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First Set
  • Minglewood Blues
  • Dire Wolf
  • Me and My Uncle-->
  • Big River
  • They Love Each Other

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Playing next week is Tuesday


Mother Truckin Freaks

We Larry was still on his Phil run through classic Grateful Dead land.   Short of Larry no being there, everyone else show and not a guest was to be seen.  We got the food order in early which made for the long strong second set.  Highlights included a hot Beat It On Down the Line, Get Out of My Life Woman, Deal and Music.  I messed up Kevy world with our long talk of whole notes and rests instead of the Freak Boy inspired eight notes.  It was a hodge podge of singing with out Larry being there but we pulled ourselves up by the bootstraps and we all kicked in.    I did the Mingle wood, Andy on Dire Wolf, Rich on Uncle River, Andy on Love Each Other.  Andy opened the second set singing Brown-Eyed with Rich on Beat It, Andy was back for the Stagger Lee, which was pretty good.  Rich did Dancin' and did Deal and it had some hot moments at the end.  I sang Truckin' Samson.  Andy closed with the Get Out of My Life Woman and Liberty.  Dave closed the night with the Music Never Stopped.  Speaking of which he arrived at the end of the early dinner with lots of cheap batteries in hand.  $1.50 9 volts.  That's pretty cheap even for bootlegs.

Andy discovered the RCA/Vibrato plug on his amp and realize he wasn't getting the most out of recently.  He now has a new amp to tame because it was rocking on 2.  That's unbelievable. 

Memphis TrioWe had Deliciozo, which we had trouble getting the number for until I found their card on the web ( .  I had a  great chicken parm and good salad.  I spilled salad dressing on my green bag on the way up Scott's staircase while discussing with Kevin how I ruined a pair of pants by spilling dressing on it trying to make Deadstein food a leftover.  Someone, somewhere doesn't want that to happen and is teaching me a lesson.

Tonight was a very cold blustery night in NYC.  Knicks win and go to 5 and 4.  The Nets, I can't say if they have even won recently.  Trister's gone till after Thanksgiving so we are back to Deadstein "Classic" next Tuesday.   Till then.

General Comments

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Name: Larry G.
Date: 11/18/99
Time: 10:43:33 AM


Hey, does this thing work?

Name: Trister
Date: 11/18/99
Time: 11:29:37 AM


I think everyone's in a coma. I enjoyed this week and though parts were really hot. My amp sounded completely different once that rca jack was out and i liked it. Its a noticeable difference even on the tape. Johnny broke out the freak dress; Kev is still a gimp and Dave is a battery rep. What tangled webs we weave...... Happy Thanksgiving; see you guys in a couple of weeks.

Name: Steele
Date: 11/18/99
Time: 4:28:58 PM


Happy Freaksgiving to you hipsters. Trister -nice post on the status of the band - If you put the key words together you get something like "Freak Gimps Rule!!" All my best! Brent on tour - it must be mucky! Was at last nights Widespread Panic show at the Orpheum - still can't feel my feet - Eyes blurry - pee pee purple...


Name: Brotpen
Date: 11/19/99
Time: 1:40:26 AM


Tuesdays lineup necessitated changing roles and illuminated exceptional differences making for a unique night of music making. My wife's twin nieces are arriving tomorrow from Arizona for a week. This will appear to prevent me from attending the jam next Tuesday. A Happy and Fun Thanksgiving to everyone in Deadstein, their families and friends. I'll catch up with y'all in two weeks.

Name: dave s
Date: 11/22/99
Time: 1:53:03 AM



Name: larry brent
Date: 11/22/99
Time: 10:10:52 PM


A somewhat delayed edition (I really need a laptop) East Coast Road Journal: Vol. 1

Worcester: An uneventful trip through the state of Connecticut had us arriving at the hotel by mid afternoon. The Centrum was just as I remembered it, many shows here in the 80’s but none since 88; the surrounding town has become outlet-shopping central This would turn out to be the last Hanes/ Trucks show of the tour and boy did they pull out all the stops. The opening jam again hinted at way too many themes to remember or mention but after about 25 minutes it eventually ended up in Dark Star. This was a fluid and graceful star that built gently and then veered out into deep space very reminiscent of 74 GD. Next was Sugaree sung masterfully by Warren. Nice solos by Derek, Warren, and Rob all got the room moving. The vocal harmonies were beautiful all night long especially in this Sugaree and the Cosmic Charlie that followed. Cosmic was letter perfect, vocally, and musically with immense intensity. This would eventually wind back down to Dark Star verse two following some more interesting explorations. A slight flub at the beginning of St. Stephen was quickly forgotten as they ripped the roof off the Centrum. Stephen soared with extended soloing by Derek and Warren with Phil pounding all over the place; A Stephen like I never thought I could or would he again live, I was psyched when this segued into a tight instrumental 11. Not Fade Away closed an amazing evening of music, my best of the tour so far. Watching the maturation process of this ensemble has been most interesting. These guys don’t just play leads or solos, they all engage in a spontaneous musical conversation and boy do they have interesting things to say. Off to Ithaca.

