Carroll's 55th Street


6-man Jam is Bountiful

After missing the previous week for various reasons, Andy Rich and Alan were back for the Deadstein faire that they missed out on last week. We made it up to them by playing a very big first set with lots of anchor songs. This includes the giant anchor to close the first set, Let It Grow Deal. This couples with combinations like the Uncle John's --> El Paso and the Eyes of the World --> Cassidy made the first set a big excursion. Alan left after the 11-song first set.

For the second set Rich wanted us to noodle on a click track in Gm he prepared called Abscam. We did so and in some way it felt rewarding. After that we dove into the condensed by dense second set. the Help on the Way Slipknot was sterile but pretty tight. God stuff this week, we hope even one likes it and we look forward to next Tuesday when we do it all again, this time it looks like the return of Stagger Lee, so buckle your freak belts for some exciting two-drummer action.

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