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The Freakboy Birthday

First Set
  • Warm-up Jam
  • When Push Comes To Shove
  • Bertha
  • Mama Tried
  • Big River
  • Throwing Stones
  • Good Lovin'
  • When I Paint My Masterpiece
  • Birdsong
  • China Cat Sunflower->
  • I Know You Rider
  • Deal
Second Set
  • Liberty
  • Big Railroad Blues
  • Hell in a Bucket

Playing next week on Tuesday, October 27, 1998.  Back to our home.

Adaptable Freaks

johmmySoupySales.jpg (9080 bytes)Probably lots of songs I forgot so help me out.

Johnny's Birthday

On the road to Ultra Sound Rehearsals (Studio A on the 6th Floor) 251 W. 30th St.  Played 8:00 - 12:00, cost a lot of money to play but it was worth it.  Just to have a place to lay down is worth paying for.

Dave only on drums, that's not sarcastic, sorry.

Just me, Larry B., Kevin, Trister and Dave and the Freakboy birthday.

Check out some of the other pictures from last week on last week's page.

General Comments

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Name: Brenna
Date: 10/21/98
Time: 10:48:52 PM


Happy Birthday Johnny

Name: Jonathan
Date: 10/23/98
Time: 10:45:35 AM


Hip Hip Hooray for the Gind. Those pictures are fabulous. Special thanks to Dave for bringing the birthday desert from Teena's Cake Fair. My parents weaned me on that place. Looking forward to next week.

Name: Pos
Date: 10/25/98
Time: 4:19:29 PM


The Poscam pics are in from the 'drumstick-up-your-ass" jam....check 'em out at

Name: dave s
Date: 10/26/98
Time: 3:56:33 PM


well i harldy know how to start, oh wait i've got it....

5,6,7,8.......fuck, fuck, fuck,..fuck-fuck, (fuck.fuck.fuck), fuck,fuck..fuck,fuck...fuck..fuck.

have fun boys.

Date: 10/26/98
Time: 7:05:32 PM


Dave, your post get more obtuse with each reload

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