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Thursday October 9, 2003

First Set
  • Tore Up
  • Hey Pocky Way
  • Mr. Charlie
  • Thats What Love Will Make You Do
  • Come Together
  • They Love Each Other
  • Ramble on Rose
  • Thrill is Gone
  • Not Fade Away -->
  • Goin Down the Road -->
  • Music never Stopped

The next jam is our gig, scheduled for next Monday October 13, 2003 at Smash Studio A - Yea.


It was our second gig at Tobacco Road and this one was a little special.  First of all it is the 13th anniversary, to the day, of the first Deadstein jam that took place on October 9, 1990.  Although Kevin and I are the only two remaining original members, and even though we didn't even play under the Deadstein banner, the 13 years of Deadstein has a lot to be said of it.  To speak of what a different year it was, check out last year's anniversary page.  With all the Deadstein coverbands out there , it's good to see the original can still show some of its maturity when it wants.

Billed as Terez, Deadstein played it's second set at Tobacco Road.  The last time was on Sunday, June 29, 2003 and while that was special, this Thursday night gig may have been better on several levels.  A freaky brand of freak showing up and shaking the dreadlocks.  Quality music at a certain comfort level. An easy evening where we got paid $140 instead of paying $140.  With free drinks to boot.  The only problem is our guests had to pay $12 to get in.  That's something I feel a little guilty about.

For the most part I think we sounded good.  We played a bit rushed and frantic, the monitoring was a bit unknown but we pulled it off.  With only a small flub hear and there we were good according to all reviews told to me, but then who would lie?

Glad to see all the guests that showed up, too many to name but it was a good showing, considering they had to pay $12 per person.   Once again we proved to be the big draw.  The blugrass band from North Carolina afterwards played to a much smaller crowd than ours.  You have to admit it was impossible to see into it with the stagelights in your eyes.  Rich had it down with the sunglasses.  Terez had a sparkle in her eye.  Kevin was straight as an arrow and Mitch just kept going now matter what may have been happening.  A true safety net at times I had to jump into.  I hope we got a good take this time.  Mitch got a good stand for his video and I saw the guy give Rich a DAT, so those were two promising happenings.

Long live Deadstein!  I had the Cottage Noodle Shop on 9th before the jam and had a lot of traffic on the way in and out.  Yankee traffic, winning the game to tie the series with Boston 1-1, cause grief all around the city.  In and out.  Nevertheless, I got home pretty early.


General Comments

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Name: cOfFeE bOy
Date: 10/11/2003
Time: 12:22:49 AM
Remote Name:


Well, Well, Well,... My, My, My, I sometimes forget that you guys have been doing this for some time. Then in the middle of a jam, when it's just right, it shows. There is no technique or style to replace intuition. It's a pleasure to play and explore with Deadstein and be a part of its unique "Freakness".

Name: cOfFeE bOy
Date: 10/11/2003
Time: 12:39:04 AM
Remote Name:


I'm glad to say that there were no gliches or technical problems. I have great audio... & video ( my angle has T, Me, Kev and Larry... sorry Rich and andy. But, this should be real good with the other handhelded camera). There was a great feel in the room and it showed. Nothing draged and dispite a few minor burps, it was dam good!

Name: BIll
Date: 10/11/2003
Time: 2:04:33 PM
Remote Name:


Boys and rocked. How could it get any better or be more befitting for your 13th anniversary than a trip from MB to boot... a perfect evening for your Jerzee pal, Thanks!

Name: Bill
Date: 10/11/2003
Time: 4:30:49 PM
Remote Name:


PS-LG: Don't feel guilty about the hefty 12 bucks, for my money it was worth it!

Name: Rich
Date: 10/12/2003
Time: 9:32:33 PM
Remote Name:


Howzabout that new and improved Terez/Deadstein performance? After checking out the footage from the hand-held Joanna-cam and hearing the rough soundboard mix from the Tobacco Road wide-shot-cam, I can state with confidence and conviction that we done good. There were many fine moments, but probably the tune that really made my soul smile was Goin' Down The Road. After I get the videotape from the CoffeeBoy-cam, and the audio from the CoffeeBoy Mini-Disc and the audio from Tobacco Road Soundboard mix that hopefully is in sync and doesn't get lost in the mail, then I should be able to edit together the TEREZ : LIVE IN CONCERT VIDEO in time for a Holiday Release. All in all a splended show, and who can tell how good the next one can be, when we put our minds to it. My special thanks to all our special friends who made the trip.

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