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First Set
  • Here Comes Sunshine->
  • Same Thing
  • Stagger Lee
  • El Paso
  • Sugaree
  • Black Throated Wind
  • Get Out of My Life Woman
  • Duprees Diamond Blues
  • Hard to Handle
  • Candyman
  • Lost Sailor->
  • Saint of Circumstance
Second Set
  • Beat It On Down The Line
  • Brown-Eyed Woman
  • Minglewood Blues
  • To Lay Me Down

Playing next week is still to be determined but we must be ready for Tues., Wed. or Thurs. depending upon Kevy's Wopner.

Major League Freaks

Larry had the big, "Lets Play Quieter" speech and for once it was effective.   We played significantly lower and it was more open.  I Think it was probably our best night from a band perspective since Andy joined us on a regular basis.  Most of us listened and played off each other.  We stayed within ourselves.  Nothing like the kind emerald triangle to focus your efforts on positive vibes.

I felt like it was one of the first nights that all my new fender stuff, amp and guitar came together and felt good without any ancillary issues to bother me.

A good over-ordering of Delicoso Italian food by Johnny but it was good.  Scott's friends Loogie and Ted didn't stay for dinner.

Not much more to say before passing out, the VH1 Fashion Awards aren't enough to get me through this.

General Comments

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Name: Mitchel Margulis; Coffee Boy
Date: 10/28/98
Time: 9:49:16 AM


Very Nice jam, I think that Andy adds a nice dimension. Always a pleasure. Also very Tasty Morsels! Later

Date: 10/28/98
Time: 1:04:47 PM


Right back at 'ya CoffeeBoy. It was a banner nite. Many songs; much music, maximum merriment. Brent's attenuation attempt seemingly worked (says the bottom line), although I could not perceive a considerable difference during the moment. Maybe it was because, as the volume level decreased, the intensity level increased. That is not a bad thing. Kudos to Scotty on the water cooler. Never again will we be plagued by cotton-mouth. Now all we need is a Skittles machine to take care of that nasty hyperglycemia problem.

Name: Steele
Date: 10/28/98
Time: 4:43:39 PM


I cannot help but proclaim how proud I am of the great tunage you dudes are churning in your dungeon of dead. I give Johnny Freak my full vote of Freak Of The Millenium!! You dudes rule- hope to see a jam soon!

All my Pos


Name: dave s
Date: 10/29/98
Time: 2:30:44 AM


a friend in need's a friend in deed, my japanese is better..... a friend in need's a friend in deed, a friend with weed is better.....

looking foward to "playing quite" next week.

Name: Larry B
Date: 10/31/98
Time: 9:07:07 AM


Well, I've heard it all and I like it. I could see from Kevys perspective where it's not that big a change but he's still very close to his amp and the drummers WHERE HE SHOULD BE, because I think the overall effects on the other side of the room were excellent. I didn't have to strain to sing for the first time in several months and you could actually hear when the singing wasn't that good. my tape wasn't totally saturated either. As for tunes, Same Thing, Sugaree, and BTW seemed to stand out. The Sailor Saint was the best ever till Trister refused to rip up the end of the Saint, I hope that never happens again. The To Lay Me Down on my father's Yahrzeit was especially nice, Thanks one and all. Here's to hoping we can keep up the "quite" playing this week.

Name: dave s
Date: 11/1/98
Time: 5:49:31 AM


alright already so i meant "quite quietly" damn it to hel.

Name: dave s
Date: 11/1/98
Time: 5:49:48 AM


alright already so i meant "quite quietly" damn it to hel.

Name: Trister
Date: 11/2/98
Time: 1:04:50 PM


I'll never let an end to sailor/saint go unripped again, I promise.

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