Cornell: An early start on a picturesque day replete with flurries, racing cloud formations and splintered sunlight. By the time I reached the Southern tier of NY the snow was beginning to stick and making for a beautiful drive. I really enjoyed listening to “So Many Roads” of this leg of my trip; it was the perfect soundtrack for a beautiful drive. Tickets for this show were very tough to come by, many heads waving Fifties along with their upraised fingers on this frigid Ithaca night. Due to illness, we had several extras that were quickly snatched up for face value by a few very happy heads. The entrance to this hallowed hall was slow, through a dimly lit hallway where students collected the tickets in near total darkness. There is no way the kids taking tickets could see anything at all, I think any ticket that said Dylan would have gained admission this night. The stage was set about 1/3 into the room and the spongy athletic surface usually used for Track & Field was quite comfortable for dancing. I was hoping for a return of the fabulous Susan Tedeski, but before the lights dimmed, I spied Jorma and he came out on stage and plugged in right next to Rob as well as Warren and Derek.

Tonight’s opening jam led into a lovely Eyes of the World. Medium in pace, full and beautiful, this was a great opener. Eyes segued into a short but pumping instrumental Caution and this became Mountains of the Moon. Again tonight, all the players were in excellent form, though it seemed Jorma was doing a lot of listening at the beginning as he found his place among the other voices in this delicious musical stew. Soulshine was next, a stirring rendition sung by Warren featured great solos by all three guitarists; Jorma finally lets loose with a breathtaking lead. I could hear this song as a regular staple of the GD repertoire. A slightly disjointed Mr. Charlie was next, even though the vocal parts were a bit choppy, the instrumental portion really opened up with great interplay among all three guitars. This jammed into GDTRFB, suffice it to say, this really rocked the crowd. Warren threw in an extra verse about “been on my knees and headed for jail” I think I recall. This joined with the finale, a semi-accapella we Bid You Goodnight. Phil even mentioned during band intro’s how nice it was to be back in this “venerable hall again”. The Derek Trucks band came personally to pick up their main man and make sure he actually did leave the tour, who could blame them. A few random thoughts on Dylan. I have seen him over 15 times since 1986. This band has been touring for almost two years straight and they just keep getting better. Dylan is singing with the greatest clarity I’ve ever seen him display and his guitar playing is resulting in a beautiful mix with Larry Campbell and Charlie Sexton. All that having been said, I have never seen play better or seem to enjoy himself more than on this tour. He is dealing songs from the bottom of the deck of his magnificent catalog like the living legend he is. I never thought I would see him perform Song for Woody and tonight, someone on the rail was holding a large oaktag placard up all through the set. His next to last encore was Forever Young and it brought tears to my eyes. Then the rail hugger turns the card around to reveal FOREVER YOUNG in big block letters. One of the most significant artists of the 20th Century, at the height of his popularity, taking requests. Amazing!

On to New Hampshire

Durham NH Now for the most harrowing leg of the road trip. The NH State police make the Maryland Prince George’s County Cops look like Teletubbies. It was rather frigid this night and there was a major delay getting into the venue. There was much discussion regarding the possible appearance of Trey, I heard he came to hang out but not to play. As it turned out the NH State police were busting people in the parking lot and since all 6 cops were busy, there was no security in the venue and we had to wait till 7:40 till we got in. Once we did, there was plenty of local law enforcement and they dragged out more than a few select concertgoers for lighting up. Tonight would be back to two guitarists, Warren and Jorma as Derek had left the tour as of Monday night. The jam was wonderful again tonight and I thought the opener was going to b Unbroken Chain from the way it was sounding. Much to my surprise and delight, Attics of My Life was as inspiring a rendition that you would want to hear. The vocal harmonies were velvety smooth and had the warmth of a cozy fire. It took me half of the song to get the crowd up front quiet enough so we could hear every delicate nuance. I hate to be a cop at a show but there are times when a few good shushes are needed. This continued to jam and build until it became Get-Together, a fine new addition to the Phil & Friends catalog. Good tune good delivery. Next up some Blues, Jorma takes the lead on Big Boss Man and is followed by Warren with Smokestack Lightnin’. These guys can play blues, no question about it. The blues jam continued to build until we were on the verge of Uncle John’s Band still in the new calypso-style rhythm. Nicely woven with good energy this really got the crowd going, then, perhaps the finest Good Shepherd ever heard, certainly by this reporter. I love this song, great feel, and great chord changes. Blue Sky would bring the proceedings to a close with a bang. Nice rendition although a bit lacking in the dueling leads department, that is certainly understandable. Nice show, now let’s get the hell out of this uptight and repressive state. On to Amherst.

