William Weiss Interiors Studio


Larry M for 1st half and Deve for the second.

  • fREAKY OVALWe were lacking a little freak for the night since Johnny was home sick.   Actually, consensus was that he staged the whole day of sickness so he could stay home and see the Nets try for the playoffs.  It's too bad, we missed him and so did Virgil.
  • Kevin's friend Donny was there to fill in the freaky void.  He orchestrated a great half-time feast and showed us the great video of the "Naked in Seattle"
  • Larry M. was there for the first set and it sounded refreshing from the first note of Cold Rain and Snow.

  • The GibsonmeisterCold Rain was bestter than usual.  The jams had leadership and aggression so not to waiver.
  • C.C. was also pretty good.  I had a good Jerry finger picking thing going and a sloppy yet hot lead.
  • Looks Like Rain was nicely done, big, bold yet almost delicate.   Larry had this whole midi bass, thing preordained.  He thought it was pretty good.  To be honest, I either didn't notice or the big plan was a masterpiece of understatement.  In either case Larry was psyched at that's what counts.
  • Candyman was also pretty good.  It had some nice dynamics and my tremolo effect fit right in.
  • It's All Over Now was a bit slow, probably due to me ineffectively playing that stupid blues slide riff I now know.  When done well in that song it is good.  The problem is the phrase "when done well."
  • Peggy-O was good.  I had that good Jerry Picking going, very steadily throughout the entire song.
  • Me and My Uncle-Mexicali was the highlight of the night for me.   It moved and was the most authentic thing we did.
  • Brown-Eyed was also pretty moving.  Much better than the debacle of a Brown-Eyed we did two week ago with John Spitz.  This on had some grace to go with the speed.
  • Minglewood was good as usual, leads, the whole thing.  It wasn't the tightest or the gooviest ever.
  • Right into the Bertha was a surprise and caught me off guard but we caught up and by the second round of the lead and the last verse it was good.
  • Scott started the Good Lovin' out of the Bertha like he can't resist and I started it and suffered through the intro.  We really need to work that out but the lead was great.  It had dynamics during it.

  • Virgil's - Memphis Pork Ribs, Chicken & Rib Combos, Biscuits, corn bread (did it show up in your morning stool?)  Cokes, Hush Puppies, Kevin got the fried shrimp with maple butter.  Beans, potatoes, coleslaw.  Donny did a great order.  The Carnegie Deli refused to deliver to us.  What a bunch of saps.   The only mess up on Donny's part was the omission of the banana pudding which is so good.  There was a lot of moaning going on.  Who could blame us.  The deepness in the texture of the ribs was a sight and taste sensation to behold.  Think about the crap Zorns we all used to eat.  Virgils would spit on them.

  • The dinner was over at 10:00 on the dot and we were playing by 10:10 amazingly enough.  I really didn't feel sick amzingly enough. 
  • The Cumberland was very good.   Larry had a nice banjo thing going which when sounding good was pretty good.
  • Truckin' was nice.  I was able to get off and play some good notes between lyrical phrases.
  • Peter was good, no problems.
  • The traditional switch of me playing bass and Kevin' playing guitar for the That's what Love Will Make You Do...If there is one song I know the bass riff for, it is that song.

  • A beautiful warm spring day.