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First Set
  • Bertha
  • Sugaree
  • Don't Let Go
  • Me and My Uncle -->
  • Mexicali Blues
  • Visions of Johanna
  • Like a Rolling Stone
  • Rhapsody in Red
  • Estimated Prophet

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  • Lost Sailor
  • Saint of Circumstance
  • Feel Like a Stranger

The highlighted songs are Real Audio (the Sugaree is on the Bertha segment) so click to listen

Playing next week is Tuesday?

There were no guests, no Brotman and no Johnny.  The room seemed a bit hollow but we still seemed to play our hearts out in the firsy set and it seemed like there wasn't much left in the tank for the second set.  Kevin was in form I haven't seen him in for years.  I thought he was going down.  I think the Don't Let Go Jam was the hight light of the night.  I also liked much of the Mexicali.  In addition, the Bertha had a nice slowness to it. 

I thought much of the second set was for nought.  Speaking of which the knots were quite good, so was the Pizza and salad.  And for the first time the rice ball weren't too heavy.  The world isn't perfect.

The first of two big Met/Braves series started tonight as they are heading down the stretch neck and neck.  IN a close 2 to 1 defeat, Chipper Jones Knocked 2 out of the park, handing the Mets a tough loss on a fine pitched game by Rick Reed.  Mets are now 2 games back. Our area is recovering from Hurricane Floyd and the rain it bestowed upon us.

General Comments

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Name: Trister
Date: 9/22/99
Time: 2:04:07 PM


Very nice controlled energy early in the evening. I should have known the second set would be no good when nobody would get up from the round. Life is full of subtle clues.

Date: 9/23/99
Time: 9:17:23 AM


I agree with Trister, there was nice controlled energy in the first set. I was aware of it while it was happening; and remember thinking to myself, "boy, L.L.Brent must be enjoying this." The flow of the evening was set into motion by my initial error - I forgot the Setlist Flyers on my desk at work. This is obvious by looking at the quantity and 'Deadness' of songs actually played. Sorry, it won't happen again. Without control there is chaos, and only Siegfried benefits from that. Freakboy gave us 100% this week...100% of nothing. He was a 'no-show' . As L.L.Brent says: "Ma-nish-ta-na". There is a disgusting, despicable trend racing through the ranks of Deadstein, that no one seems to be able to explain - Nicotine consumption. Even Dave has jumped on the bandwagon. I don't get it. Maybe I missed the Laramie cigarette infomercial hosted by Troy Mclure titled, "Smoke Yourself Thin."

Name: larry brent
Date: 9/23/99
Time: 11:48:36 AM


I did like what little music we did play but I think we were all coming down with a bit of something. I'm home sick today myself. I think we should consider going back to the early eats and as I'm thinking about it maybe we should all consider eating before, I've got an hour in the car>

Name: Freakboy
Date: 9/23/99
Time: 12:03:41 PM


FB is sorry he did not make it. There were many good sporting events to choose from on TV so I did not come. I had a TV dinner and watched the braves and hit the pipe. I am freakboy, I'll do whatever I want.

Date: 9/23/99
Time: 12:48:17 PM


nah nah nah nah nah

Name: Larry G.
Date: 9/23/99
Time: 3:13:53 PM


There is a mistake on the page and just as a point of clarification, the next jam is next Monday and not Tuesday. Has anyone heard the real audio?

Name: Trister
Date: 9/23/99
Time: 4:25:44 PM


Braves sweep. What a disgrace. Pox on Chipper Jones.

Name: Scott
Date: 9/23/99
Time: 5:37:40 PM


Hello my fine fellow freaks. Well I have to say "An early eat will keep us on our feet" If I must say so myself, my call on the Don't let go, went places man, I mean lock in on that beat and away we can go...... I would still like to bring in some more gar band tunes, even if that means giving a tune a quick listen before we execute it or destroy it. The real audio is a beutiful thing , Thanks Gind, keep em loading. Yes Monday is the day next week, in order to keep Kev's marrige alive and strong. Happy B'DAY Allison. I Will be leaving for London on wed 9/29 returning on Tues 10/05 Then Leaving with Dr. Brent for San Francisco on Thurs 10/7 returning Sunday 10/10. So,the following week there will NO JAM ON 38TH STREET. Please don't miss a week, go down to 26th street or to 30th street. Try and pick a place where the guy's can at least smoke cigarettes. Lets hope for the return of FREAKBOY'

Name: dave s.
Date: 9/23/99
Time: 11:13:51 PM


here a freak there a freak...who really cares when you're in the greatest band ever.....i on to the bertha this week, that is from lauras b-day, what a silky smooth version nice evem flowing bass line from dare i say it... my best froobaly friend kev...just another freak in the machine........I LOVE US !!!!!!

Name: scott
Date: 9/24/99
Time: 8:12:57 AM


let us not forget who introduced us to that slow, silky smoothe version of Bertha. ... my best froobaly friend kev...just another freak in the machine....

Name: dave s
Date: 9/24/99
Time: 8:40:53 PM


ok just one more taste of self-idolization for this week.....Lauras party, the Birdsong..the finest piece of music ever recorded,its a wrap, take five, elvis has left the planet, the Doors only came close to capturing there talents live on disc as wee did(alright that might be stretching it a bit, woo... period "." ..wee

Name: Trister
Date: 9/27/99
Time: 9:29:24 AM


What a collossal sports weekend. The mets are going down faster than the Titanic, the Yanks can't handle Tampa Bay, the Jets and Giants are looking to mail it in after week 3. At least the US won back the Ryder cup after a disgusting celebration on the seventeenth green. The entire US team was dancing in Olazabel's line before he putted. I loved it. PS I'm not going to make it tonight/closing my November issue and I'm behind the 8 ball so the boss won't take kindly to me running out @ 5:30.

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