The Weekly Freak



Carroll's 55th Street - A Three-Man Jam Proves to be Fruitful

The audio files are provided in the following folder:

  • 01 Slow Train.mp3
  • 02 Easy Wind.mp3
  • 03 Dark Hollow.mp3
  • 04 Black Peter.mp3
  • 05 Greatest Story Ever Told.mp3
  • 06 I Wash My Hands.mp3
  • 07 Think.mp3
  • 08 On the Road Again.mp3
  • 09 To Lay Me Down.mp3
  • 10 Mystery Train.mp3
  • 11 Dark Star Morning Dew.mp3
  • 12 One More Saturday Night.mp3
  • 13 She Belongs To Me.mp3
  • 14 Wake Up Little Suzie.mp3
  • 15 Touch of Grey.mp3
  • 16 Truckin' Other One.mp3
  • 17 Two Of Us.mp3
  • 18 Imagine.mp3
  • 19 Sugar Magnolia.mp3


    With Alan and Rich out of town and Andy being a last minute cancellation, it left the decision to Scott, Kevin and I to try to hold down Freaky Fort Deadstein with a hard core three-man jam. The prospects of a 3-man jam with me playing lead and singing all the songs is a pretty scary proposition, but in the end there were some good things going on and we played 21 songs throughout the night making the whole experience long, strong and worthwhile. Definitely worth the price of admission. Looks like we will hopefully have everyone back for next week, but until then, I was around to be one the the supporters of the Freak Flag that continues to fly over Fort Deadstein.

    Making America Grateful Again