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First Set
  • Feel LIke a Stranger
  • Althea
  • Cumberland Blues
  • Beat it on Down the Line (5)
  • Jack-a-Roe
  • Walkin Blues
  • Dark Star
  • Morning Dew

Second Set

  • Picasso Moon
  • Midnight Moonlight
  • Hell ina Bucket
  • Lucky old Sun
  • Mission in the Rain
  • Box of Rain
  • Estimated Prophet -->
  • Eyes of the World

Next jam is I'm not sure.  I can't play on Wednesday.  I think Thursday may be good now that I think about it.

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We played at Smash Studios and it was nice although filled with equipment problems and non-fixers doing their jobs.  At the jam were Me, Trister, Kevin (in body) Dave, Banjo and Rich.  I liked the Walking Blues and Jack-a-Roe the best. 

Till next ?.

General Comments

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Name: dave
Date: 1/16/02
Time: 1:33:59 AM
Remote Name:


thanks for the indulgence on last weeks "doors" stuff --- up next for picasso moonstein --- captian fantastic and the brown eyed freak boy ........ have fun touring, scotty...remember to keep "up", drink coffee boy +++++++ PS who thought the estimated jam was really good--me....PPS the more i hear it, i believe Box of rain actually could have been a pretty good Who song !!!

Name: tbanjo
Date: 1/16/02
Time: 9:48:18 AM
Remote Name:


There were moments....Nice Stranger thru Walkin Blues. AM Dew, Moon too. Lucky Old sun was improvised (as if you did not know) and the Mission thru Eyes - outstanding. Andy you are hot hot hot.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 1/17/02
Time: 2:19:43 PM
Remote Name:


Boy, I forgot to mention this, but wasn't the Stranger jam excellent, once Andy got his guitart to work. I never felt so comfortable playing it as I did this week and it had a real nice flow, grooove and tone.

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