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First Set

Schickstein Set

  • Tore Up
  • Hey Pocky Way
  • Mr. Charlie
  • Thats What Love Will Make You Do
  • Me and Bobby McGee
  • Come Together
  • Ramble on Rose
  • Thris is Gone
  • Not Fade Away -->
  • Goin Down the Road -->
  • Music never Stopped
  • Deal
  • Morning Dew

Second Set

  • Harder They Come
  • Bright Side of the Road
  • Foolish Heart

The next jam is our gig, scheduled for next Thursday October 9, 2003 at Tobacco Road.

kf092903.jpg (55709 bytes)
We had the whole band back in but this time in Studio A.  The only studio Andy Trister will play in at Smash Studios.   While it may have sounded good, I don't think we played that well like we were saving up the perfect performance for the 10/9/03 Tobacco Road gig.  Nevertheless we played and tried to have fun.

Till next Thursday at Tobacco Road. We had the nice Jewsih history lesson with Kevin and Mitch during dinner and into the early part of the jam.  I forgot, but just said the Sha-mah. Hopefully I tip a scale somewhere.  I had the Fresco Taco C5 with Kev and Mitch and I almost vomitted last night in bed which I am blaming on the C5 at this point.  I was over the bowl ready to spew.  It's the only thing I ate.  On that note can't wait till the Tobacco Road gig is done and we are back to improve Deadstein where I can eat a C5 without fear of retrobution.

General Comments

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Name: cOfFeE bOy
Date: 9/30/2003
Time: 10:27:34 AM
Remote Name:


Kev - Good work on the poster, I notice that there is no set list crowding the art... nice! 5764 I've been writing 5763 on all my checks, dang! The recording sounded real good and tight. I'm with Trister, it's got to be A! R is for the common people. Later, CB

Date: 9/30/2003
Time: 10:43:05 AM
Remote Name:


Wow, an 'almost' vomit! That's seriously retro-Deadstein. I tip my hat in respect. There hasn't been an 'almost' vomit since the boneless pork product sandwich incident of '93. What doesn't kill us., makes us nauseous. Thanks for the instant post, TheGind, it must have been tough using your mouse on the toilet seat. You've got heart...or at least heartburn. The Tobacco Road gig awaits us. Don't let anxiety and the desire to control distract. Bottom line: Deadstein does not disappoint.

Name: Larry G
Date: 9/30/2003
Time: 11:39:07 AM
Remote Name:


Rich, by the way, "" is the email list of all people I know related to deadstein not just band member, so thats a good email list to send the announcement of the gig to.

Name: Rich
Date: 9/30/2003
Time: 12:56:10 PM
Remote Name:


The post-gig October schedule shapes up as follows: We can have Studio A from 7 pmto 11pm on Monday, 10/13, Monday 10/20 and Monday 10/27. Some other band has Studio A on Tuesdays starting at 9. So I booked us for those three Mondays in Studio A. At least we get the Monday Night Discount Rate. Onward to Tobacco Road. Mitch: I look forward to hearing last night jam on CD when you get a chance.

Name: Trister
Date: 9/30/2003
Time: 2:02:02 PM
Remote Name:


Looking forward to our future in A....

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