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Return of the Pos Klan

First Set
  • Eyes of the World
  • Estimated Prophet->
  • They Love Each Other
  • Jack Straw
  • Second That Emotion
  • One More Saturday Night
  • Franklin's Tower
  • Cassidy
  • Loser->
  • Music Never Stopped
Second Set
  • Deal
  • Standing on the Moon

Playing next week on Tuesday, October 20, 1998.  No more expensive French friend or the little paper man sitting on Capitol Hill but the real Heinz Ketchup itself.

The Prodigal Freak Returns

So much to say and so little energy to say it.  It's amazing I get this far.  I cant' think well enough to play and I expect several hours later to be able to do this stuff.   I'll wait for the photos from the Electric-Posicam.  Good Scop all.

General Comments

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Date: 10/17/98
Time: 1:57:25 PM


This week certainly was a classic Deadstein Skoppfest. It was the joyous return of our favorite freaky son, Paulie Pos. That kid does not "dissapernt". He was there with his Pos Posse; Michelle, his beautiful new bride, and his kind sister and brother-in-law, Lovely Laura & Ian. They are always a welcome sight at a Deadstein happening Eating Is Where We Shineand seemed to enjoy us as much as we did them. Overcoming the cruel vastness of space & time was never so satisfying, as looking over during a Cassidy and seeing Paulie wailing on his Sax like it was always meant to be. God bless ‘em. In sharp contrast to that, was the ugly, violent, unkind, anti-Deadstein behavior displayed by Larry Menaker. His despicable, childlike tantrum was completely uncalled for and Deadstein wants NO part of that negative energy. No member of Deadstein HAS to do anything, except act Kind. Menaker left Deadstein, after 7 years, on his own accord, not for personal or business reasons, but to join another Dead-band, without any consideration or concern for the rest of us. No one in Deadstein was too thrilled about his decision, but the Deadstein way is to "live and let live". Fortunately for us, Dave was available and willing to re-commit to Deadstein. Everything worked out fine. Unfortunately for Menaker, his new band broke-up and he was left bandless. Hey, that’s "entrepreneurial risk", deal with it. Deadstein, being what it is, had no problem accommodating their old friend Menaker with the occasional "sitting -in". But that was out of the goodness of Scotty & Dave’s heart and at their discretion, it was not a Deadstein mandate. So, when a Deadstein drummer does not want to give up his seat, whatever the reason, the proper reaction is not violence and threats, but patience and appreciation.

The prime directive of Deadstein is: Kindness, Friendship, Comedy and Music, and most importantly survival! When something threatens that, Deadstein meets it with swift and direct action. NEG IS NOT WELCOME IN OUR HOUSE. KEEP IT OUT.


Name: dave s
Date: 10/17/98
Time: 7:39:55 PM


.............luka brazzi swims with the fish !!!

Name: dave s
Date: 10/18/98
Time: 1:21:45 PM


this page obviously must be returned and marked "POSTAGE DUE"

Date: 10/18/98
Time: 11:29:13 PM


When is the next jam ???

Date: 10/19/98
Time: 3:16:40 AM



Name: scott
Date: 10/19/98
Time: 9:15:05 AM


No Good For this week for me. Next Jam on 38th street to be tues 10/27.

Name: Pos
Date: 10/20/98
Time: 2:06:52 AM


All I can say is that, Deadstein, you're worth the trip. Individually each one of you is a respectable human being, but collectively there is an inevitable synergism that seems to transcend all time and space. Once I step through the doors of WWF, I am no longer in NY...I am some where very far away where the only thing that matters is pushing the Starship Deadstein to Warp 9l. Last Thursday, wedrove hard and reached distant galaxies I have never visited before. I want to thank Kevin for giving 110% of himself to the jam as always, Brent for the ripping leads, Gin for smiling all night, Scott for his hospitality and intensity on the drums, Dave for being the most mature person in the room that night, Rich for being the tasty glue that filled in all the cracks (except my ass), and Johnny for adorning the dress and putting on a fine show for all. You guys DROOL...err...rule. Hag Samayach...See ya for Pesach!

Name: Laura
Date: 10/22/98
Time: 3:28:56 PM


All I can say is WOW! Those pictures are beautiful and gives some taste to our evening. As always thanks for a real good time!

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