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First Set
  • Sugar Magnolia (No Larry B)
  • Samson and Delilah
  • Scarlet Begonias->
  • Estimated Prophet->
  • He's Gone
  • Fire on the Mountain
  • Uncle John's Band
  • Good Lovin'
  • Terrapin Station
Kevin's Set List
Second Set
  • Morning Dew
  • Around and Around
Next Jam: We should be here.  It's too bad. RIP


  • Larry B. was late due to work so the rest of us played a Sugar Magnolia in his absence
  • Larry M. switch to a much smaller drum kit.
  • Kevin replace the speaker in his amp and it sounded good.
  • Larry used Kevin's phase shifting type of device with patented comb filter. It was pretty cool as far as cheaters go. It was good enough that it took it home and may give it another try. I'm sure it sounds good but it doesn't feel honest.
  • I brought Scott a recycling education kit for his son Matthew who has a recycling ecology report.
  • Rich Brotman did not show up
  • On their way to a Radiators show at Irvin Plaza, Andy Klein with carpet friends, and generally cool dudes, John and Bill hung out for several songs. As a matter of fact Bill played the Hammond organ quite competently during the Fire, Uncle John's and Good Lovin.
  • Dennis only showed up at the end of the night as he just flew in from Vegas.
  • I'm watching the Knick replay against the Bulls and are up by 7 in the fourth but I predict they will lose but they are now kicking ass.

First Set Comments:

  • I loved the Sugar Mag though Larry B. wasn't there. It gave me a chance to try out the phaser Spock.
  • The Samson was good and had a correct ending after the final jam. It was strong
  • Scarlet was really cool with a slow build during the lead.
  • The Estimated had a great transition into the He's Gone.
  • Uncle John's had the cool wacky choppy sounding jam as a theme during the jam. We really held that jam together while pushing the limits.
  • Terrapin was sweet until interrupted by Bill. Who could blame us for stopping.

Comic with Grateful Dead reference compliments of Penny Jones

 Half Time Food & Comments:

  • Due to Larry B. late arrival the who thing was off by a bit which lead us to an unorganized, every man for himself food fest.
  • We split the deli's we went to. Johnny and Kevin went with me to the old corner deli. I had the meat loaf sandwich on a hard roll with onion. Garlic flavored fried plantains and assorted desserts and snapples. Johnny had the meat loaf platter with rice and Milanos. Larry B. had one of his slabs of meat loaf. Kevin had the hot roast beef with cheese and gravy sub. Grape Snapples, pie and more.
  • Scott and the other Larry's went to the new yucky deli. Cold sandwiches were the order. Larry B. had tuna maybe. Larry Menaker ordered a tuna but only got mustard and I have no idea what Scott got. There were lots of chips and Twinkies from this crew.

Second Set Comments: Brrp! Ahhh! Help me! Are we really going to play? Boy it's cold in the studio. I want dessert! What are we going to cut out? Shit, I wished I washed my hands. My eye is bulging out of my socket. Damn us to Hell!

  • The second set Kevin had originally slated included a Bertha, Straw, Jed, El Paso Music. Needless to say we go to none of the songs of the seconds set but continued the end of the first set and almost completed it.
  • We didn't start the second set until 10:35
  • I was nervous Kevin was going to collapse during the second set.
  • Johnny was asleep during the second set with his head between his legs.


  • It was very comfortable in the room although Scott was complaining he was cold at the beginning of the night.

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Date: 4/11/97
Time: 8:19:16 AM


Severe tape mishap: no Scarlet->Estimated->He's Gone. It's a shame, because those of us in the room who strive to be better, actually witnessed an example of improvement. The Scarlet, after a brief Bass/Drums powwow, was crafted into a convincingly bona fide '77 groove that lasted 'til the end of the He's gone. It also goes to prove another theorem: tapes don't lie, but they also don't tell the whole story. The Scarlet,Est,He's Gone were the highlights of the first set, but they ain't on the tapes, thus anyone listening to those tapes would not get an accurate accounting of the magic level in the room during that jam. This phenomenon, could cause someone to mis-evaluate the mighty power of Deadstein, who when challenged with a formidable set list like last nite's, rose to the occasion like Freakboy's wiener during a thunderstorm at Yankee Stadium. Bravo Deadstein, you're incapable of letting me down.

Name: Menaker
Date: 4/11/97
Time: 10:34:16 AM


Hey, what show is that picture from? Anyway, now that I have a scanner, I'd like to gather a group of photos along the theme of "earliest photo of each of us playing some kind of musical instrument". This could be a nice addition to the history page.

Name: Menaker
Date: 4/11/97
Time: 1:24:35 PM


Bravo Gindoff!! The new additions of the prior year dates are rich with nastalgia, but innacurate. Kevy wo the gross out contest in Maryland with the hands behind the back, head into the evening's paper garbage bag filled with ashes and whatnot, and emerging with food in his mouth and ingesting it. Kevin was and still is, the grossest man I know.

Date: 4/11/97
Time: 4:33:22 PM


Thank You. I appreciate the acknowledgment.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 4/11/97
Time: 6:22:07 PM


I got the Samson Scarlet Estimated He's Gone on Tape I assume. I also think Larry B. got a tape of it from me. John Pittman signed into the guest book. Do you know who he is?

Name: Larry G.
Date: 4/11/97
Time: 7:01:45 PM


I found Larry M.'s pictures. If anyone has setlists for the gig's I don't have set lists for let me know.

Name: Scott
Date: 4/12/97
Time: 11:00:05 AM


I took Mr. Menakers idea of early photos of band members and found some vintage Scottso pictures dating back to 1972 when I set up the Sonor's for the 1st time. My first gig in 1978 at a club in Levittown. Plus some others of interest. Stay tuned

Name: Larry B
Date: 4/12/97
Time: 2:17:57 PM


Wow I think we all know we had a very special night I got the Scarlet>Estimated>He's Gone. Quite powerful

Name: Matthew
Date: 4/12/97
Time: 4:13:07 PM


thank you larry g for all the infromatiom about the 5 r s. this will be very helpful for my report.i really like the stickers and pins and magnets


Name: Larry G.
Date: 4/12/97
Time: 5:55:39 PM


Matthew, you are wecome for that recycling information and chasarai. You mut be a wiz at this so:

Answer me this question:

How can we reduce the amount of waste we make in the way we drink soda? List as many ways as you can think of. I'll start you off:

1. Use a glass at home instead of a plastic cup. 2. Buy bigger bottles

Not you think of some. Ask you Mom and Dad to help.

Name: DAD
Date: 4/13/97
Time: 11:46:37 AM


The top 5 ways to reduce the amount of waste when drinking soda are as follows! 5) Drink the same bottle of soda for as long as you can make it last 4) group of people drink from 1 bottle 3) get a commercial soda fountain for the house 2) mix soda with ice cream and the top way to reduce the amount of waste is to not drink soda at all!!!!!