Carroll's 55th Street


Another Strong Spring Night of Deadstein

With Little Stevie practicing across the hall, Deadstein had to provide a little freak music to counter-balance all that jersey Shore stuff login on. We at least gave ourselves a run for the money going into an inside-out opening in B with the Sugaree then the Hell In a Bucket. That go us going down the road in an authoritative manner. Speaking of which, the only real mess up in the recording department is that lan's microphone cable developed a scratch in it by the 3rd song and I couldn't include it in the mix. Otherwise, thing went well. We broke out the rarely played Help On the Way --> Slipknot! --> Franklins and it was rough but substantial and in some respects one of our best. The Memphis Blues seemed like it took forever but with out forever, what do you have?

Alan checked out for the second set which started with a nice powerful Samson. When then headed into a nice four-song combo of Crazy Fingers --> I Need A Miracle --> Bertha --> Good Lovin which sent Andy packing afterwards. This lefts the remaining few to pound out a few soulful songs to close out the night.

Freak Out!