Carroll's 55th Street


Jay B on Bass and Stagger Lee on Drums Keep It Rolling

With Stagger Lee set to make this week's jam, we were psyched to have the two drummer thing going once again. The issue was Kevin had a last minute shiva to attend in NJ and had to bail at the last minute on the jam. It doesn't hurt anyone more so than Kevin, but the pain of canceling the jam was pending until Scott pulled Jay Brodsky out of his bag of friends and Deadstein was on it's way. Alan stayed for the first set then it was just Andy and I playing the guitars for the second set. The music was good and the best part of the night, the Scarlet Fire, I thought was lost but I only didn't record the Samson which followed. Fortunately and to my surprise the Scarlet Fire was captured. It's all worth a listen and we do it all again next week. A big Deadstein thanks to Jay for saving our collective bottom for this week's jam.

Making America Grateful Again