Ganesvort Street


Day before Election day made for a marginal night.

First Set

  • Truckin'-->
  • Casey Jones
  • It's All Over Now
  • Dupree's Diamond Blues
  • Cassidy
  • Jack-A-Roe
  • Big Railroad Blues
  • Loose Lucy
  • Throwing Stones
  • Row Jimmy-->
  • Deal

Second Set

  • Playin' in the Band-->
  • I Need a Miracle-->
  • Wharf Rat-->
  • Playing in the Band.


We decided to play on Monday night so we could all get out there and vote on Election Day Tuesday. Overall, I have to say the night was below average. Not every jam can be above average, it's the law of averages. I had trouble getting my right wrist moving and Kevin was having unusual physical problems in moving his hands in addition to his typical mental problems. Kevin was challenged to see how long he could make set lists up without repeating any songs. We will see how long it can last.

Remember, we play next Monday

First Set:

The Truckin' started well carried it's own through a very hot jam. We reprised into a vocal and had another surprisingly smooth transition into the Casey Jones. It was a good Jones.

I thought we had problems getting beats going on several of the following songs. The All Over Now was choppy. The same with the Dupree's. It was so choppy that Kevin wanted to start over but he was refused and forced to join the fray. By the end of the song we were galloping along. The Cassidy was one of the highlights of the night. The song was nice and mellow and the jam was a far out as Deadstein takes it. Testing the Cassidy envelope. Jack-a-Roe was a struggle to complete. Big Railroad blues was pretty solid and moving and ended the mid set lull. Loose Lucy was marginal and so was the rest of the set.

Second Set:

The list had an Uncle John's to be played after the Playin' but due to Flourent taking longer than we wanted them to, we had to blow it off. In all, we started the second set around 10:30, leaving only one-half hour to play. It was a tough get up out of food but we made it for four songs. The Playin'' in the Band was pretty interesting eventough it was abbreviated. It thought the Micacle was pretty powerful. The Warf Rat had the most magical feel of any song of the night. There was a cool sound going on during it. It lead into the closer of the evening, back into Playin' in the Band. We faded into playing and got soft, just playing the Playin' riff, over and over again. In a mezmorizing fashon, we all refused to get off of the Playin' riff. As it got cooler and softer Larry B. decided to turn it over.

At this point you could hear a pin drop Then BAM!. Just as we are about to break out into the Playin' a bug flew into Kevin's nose. He stopped plucking and started picking. I tried to abort the re-entry but it was too late we were destined, with or without Kevin. We finished up for the evening and went on our merry ways.