Carroll's 55th Street


Coffee Boy Makes His Long Time Deadstein Return

This was the second week in a row that Alan wasn't with us at the jam, but we had Andy continuing to play lead for us while I step back to my roots playing the Bob Rhythm. I happened to like my single-coil Strat tone this week by the way using my Roland -Ready US Strat, without the midi but enjoying the hammy bar, with my new mini-spring to keep it in place. But I regress. The big surprise of the night was the return of Coffee-Boy for a night of drumming with Scott and it was good. A great surprise, a "nice to see you" and a great execution on the music. Give it a listen cause much of it sounds good. Andy left of the last three songs, but even those had there moments.

It's the end of summer so we ended with US Blues but it was also August 30, so we ended the first set like the smoking Philadelphia Spectrum show from August 30, 1980 with an Althea Jack Straw.

Making America Grateful Again