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First Set
  • Shakedown Street->
  • Franklin's Tower
  • Jack Straw
  • Brown-Eyed Women
  • Cassidy
  • Birdsong
  • One More Saturday Night
Second Set
  • Eyes of the World
  • Music Never Stopped
  • Deal

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Next Jam: Wednesday April 22, 1998.  Row your boat ashore.   Hallelujah!

He shines his freak through the cool Colorado rain.
  • The Freak level was a mile high, the scopocity was copious and the Pos was in town.  He brought along his entourage including fiancee Michelle, sisiter Laura and bros-in-law Ian.  P.S. move to beautiful Morris County.!
  • In addition to the Freak from afar, Johnny came back in his tan and Little Buddy outfit and was in rare recent form, dancin up a storm through most of the night.
  • Laughing at some of Johnny's move from the back row were Scott's friend Logie? and some unnamed dude.  Boy, was the Freak Toast putting on a show for them.
First Set Comments:
  • As Paul said, "The Franklin's has come a long way."   For most of beginning it was great, it kept it's beat and  authenticity.   It wavered by the end.
  • Dave came late and began during the Brown-Eyed with his typical hit you in the face warmup, if there was any.
  • Cassidy was not one of our best.  Not that it was bad, it just lacked true Deadstein intensity.
Eating Comments:
  • We got the Memphis again.  Lots of Salads, two pies, but no heroes which they we us credit on.  Nevertheless, it was excellent food.  Twice in a week and the second time was better.  The salad was better, the pizza was better and the knots.  Umh!
Second Set Comments:
  • I played drums for the Eyes of the World and the Music Never Stopped.   It was amazing because except for the beginning of the Music Jam, I felt very comfortable back there and I didn't feel as if I were a hindrance.
  • We went back to normal Deadstein formation for the Deal and It was smoking.  It could have been the hottest moment of the night.  It took me a good 2 verses to catch my breath and to stop my hands from shaking and spasming from the previous drum playing.  The Deal was good though, you have to admit it.
General Comments

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Name: scott
Date: 4/19/98
Time: 11:56:20 AM


Dr.Pos was in town and a good time was had by all. Lots of guests in attendance. Most tunes got off to a rough start but got going eventually. The return of Johnny was the highlight for me. And I don't mean that he just returned back from Fla. HE'S BACK IN ACTION BABY!!!!! Logy and his buddy Kaufman enjoyed the performance. My new "new" drumming partner sure showed us his chops during the eye's and the music. All this rotation is getting crazy!!!!!! The Pos could have been louder for me, He and Brent were trading Sax leads all night. I'm looking forward to rowing my boat ashore on Wednesday.

Name: steele
Date: 4/19/98
Time: 2:28:19 PM


Magic , pure magic!

Name: Paul the Positive One
Date: 4/20/98
Time: 2:26:34 PM


This is the part where I thank everyone. My thanks to Scott for making his place available for destruction two nights in one week. Thanks to Kevin for suggestingf h, although damaging, it could be done. Thanks to Johnny for putting on his dancing shoes and help keep the momentum going. Two thumbs up for the Gin for capturing the evening nicely in cyberspace. Thanks to Brent for loaning me his tapes that evening. Thanks to Schwartz for showing up. I'm thanking Laura and Ian for getting me on the right subway. Michelle deserves thanks for getting me on the right plane. And finally, thanks to Steele for his kind comment above.

Peace and freakiness to all, POS

Name: Sister to the Positive One
Date: 4/22/98
Time: 1:06:23 PM


Thanks for making Thursday night happen considering one of the reasons Paul got on a plane to the east coast was to jam with Deadstein. Ian and I had a great time. You guys sounded great and strong. My favorities of the evening were Eyes and Deal and the silician slice

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