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First Set
  • Mississippi Halfstep
  • Franklin's Tower
  • Foolish Heart -->
  • Victim or the Crime -->
  • Pretty Peggy-O
  • Memphis Blues
  • Here Comes Sunshine
  • Hard to Handle
  • Cold Rain and Snow

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  • Wind Cries Mary
  • China Cat Sunflower -->
  • I Know You Rider
  • Playing in the Band

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Playing next week is Thursday

Lectro Freaks

There was plent of Karma in the room this week, not all of it was good, not all of it was bad, but it was there.  Plenty of money bickering and injuries was on tap.  People kill for that green stuff.  Kevin broke his foot when pulling a Tom a Jerry scene with Johnny.  The mouse got the best of that one but isn't that the way it usually works.  Scott had the air sickness bag deployed behind the drums.  Rich could only stay half the night as it was back to the grindstone for him.  There wer some nice Larry / Andy leads in a few songs although there was some fizzling out of some stuff that was terrible.  Playing in the Band and Cina Cat transition and I Know you Rider to name a few.  Kevin's foot injury knocked him off his game plan.  Wind Cries Mary was half assed at best.  From a musical perspective it was good to have Andy back adding they greatness of his.  We had a few guests.  Bill, Mike and Eric, I think.

Deliciozo had the rice balls, good pizza, burnt knots and more.   Knicks win their season opener tonight as the Nets lose but our minds and hearts are still with the Mets and their couragous season.The weather was rainy for the first dark, depressing week of eastern standard time.  Until next week.

General Comments

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Name: Larry G.
Date: 11/5/99
Time: 4:19:27 PM


I just want to make sure this is working. See you all on Thursday

Name: scott
Date: 11/6/99
Time: 5:32:55 PM


The Gind was probably wondering where his fellow Deadsteiner's were?? I got a call from Dave wanting to confirm next weeks jam. I spoke with the Gind and confirmed THURSDAY. I also spoke with Kev, who's been nursing his broken foot. I hope all can be in attendance on Thursday. L.B. starts his roadtrip tonight at Penn State. Keep a look out for his set lists and inside scoop. Who knows' when you least expect it, L.B. may be asked to be Phil's New Phriend. I'll be attending the New Haven Show(This Wed) And The Byrne Arena (Sat)

Name: Scott
Date: 11/7/99
Time: 12:12:34 PM


I'm taking the opportunity to submit the official L.B. "Field Report" from last nights phil show. From the soundz of things, it was rockin. Thanks L.B. s.g. East Coast Field Report: Vol. 1

Phil & Friends are alive and well.

The air swirling around the Bryce Jordan Center was full of intrigue. What would Phil & Friends be like with this new line-up? Many thought without certain people Phil and Friends could not get off the ground. To them I say a resounding Steve Who? Now onto the music.

Our evening begins with a quiet little jam that builds in intensity over the course of about ten minutes. This segues into Viola Lee Blues and a monster version it was. The vocals were tight and smooth all the playing powerful. Derrick Trucks is a Phnom. His style and tone are unbelievably mature for a player of his age. His slide is totally ripping but can also be beautiful and melodic and very flowing, and when he wants to he can sure sound like Uncle Duane. This number featured great contributions by Rob Barraco, who told me personally before the show that he is playing Pigpens original Hammond B-3 organ on this tour. Viola Lee must have gone on for close to 40 minutes of symphonic movements and themes, very interesting. This eventually segues into Mountains of the Moon sung more beautifully by Phil each time I have seen it performed. Next up everybody changes hat to jazz for My Favorite Things. This was impressive. I thought this line-up with the exception of Rob might have some trouble pulling of the standards but was I wrong. Derrick and Warren both played first traditionally then in their own unique styles and this was a powerful and interesting tune. This segued into a lovely Box of Rain featuring a very nice solo from Warren and amazing singing by Rob. A short break was followed by a breathtaking Terrapin. This tune had me a bit worried, could they hit all the changes and parts, this tune itself is like a mini-symphony. This version was perfect and clean and very inspired. The middle jam was creative and opened up into some new ground but it wasn't until after the inspiration section during the big instrumental build that things got really interesting. As with the rest of the tune the end section was played flawlessly in the traditional arrangement for a few minutes. Then Derrick and Warren begin to open it up with this Allmanesque double lead guitar section that was spectacular. It sounded like it could go on forever but alas the clock beckons and we are back to Viola Lee to tie everything up in a nice little bow. As a special treat we got Phil's first encore of the tour a Beautiful Brokedown Palace. Dylan was quite good if you like Dylan; tight with very little experimentation. In closing let me repeat. THE DEMISE OF PHIL & FRIENDS IS NOT AT HAND> These guys have only been together for a week and they already can take out the warp cruiser several times in a set. It's just a shame they didn't get to play more; it seemed that they were just getting warmed up by the Terrapin.

More from Philly.


Name: Steele
Date: 11/8/99
Time: 11:21:27 AM


The greatness of deadstein again shines brightly as the rise of injuries cannot stop the band from kickin ass and closing the set. In my experiences at concerts (or should I say cancelled concerts) I have had to face disappoinment while raging in the parking lots of such bands listed only to find injuries have led to a cancelled show.

Rush 1982 (Geddy broken wrist) Frank Marino & MR (Marino illness) Blues Traveler (Popper -pick em') Black Crowes (family infighting) & many others...blisters/puking/Jerry dizzyness Yet the bass player (master freak) breaks his foot & I hear continues play ala Popper in a chair for the remainder of the set! You fkn guys rule! Next thing I'll probably hear is that Dave pulls out a Keith Moon and sends his kit across the room during a Wharf Rat to everyones enjoyment!! Can't wait to catch one of the baddest, toughest dead bands in NY -- DEADSTEIN!! Paul O'Neil would be proud!

Rock Steeele

Name: scott
Date: 11/8/99
Time: 5:05:51 PM


Hey Dave, If after reading Steele's post you have any desire to pull a keith moon, Please let me know a head of time so we can discuss it. I'm not ready to trash my Sonor Drums just yet. Thanks man. WE MISS YOU STEELE<<>>

Name: Trister
Date: 11/9/99
Time: 12:10:22 PM


I'm listening to So Many Roads right now, as I'm sure the rest of you are. It looks like The Weenz will be attending Thurs, mandolin and all. How great is it that the Cowboys lost that game last night. I LOVE IT.

Name: Weenz
Date: 11/9/99
Time: 1:27:33 PM


See you folks on Thursday! I will be in New Haven on Wed and headed for Deadstein land on thursday Yee ha.

Man didn't it look like the Vikings had no chance after the first half.

Later all.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 11/9/99
Time: 1:44:06 PM


Is the Weenz bringing a Mandolin? If so, let me know, I'll think about bringing my banjo.

Name: Trister
Date: 11/9/99
Time: 4:06:26 PM


Roger that LG...break out the jugs and spoons

Name: Brotpen
Date: 11/10/99
Time: 4:40:37 PM


Sorry, I've got to miss out on this Thursday. I was previously committed to attending a fund raising event for the cat rescue group my wife and I are affiliated with. I'm still buzzed (literally) from the Philadelphia Phil & Friends show. A truly joyous event with real good stuff going down. See you next seek.

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