Umass @ Amherst: The ZOO, we used to come here to party during our undergrad days at Albany. These days, Albany is the cream of the crop for undergrad partying and I don’t know where that leaves UMASS but it can’t be too far behind. As the jam begins it’s already obvious that these guys are gonna be tight and intense. Jorma and Warren have really settled in and have begun to compliment each others playing like the pros that they are. Tonight’s jam coalesces into St. Stephen; this version is monstrous and perfect, no flubs no slips. It continues to build and grow then morph and mutate so at one point I am sure they are playing Mountain Jam and then Stephen and back again. The Eleven that follows is also well executed lacking vocals again but still quite impressive. Then Phil proceeds to pull out Broken Arrow nicely done with lots of finesse. Again great vocal harmonies. Say what you will, and I know many don’t like Phil’s lead singing, but when these guys get the three and four part harmonies going it just gives me the chills. A majestic version of Traffic’s Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys is next, delivered convincingly by Warren and stretched way out. Then Jorma delivered another gem, a beautiful I am the Light of this World, replete with acoustic guitar. This has always been one of my favorites and tonight it didn’t disappoint. Things then settled into Scarlet and I thought it might conclude the show. The jam was shorter and more focused and as it began to build all of the sudden they are playing Franklin’s Tower. Again, shorter version without leads between each verse, but still a rollicking good way to close the show and the tour. Dylan topped himself that night by miles, but due to scheduling and my 4-hour drive back to NJ; I had to bolt early. A tough decision but you can be sure my 8AM patient appreciated it.

In Summation. Much has been said and written leading up to this tour. The first East Coast performances of Phil & Friends, larger capacity venues, the rigors of a hectic tour schedule and of course the last minute departure of Mr. Kimmock from the tour. While many were worried about the impact of these and other events the tour was a great success as far as I am concerned. I don’t want to stir up any muck regarding the incidents and diatribes that have been omnipresent on this and other forums but suffice it to say, I had my concerns, I planned to see 8 shows and Steve was a factor in that decision. In the end it all comes down to “IN PHIL I TRUST”. I will see him play with anyone anywhere anytime I can. Especially if John Molo is involved. He is the Rock of Phil & Friends. This must have been a real challenge musically, what with all the upheaval and last minute changes but these guys answered the bell like true champions. I wish I had the chance to see the Little Feat line-up but I am most satisfied with the shows I did see. I have always loved Warren and Jorma but seeing them in this context with Phil was great. Rob Boraco should have silenced all his critics and naysayers by now. He clearly has arrived and belongs on this level. He has the talent and chops to play on the stage with some very skilled players. He had a constant ear to ear grin and I can’t imagine that anyone could enjoy himself or herself more, unless Phil calls me to come sit it. I hope we get to see another group of shows like this in the near future. I think the revolving musician approach of Phil & Friends is fascinating. Musically diverse and challenging with a fresh perspective at every turn. These aren’t the same old Scarlet>Fire jams o the latter day GD where we would all dance and wait for a divine moment of inspiration to seize the jam. This is new uncharted territory, Phil is clearly at the helm, and the Captain of this Ship and anyone who thinks Jerry was the only genius in the GD is sadly misinformed. Phil has got as major dose of whatever Mojo is left and I hope he decides to share it with again soon. Many thanks to all the musicians, road crew, support staff and everyone that made this possible. I never though it would be possible to feel this way again and I am still a tingle in the afterglow. I hope you all have wonderful and safe Holidays and may you all make more beautiful music for us all to enjoy in the New Year and beyond.


Name: Trister
Date: 11/23/99
Time: 8:34:41 AM


I have it on excellent authority that Jerry WAS the only true genius of the dead. Phil is bored and so are the heads so this placebo will do, I suppose. All I know is that I'm seeing Dick Dale in Miami that's genius. Look for my field report tomorrow. On to Seaworld: Shamu preformed brilliantly yesterday, a subtle forward jump that seemed to go into a back landing, but to my surprise a clean forward entry that left the audience wanting more. He followed up with a feisty tail splashing of the crowd that transitioned smoothly into swimming with the trainer on his nose. Brilliant! These whales are for real, let me tell you, and when the young ones joined in for the encore....lets just say we hoped it would never end.

Have fun tonite...;)

Date: 11/23/99
Time: 1:07:55 PM


Deadstein. Are we freaks, or what? Verbose, comatose, got a dose? Anyway, much to my disappointment, I will be unable to attend L.L.Brent’s triumphant return to 38th Street tonite. My absence is courtesy of Johnny’s new style of ‘participation’ (the kind we could do without). I have taken this week off from work, in order to give my injury a chance to heal properly, thus I am not in the city and the driving back and forth tends to aggravate the process. Enjoy Dave in my stead (I know he will), and I look forward to being with the usual gang of freaks next week.

Name: Jonathan
Date: 11/23/99
Time: 1:20:15 PM


Kevin's dig at "Johnny's new style of participation" is inappropriate. Although last week featured much rest on my part, the previous three weeks were chock full of extaordinary freaky dancing if I may toot my own horn. There has been no documentation of it on this particular site but that does not mean that I have not been putting out.


Date: 11/23/99
Time: 1:54:04 PM


Toot this.

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