Carroll's 55th Street


Jose R. Joins Us On Guitar as Andy Retreats

This week was certainly different as Andy took the week off and I was prepared to play lead throughout the night. After having trouble finding parking I arrived a Carroll's to find they updated their mixing consoles from the classic analogs we had been using to a Digital Yamaha TF3 digital mixing board. Fortunately, I have used a few digitalboraws before but it threw me for a loop with respect to getting a recording out of the jam. Eddie, first told me I needed an A-to-A- USB cable to multi-track from the board, which no one had, so i jerry-rigged me a 8-channel patch snake to get me from the Boards analogs outs to my interface. It worked but only gave me 8 tracks to works with.

I grouped the drums together into one and background vocals. When Josh arrived to play guitar I had no channels left, so I grouped him with Alan. This was the fatal flaw in the recording because Alan's microphone was about 10 db louder than Josh's so I couldn't boost Josh without blowing Alan's sound out of the water, so the first set is missing Josh for the most part, but his sound does materialize in the second set. I think we will have this recording issue resolved of next week and a simple USB2 cable into my mac and recorded via CORE-Audio should be the solution.

So Josh joined us for the first time surprisingly on a night Andy dropped out, so that worked out well. his Dad was to throw a party in NJ in a few weeks and we were going to play with Josh, but circumstances beyond most people's control lead the the cancellation of the entire party hours after Deadstein agreed to do it. Way of the world, that's why we have next week's jam. Jamming with Josh was good and lots of the music was nice. You get a much better flavor of it during the second set where I was able to turn him up in the mix. It was fun stuff as summer approaches our front door.

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