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First Set
  • all right now
  • ready for love
  • ziggy stardust
  • strutter
  • deuce
  • cold gin
  • firehouse
  • she
  • 100,000 years
  • parasite
  • white rabbit
  • tuesday afternoon
  • i'm eighteen
  • shakedown street
  • black peter
  • thats what love'll make you do

Next jam is next Wednesday 12/26/01 if you can make it

It was only Larry G, Kevin, Dave and Mitch "Coffee Boy" that made this makeshift jam.  It was at some unknown studio on Long Island.  With Dave on bass and Kevin on Guitar playing a wide variety of Kiss numbers, it makes you appreciate how sweet and soft real Deadstein is.  Kevin wanted and needed a night to just crank some loud tunes out and I think he got more than he ever expected.

General Comments

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Date: 12/28/01
Time: 11:18:14 AM
Remote Name:


I did. Thanks Freaks.

Name: dave
Date: 12/31/01
Time: 5:30:57 PM
Remote Name:



Name: Larry G.
Date: 1/2/02
Time: 5:53:08 PM
Remote Name:


I want to rock and roll all night.

Name: Freakboy
Date: 1/2/02
Time: 9:06:26 PM
Remote Name:


and party every day

Name: tbanjo
Date: 1/3/02
Time: 10:14:57 AM
Remote Name:


oooooooh a freakboy rare as Loch Ness and Bigfoot these days.

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