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First Set
  • Music never Stopped
  • Come Together
  • Don't Let Me Down
  • Summertime Blues
  • It's So Easy
  • Ballad of a Thin Man
  • Black Peter
  • Not Fade Away -->
  • Going Down the Road

Second Set

  • Like a Road
  • That's Alright Mama
  • Captain Fantastic
  • Harmony

Next jam is next Tuesday at Carolls

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This was a mini-Deadstein with only Larry G on Guitar, Kev on Bass, Dave on Drums and Rich on Keys.  Michael Carpetsteen showed up to show off his vocal abilities.  It was a lot of fun for me being the only guitarist but I was disappointed in my performance.  We played in the mini-broken room at Smash who gave us a bargain rate for broken equipment. 

Till next Tuesday when we all be back together with our typical disharmony.

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