Carroll's 55th Street


Thursday Night with Trister, No Wikler doing some Pink Floyd and Eagles

This week Alan was out of town so Andy joined us as we moved our way through some familiar tunes, on some not so from the packet, discovered by Andy this week. He had requested we play New Kid win Town by the Eagles last week, so I threw together a quick, halk-ass chart and we gave it a pretty good go. Additionally we also tried to just do the Hotel California from the Packet. To close the night, Andy tried to steer us through a little Welcome to the Machine into Have a Cigar, which no of us know, but we gave it the old Deadstein try and managed to get some crazy stuff going. Rich had trouble belting of the Scarlet when called upon, so Andy took that upon him self. Another good night to have Andy in the house while I sit back and play rhythm on my Stratocaster. Considering Carroll's didn't have us on the books for this week, they did a nice job scrambling the get the room together for us in time for the jam. It was n nice full night of music as the summer come to an end. Only one jam left before Labor day. Where does the time go?

Making America Grateful Again