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First Set
  • And It Stoned Me
  • Attics of My Life
  • Don't Let Go

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  • Memphis Blues
  • And It Stoned Me
  • Valerie
  • Cosmic Charlie
  • What a Wonderful World
  • Caravan
  • Deal
  • Russian Lullaby
  • Duprees Diamond Blues
  • Mason's Children
  • The Wheel
  • Morning Dew ->
  • Music Never Stopped
  • We're and American Band
  • Slow Train Coming

Playing next week is Tuesday


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It was the triumphant return of Larry Brent off of the incomparable Phil Tour, a little ragged, but he was right.  The problem was there was little to greet him at the door and the holiday season begins to take its toll on Deadstein attendance.  Only Larry, Scott, Dave, Jonathan and I were in the room.   Kevin did want to do the drive after taking the day off, like its that long, Trister didn't want to take the fly from Florida, it was pretty foggy, and Brotpen had video to produce.  It left Dave in his favorite position of donning his bass. 

Dave wasn't there for the first set so I played the bass for the Attics and the Don't Let Go and we took a quick Bens food break which was quick and surprisingly, pretty good.  This left of with much time to play many song in the second set.  There were moments though much of the music had lethargy spilled allover it but it was worth it.  The Morning Dew, up to the leads was very good, Wheel had its times of enchantment, we had a nice jam afterwards.  The Caravan was pretty good, Music was hot, well coordinated.  Cosmic Charlie, Dupress and Mason's Children were very weak and I don't even want to mention the What a Wonderful World.  The Lullaby danced like a Gypsy on hot coals.  The Slow Train Coming closer was pretty good.

I know we have avoided commenting on Jonathan's extraordinary dancing performances over the past several weeks and he has made us aware of that and put us on our toes that we need to pay attention to his antics.  With that in mind, my comments on Johnny's performance last night is that it was one of his better of the year.   It was the first time I ever really noticed what he does while we play and I offer him kudos for the fine performance last night.  Much better than those he has be raving about over the past few weeks.

Tonight was a very warm, foggy night in NYC.  It was so foggy that a helicopter crashed at MacArthur's airport.  Congratulations to Scott on the purchase of his new home, it sounds pretty cool and he's excited about it.  Maybe that's what gave Scott the little extra boost of energy that kept him going through an unprecedented 15 song second set.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 11/24/99
Time: 6:44:14 PM


By the way, to let everyone know, a Stacy Fischer signed into our guest book. Is she a friend of someone's.

Name: Trister
Date: 11/25/99
Time: 8:10:06 AM


Happy Thanksgiving, freaks....

It is a little different being in Palm Beach Gardens for the holiday but I guess I'll suffer through it and go to the pool after breakfast. Me and brother Dan (who says hi to Deadstein) headed down to see Dick Dale who was treeemendous on Tues, what a coincidece that he happened to be playing down here. He opened with a hot Miserlou that slipped into Let's go Trippin. It was a small bar and there is always one asshole in a place like that who thinks he owns it. Driving back and forth from the stage, stepping on people and throwing elbows. Let's just say after the third time it happened, Trister had enough and having been in many crowd situations before knew exactly what to do. When the schmuck passed me again heading toward the stage I shoved him into the rest of the enraged concert goers and a melee ensued. The dude got the shit beat out him, thrown out and Dick stopped playing and said "hey, that asshole is messin up my solo. Did my music do that?". Rock and Roll, baby.

Upon exiting the bar I noticed the twang of Bertha coming from across the street and upon further investigation found out it was Crazy Fingers, some dead cover band. They were pretty good, for four musicians. The first thing I noticed was how smooth and low they played, never forfeiting control for volume. Then again, there was only four of em.

Till Tuesday.....

Name: scott
Date: 11/26/99
Time: 9:10:59 AM


Happy Thanksgiving to all. The Ginds reviews were pretty accurate, but he forgot to mention the "An American Band" I thought it rocked. I know Dave liked it. This guy played some prety tasty bass bass bass bass bass bass......The second take on stoned me was a lot better than the first attempt. Caravan, what a great tune. I listened to van the man driving up to ct. for the feast. Kev, Brotman, Trister were missed. Trister, getting into the muck of things. It sounds like the only way this guy would get the boot without having to the booting. See you all on Tuesday.

Name: Scott
Date: 11/29/99
Time: 8:36:04 AM


Tuesday is just around the corner. My buddy Andrew is stopping down to blow some flute, and his indoor man could stop down if theres any interest??? let me know

Name: Trister
Date: 11/29/99
Time: 9:16:40 AM


My brother Dan just emailed me to say ratdog is playing down there this week but he's concerned due to the lack of "reviews" posted for this band. I told him to go anyway and post a report afterwards.


Name: Steele
Date: 11/30/99
Time: 4:46:45 PM


FYI - Sting is a joke!! $125.00 tickets and Northface windbreakers for $165.00. Please do not let a family member even think of going to his sissy ass show! Now - I'm into the police big time - but to see Stingy play such trash with two fagola keyboards covering his suck job is a joke man!! How bout you? Deadstein rules the millenium! Steele

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