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First Set
  • Jack Straw
  • They Love Each Other
  • Mama Tried
  • Loser
  • Looks Like Rain
  • Dark Star->
  • Spoonful
  • Promised Land
  • Minglewood Blues
  • Bertha->
  • Good Lovin'
Second Set
  • Hell in a Bucket
  • Let It Rock
  • Eyes of the World
  • Music Never Stopped

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Jurassic Freaks - March 9, 1998 A.D. (After Dennis)
  • Well the big not was that Larry B. was in in Disney Land and he was probably total relaxed.  Thinking about nothing but trumpets, flutes and Goldie-Locks sleeping in his Twin.  That's right, Trister was in town and it was a treat for us all.  It was great to see him and hear his leads.
  • We unfortunately were late to coordinate the call to Rich for the change of date and therefore he was not in.
  • There were no guests, Johnny slept for a bit and left early, but did execute a great Dine-O-Mat order and sang lead on Love Each Other and Loser.
  • when you're looking for the kind hide out of the future in Brasil you will want to go there.
  • I saw Steve Goldstein on 40th Street on the way in.
Drummers think our wrong notes are dissonant. You have to love this comic found by Penny Jones for us.  It's classic and couldn't be more appropriate.
First Set Comments:
  • Super hot Jack Straw, I didn't think so when I was there but on tape it excels, and I'm not talking spreadsheets.
  • Love Each Other was nice, good beat.
  • Mama Tried was better than expected.
  • Loser was good till a major flub in the lead, but we percerveered.
  • Looks Like Rain and trouble starting but the lead was hot then during the verse after the lead Dave came in kind of running to the drum set and dove into a an ice cold pool with a few major runs on the rotoes that shocked everyone.  It was great.
  • The Dark Star floated as a Dark Star should. The Dm (Mountains of the Moon exit) intro into the Dark Star like Live Dead had potential.  The beginning of the song flubbed, I never really could do that part but the rest was good.  Don't fool yourself that Dark Star had some hot complicated stuff.  We can be proud of it, the post 1st verse stuff.   Pfffp!
  • We blues out of the Dark Star, I grabbed the slided, and went into Spoonful.  It was nice.  I had my lead of the night.  I was able to use the trickery of the Rp6 for added distortion color and delay.  I didn't use that demon most of the night due to the added noise it brings to the table.  You get what what you pay for.
  • Promised Land was certainly better than expected.  I had a lot of trouble with the words but the music flowed.
  • Minglewood when it had to.
Eating Comments:
  • Dine-O-Mat -The BLT was back.  Lots of burnt burger for others.


Second Set Comments:
  • It was the first time we really go through a Bucket and it had its moments.
  • The Music was the hottest part of the night.  The turn-over was perfect.
  • A very wet drive in but dry drive out.  Everytime Trister comes by there seems to be some flood on parkway named after a river.  In the room it was beautiful as usual.
General Comments

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Name: LarryB@eprock Epcot
Date: 3/12/98
Time: 4:34:25 PM


What, no real audio file again ??? I wanted to rock innoventions. And no posts from anyone else??

Miss You !!!!

Date: 3/13/98
Time: 11:27:32 AM


I certainly enjoyed this week, as I do all weeks. Trister definitely adds a delicious flavor to the freaky soup, and it's always good to see him again (Springfield '85; he taught me everything I needed to know about getting on the floor at a GA show). I am thrilled by the Deadsteinacation and effort shown by Dave in his last minute schedule change in order to make the jam. Singing, drumming, the guy aims to please. Freakboy on the other hand...feh. I guess March Madness makes him a March Moron. All the tunes were good, but the "Let It Rock", which I've really never heard, was really groovy. I don't know how it sounded when the JGB played it, but if they did it anything like us, maybe I wouldn't have run out of The Garden screaming with my hands waving above my head.

Name: Larry B
Date: 3/14/98
Time: 12:17:48 PM


Hi guys. I'll have to wait to open the real audio clips @ home, doesn't work on aol suprise suprise. What day next week Tues or Wed Please

Name: Larry B
Date: 3/14/98
Time: 1:06:58 PM


I'm thinking that Wed would be better because I can come early and play with the midi setup instead of rushing into NYC after work

Name: Larry G.
Date: 3/14/98
Time: 10:47:19 PM


I can't play Wednesday no matter what. How about Monday?

Name: Scott
Date: 3/15/98
Time: 9:33:29 AM


I Think We should go back to Tuesday. I won't go to the St. Pattys Party. Not The End Of The World. ALL IN FAVOR SAY "KIND"

Name: Larry G.
Date: 3/15/98
Time: 10:27:18 AM


Tuesday is Kind for Me. St Patty's day, we'll have to consume something green. Beer? Na, Bagels, Na. We'll think of something.

Name: Rich B
Date: 3/16/98
Time: 1:23:47 AM



Name: Larry B
Date: 3/16/98
Time: 8:45:57 AM


Tuesday it is I guess. And now one from the "It's a small world " category. Last night Natalie and I went out to the movies in Boca Raton ( we saw Wag the Dog, very funny)and as we are walking to the car I hear somebody calling Larry. Now I no almost noone here so I just ignore it the first few times and lo and behold who is it, none other than the prodigal drummer Larry M with wife Debbie in tow seeing the very same movie at 10:10. Ten minutes of polite social chit-chat followed and then they saw their movie.

Name: Freakboy
Date: 3/16/98
Time: 11:00:07 AM


Deadstein in Boca. Get into it.

Date: 3/16/98
Time: 9:37:51 PM



Name: Larry B
Date: 3/17/98
Time: 12:39:57 PM


While it was certainly a nice suprise to see the Mennaker's,even if we were going to the same show, the Brents share their jumbo popcorn with no one!!!

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