AM


Thanks for the food acknowlegement and appreciation. I appreciate it. I don't think the Gind gave the first set its proper dew. Desolation Row was done very tenderly and delic ately. It set us up for the best Cumberland I have heard in a long time. By the time that thing swung back into that final "I don't know now" verse, I didn't know if I had any gaskets left to be blown. But it quickly became apparent that I had some left. Because they got blown as well. Kevy showed insightful team play with his willingness to stay close "home" to tonic center, his deletion of syncopated rhythms in his phrasing and his consistent strumming hand. Way to go, Kevy. It makes for a mighty Deadstein package. There were fireworks going off in the drumming section.

Name: dave s.
Date: 2/19/98
Time: 12:08:23 AM


on the lift to the train i told scott and larry "30 seconds into the Birdsong i felt the pace and dynamics were going to be the setting for a powerful jam....i guess from larry's comments i was right....i still say at this point its scott making the the difference( at best my i'm doing stuff that's allowing him to create was what he is) p.s. i'm enjoying the music even more than i thought i would.

Date: 2/19/98
Time: 8:55:57 AM


The renaissance in the Deadstein roster has done nothing but bring positive progress to the big freaky picture. I like. One of the best things it has done is wake up Freakboy. I don't know if everyone is aware that before he became Freakboy he was Johnny Pos. Johnny Pos spread kindness and positive energy everywhere he went (usually to a very annoying degree), he refused to even acknowledge negativism, (there was a scary point at which he felt the Central Park rapist was misunderstood; "He just wanted sex"). Johnny Pos disappeared around the time his relationship with a female co-worker was breaking-up. There is nothing more neg than the void left by the dissipation of Johnny Pos. Luckily for us, Freakboy was born. The level of freak he was famous for, became difficult to sustain. Instead of getting tough as the the tough got going, he withdrew (frustrating for us). Now, as a guy, who at any moment could be tapped on the shoulder and escorted from the premises, he retired into an easy chair and sought acceptance by fetching food for the hungry. It was a sorry attempt regain glory. Well, all that is over. Freakboy is back. He spent this last jam, winnying, dancing, singing, whooping-it-up and actively enjoying himself (as well as bringing freaky joy and support to the rest of us). It's been a long time coming. Yea ! Long live the Freak !!

Name: Larry G.
Date: 2/20/98
Time: 1:46:22 AM


I know why Dave's enjoying the songs more than expected. It's cause were Deadstein, our music takes on a life of its own way beyond the mere playing of a song. When you get caught up in that whirlwind, it's a ride to be ejoyed. Surf the great wave of Deadstein through your heart and into your mind. Never mind.

The Towering Power of Babble

Name: Larry B
Date: 2/21/98
Time: 2:01:20 PM


Let me say having listened to this week completely on two separate occasions that we have made a major step up in tightness. While my Twin and the Gind's RP-6 have played a factor the biggest change has been in the cohesiveness of the drumming. This week Scotty and Dave worked together like magic. It's a pleasure to see Dave so enthusiastic and motivated. The teamwork of you guys is fabulous, it obviously makes such a difference to have two guys back there that can communicate and work together. We'd not had that for a long time and I think it was starting to hurt the music in retrospect. Long Live Deadstein !!!!!!!!

Name: Rich B
Date: 2/21/98
Time: 6:48:17 PM


OK, I've got microsoft internet explorer 4.0 and I've got real audio player in the plug-in folder of netscape. Where do I click to hear some music? I don't see anything like a song title that's in blue?

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