William Weiss Interiors Studio


Lots of Larry G. songs which can be pretty punishing.

  • It was a weird week of bitter feuding over the days to play.   First, Wednesday then Tuesday but that was no good for Pauly Pos who was coming into town to play with us.  In an unprecedented Deadstein move, we played both Tuesday and Thursday.  Larry Menaker was back in the room and the drummers were doing a nice imitation of the volleyball "rotate."
  • Johnny was riding the elevator up and down in Florida and there was no one else in the room.  It's amazing we were able to order food.

  • I recall with Larry and Dave's on the drums during the Estimated the jam just settled down into a beautiful relaxing jam that endured only in it's easiness.   Dave said he wasn't satisfied with it and that is probably the reason.

  • Memphis Trio proved the Sicilian can be good or even great.   People like the knots but they were tough and rugged.

  • I sat during the Mr. Fantasy as Dave played guitar.
  • I played bass during the Werewolves of London while Kevin played my guitar.