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First Set
  • Bertha
  • Help on the Way
  • Little Red Rooster
  • Althea
  • Feel Like a Stranger
  • That's All Right Mama
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Looks Like Rain
  • Candyman
  • Lost Sailor
  • Saint of Circumstance
  • Birdsong

Second Set

  • Playing in the Band
  • Crazy Fingers
  • Wharf Rat
  • Not Fade Away -->
  • Going Down the Road -->
  • One More Saturday Night

Next jam is next Tuesday the 12th of March at Smash Studios on 36th Street

It was a shocking night at a new Studio called Prince Studios in the 251 West 30th Street Music Building where it seemed that all poor NYC musicians came to play.  Prince was on the 4th floor right next to Ultra Sound.  It was a shocking night for us.  There were two nice looking beat up Fender amps but no reverb to be found any where in either of them.  The room was a recording room so the walls were absorbent with no reverb to be found and the PA while strong was also with out reverb.  With all this dryness it gave us a surprisingly dry controlled sound.  It was a drastic change from the sound we have at Carolls.  

To me the most shocking thing was the PA system.  Twice I touched it and got two nasty 110 volt shocks.  I'm still tingling.  That put a little damper on the evening for me as my hair stood up straight and I was going into cardiac arrest.  It took a couple of hours to get over the shock and I was no where near touching a microphone for the rest of the night.  hey did you guys do that on purpose?

Well it's the survival of Deadstein that is at stake any we will get by.  In the room were Larry, Trister, Kevin, Dave, Tom and Rich who was late after meeting with the Bulgarian Ambassador.  There were good moments and bad ones and while the bad were bad the good were good. 

Till next Tuesday at Smash Studios.

General Comments

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Name: tbanjo
Date: 3/8/02
Time: 12:05:09 PM
Remote Name:


Yeah, Me and gind both were fighting for our lives - me before and since, and Gind during.. Taking the shock out the process, Prince was not bad in a pinch, and who knows, Deadstein may end up there again. LG also recovered nicely to take us into and through the NFA>GDTRFB, which was also charged with energy. Also loved the Stranger, Birdsong and Playin.... you left out "You Win Again" from the playlist which developed off the cuff and had its moment. Rich's successful meeting with Bulgaria means his continued presence, and hey isn't that what it is all about? See you tuesday, unless someone poisons me before then.

Name: Trister
Date: 3/8/02
Time: 12:17:54 PM
Remote Name:


nice sound last night. Lots of room and the levels were surprisingly good. If I only could have remembered how to play the guitar...

Date: 3/8/02
Time: 12:58:30 PM
Remote Name:


Well Trister, at least you remembered how to levitate the room. 'Cause whatever you were doing got the rest of us up to warp speed. The first half of the nite definitely had velocity and altitude. Nice traveling with you and the rest of the freaks.

Name: Steele
Date: 3/8/02
Time: 10:37:59 PM
Remote Name:


Even at the Bob show last night at the Orpheum - I could hear Deadstein playing off in the distance...big wooo

Name: TB
Date: 3/9/02
Time: 11:49:28 AM
Remote Name:


Yeah Andy, ..what you talking about? You were running the Loop-Di-Loop on the midway thursday eve.

Name: pen
Date: 3/11/02
Time: 1:44:26 PM
Remote Name:


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