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First Set
  • Eyes of the World
  • Pretty Peggy-O
  • Tom Thumb Blues
  • West LA Fadeaway
  • Times They are a Changing
  • Picasso Moon
  • Scarlet Begonias -->
  • Fire on the Mountain

First Set

  • Waiting For a Miracle
  • Here Comes Sunshine -->
  • Bertha
  • Comes a Time -->
  • Lost Sailor -->
  • Saint of Circumstance
Upcoming Schedule:
  • Mon., 3/29/04, Studio A, 6-12:00 

  • Thurs., 4/8/04, Studio A, 7-11:00

  • Mon., 4/11/04, Studio A, 6-12:00 

  • Mon., 4/18/04, Studio A, 6-12:00 

  • Mon., 4/25/04, Studio A, 6-12:00 

Still in Studio A of Smash Studios.  Stu was our only guest, getting into the groove we provided.  We played pretty well for most of the night, nice and tight an crisp.  It was a Kevin setlist night and he made a feeble attempt to write one at the Fresco Taco but to no avail.  He recited it as the night went on.  I was adjusting the PA before the jam and the so-called "Guy" walked in and caught me in the act as I scurried away like a scared chicken..  The PA sounded pretty good all night.

We ended 15 minutes early as Trister broke a string at the end of the Saint of Circumstance.  In addition, my amp was farting beyond belief at that time also.  Kevin also had the guy yank out a blown speaker from the bass cabinet to no avail which got us starting later than usual.

I had a C5 at the Fresco-Tortilla-Taco Tex-Mexican restaurant where I met the usual Kev and Coffee-Boy.

Till next Monday  at 6:00

General Comments

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Name: Trister
Date: 3/24/2004
Time: 2:05:41 PM
Remote Name:


If anyone is interested, stop by on Sat.

Name: Brotpen
Date: 3/24/2004
Time: 8:05:09 PM
Remote Name:


Trister, have fun on Saturday. Break a leg....just not literally.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 3/26/2004
Time: 6:08:38 AM
Remote Name:


By the way, I just signed up for a new host for our Deadstein web site and they just set the site up ready for me to post and consoolidate the webpage. I'm gonna try to do this tonight but the change over requires me to point the Domain name of from the exisiting site to the new site. I hope the change will be transparant or just have a minor disruption associated with it, but you never know. Wish me luck. In addition, I also have to update the mailing issues, such as email forwardings and distribution lists, i.e. This all has to be updated and re-entered. The good news is that we will now have 9,000 MB of storage for music as opposed to 300 MB, so we'll be able to load lots of MP3s and other multi-media files. I lost the ability to do streaming, i.e. real-audio, so from here on all audio and video will be downloadable files as opposed to streaming reral audio. This provides higher quality music but really requires broadband connect to be worthwhile. Coffee, don't bother uploading anything yet, we will have new criteria for doing that. Too bad, you were almost there. Anyway, wave good by the the old Deadstein site for now. Bye-Bye.

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