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Who can complain except for us all, but why?  These are not questions to contemplate on an empty stomach so I bid you a "ho-de-ho."  That's about all I can say. 

It's a shame because I'm teaching a course on "Communicating over the Internet" tomorrow at Rutgers so maybe I should show them my real communication's skills.  Anyway, I go into this discourse because I have no time for this but I just wanted to get the page up and say how wonderful everything was last night.

Terrible Catfish John without Andy who strolled in at the end of it.  Tan as ever.

It was the first night of my new 1979, "Locked and Loaded" Strat.

We play next Thursday

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Donny H. was the only guest and pulled off another quality, yet controversial meal from the Memphis trio. I'll let Jonathan enunciate on this issue. Good thing someone liked calzone.  What no salad.  Good thing I drank one before the jam (spinach, broccoli and cucumber on the rocks).


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Name: Scott
Date: 7/29/98
Time: 9:42:39 PM


Well since I was a no post last week I felt I should take the 1st position " Thank You" Let me tell ya' Were goooood. All this talk about playing out is getting us all a little Freakin' Anxious. LETS GET A GIG. And yea we like to play in front of people don't we? Kudos go out to my fellow band mates for yet another amazing evening of music. Unfortunatly we never did get to play the Tangeled up because of time, but we were getting pumped. The Stranger was awesome, Let It Grow was hot. The Hutch was in attendance once again and Man, he looks like he's having a blast. How convienient to be able to commute from Boston on a weekly basis and be able to hang with us. I think that's very cool. Johnny is relieved because he has someone else to take on the big food order. I'm not to sure if Freak Boy will let Hutch do the honors anymore? A little more joint effort and were set. Good Job Hutch!!!! Tricksters On Sat. Anyone else going? Poconos the following weekend... Get Into It>

Name: Larry B
Date: 7/30/98
Time: 1:07:51 PM


Some incredible moments occurred this week. The Stranger rocked, so did CC,and so did BE women.Victim I thought was rather weak and Foolish was chugging along at a gentle pace until the second jam where I hinted @ Blue Sky and all of the sudden Deadstein is rollicking along to the Allmans. If this aint enough, Let it Grow> Wharf Rat> Let it Grow is completley nuts. The song is good enough, Nice flute work by me and Trister is ripping in the rise and fall jam and then all of the sudden I come up behind him in this duet style lead that absolutley is the best thing ever done by us, anywhere. The Wharf RAT IS EXPLOSIVE the two jams at the end are monumental. I know I've heard those licks on a great tape. Hot sweaty Deadstein. Gotta Love It

Name: Freakboy
Date: 8/5/98
Time: 9:58:36 AM


How about some kudos for Kevy for putting together these fabulous freekly flyers which only us freaks can appreciate. Note : freekly is a combination of freaky and weekly. It took this Freakboy (i.e. me) yay long (until now) to make the connection that the word freaky appears in each and every one of them. It was worth the wait. With this newly acquired knowledge, I've been able to gain a new and deeper appreciation for the freaky weekly flyers. Kevy's multi-thematic tributes, creative picture manipulations and fonts add layers of love to the fabric that makes up our unique Deadstein experience.

Name: Crack of My Ass
Date: 8/5/98
Time: 3:38:53 PM


Brrp! Frrrt-Pssstf! Oops a leaker you freaks.

Name: Trister
Date: 8/6/98
Time: 10:54:14 AM


I think the Brown Eyed could be the sleeper of the evening...nice groove

Name: trister
Date: 8/6/98
Time: 10:56:35 AM


oops..did we play it that night?? It was on the same tape.

Name: freakboy
Date: 8/6/98
Time: 1:44:06 PM


I've got just three words for you : Shea Stadium Sausage.

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