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First Set
  • Alabama Getaway
  • CC Rider
  • Dancin' in the Streets
  • Ballad of a Thin Man (No I don't know where an ATM is)
  • Lazy River Road
  • Hell in a Bucket
  • Althea
  • Hard to Handle
  • Box of Rain
  • Ramble on Rose

Second Set

  • How Sweet It Is
  • Music Never Stopped
  • Dark Star
  • Joey
  • Get Out of My Life Woman
  • Death Don't Have No Mercy
  • Quinn the Eskimo

The date of the next jam is scheduled for Tuesday, May 29, 2001 at at Carroll's Instrument Rental on 41st street between 8th & 9th Avenues but very close to 9th., 7pm - 11pm  

Sorry for the late post but here we go...   

We had a full band there for the first time in several weeks and it was big and loud, but certainly not our loudest.  Nevertheless, it seemed that it was the big opening to the Bucket that was the straw that broke Larry's ear drum because he bolted after that.  It was pretty loud and even without Larry, it continued throughout the rest of the night.  Only did the Dark Star settle down and it was cool.  You gotta admit, Carroll's really is acoustically so bad for us it's not funny.  It's too bad.

Tefillin Kenny was there as our only guest and it was his birthday.  As such he got to request the Ramble on Rose to sing, in addition I think he sang the Box of Rain and he also played a great Hard To Handle.  They don't call him Tefillin for nothing.  Scott was back for the first time in several weeks and the Deadstein ferociousness got to him as he was pretty much a basket case by the end of the night.

I thought Kevin would die during the myriad of verses in the Jooooooooooeeeeey.  It was pretty funny.

Till next Tuesday.

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Name: dave
Date: 5/24/01
Time: 11:50:57 PM
Remote Name:



Name: Tefillin Ken
Date: 5/25/01
Time: 11:55:29 AM
Remote Name:


Thanks for the indulgence. You freaks rock! Gotta play it loud. . .sorry Larry B.

Date: 5/25/01
Time: 12:02:31 PM
Remote Name:



Name: scott
Date: 5/25/01
Time: 3:02:40 PM
Remote Name:


were gonna fight...for our rights... to PARRRRRTTTYYY

Name: Larry G.
Date: 5/29/01
Time: 3:20:00 PM
Remote Name:


The following was Emailed to if any cares and wants to get back to the following party. Their Email is:

Hello, We're looking for a GD cover to book for our daughter's wedding tentatively set for Aug. 12th. Are you available and what's your going rate?

Thanks, Sam

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