William Weiss Interiors Studio


A beautifully solid night of the core of Deadstein.

First Set

  • Alabama Getaway->
  • Promised Land
  • Tennessee Jed
  • C.C. Rider
  • Friend of the Devil
  • Jack Straw
  • Birdsong
  • Deep Elem Blues
  • Me & My Uncle->
  • Big River
  • Aiko-Aiko

Second Set

  • Let The Good Times Roll
  • Help on the Way->
  • Slipknot!->
  • Truckin'->
  • Around and Around


  • Standard beautiful night enjoyed by all in the basement of WWI. Things seem to be working well down there. It's getting homier, the lava's flowing once it gets going. The lights have color. The rug is comfortable and the PA is settling in although not perfect. We go another mic stand and we are almost fully stocked.
  • We were able to pull off the entire setlist with a prejam and halftime dinner. In addition we ended 15 minutes early. I don't know how we did it except for the fact that maybe we cut the Birdsong and the Slipknot! a bit short.
  • The Core Five was there, no Brotman, a Freak, a Spill, and a Loogie?
  • I think Larry was pretty happy with his sound for the first time in a while. Some of his chords were nice a relaxed.
  • It was a new exciting era for me with the new RP6. I want to remain calm about the glow RP6!I am getting from the thing. It feels like a new era, such a pleasure to deal with and the fact that the homework I can do with it translates perfectly at jam levels simply amazed me. I appreciate Larry indulging me in a few extra leads so I could check out some of it's horsepower.
  • Throughout the whole night I felt a much more relaxed and composed feeling throughout the room.

Pre-Jam Eating Comments

  • Johnny was "super-dooper-you-gotta-love-it clutch boy" when he arrived with Carnegie Corned-Beef.
  • I was also "scoobie-woobie-queen-washooby-brrrp!-clutch-boy" when I showed with 2 cased of Pepper, Terrible Twinkies and the Freshest Devil Dogs this side of Farmingdale.

First Set Comments

  • The Getaway was nice. Johnny was impressy by Scott and my harmonies. They were nice and the song was hot. I think Larry and Kevin Lost it from their tapes and the recording of the halftime gorge was erasing the Getaway. I sure you hear a "umm!" or two.
  • Promised Land had a rough start as Kevin had to open his book to to discover Promised Land is C-F-G.
  • Jed was pretty cool, well played with a nice openess and plodding characteristic.
  • C.C. Rider was also well played. Rock solid, not overly loud, yet its was paradoxically full, confident.
  • Devil was really good, good singing, I just heard it and Kevin was commenting on his ability to be right on the base note at the begining of the octive after completing the long trek away from it up the scale. It's a beautiful thing.
  • I pulled a real Weir in the Straw as I entered back into a vocal after the lead too soon. Encroachment. Defense. 5 yards. It's one down gone and another to go.
  • Birdsong was really nice. I really wanted it to go one for significantly longer but I guess Larry didn't and he ended it.
  • Deep Elem was slow, relaxed. I can't say great but it's fun and provides lots of space.
  • Uncle waste nice and fast and transition pretty good for us into the Big River.
  • We took a little break to order the pizza then played the Aiko. It was good and amazingly, the Pizza came soon after.

Half Time Eating Comments

  • The Pre Jam feast wasn't enough so we went for a halftime pie that came in 15 minutes. What do you want it was Pronto Pizza! We enjoyed it last night, it came quickly, and it was good but that place will never have the staying power of the Memphis Trio.
  • Speaking of the Trio, we tride the Pronto-Knots. I gotta say they were good. They didn't do it with quality bread and garlic cooked just right, when it was cooked just right, like the Memphis Trio, but the pulled the knots off which so few places can do. The cheated a bit with tasteful sprinklings of of cheese and salt but who could fault them for trying?

Second Set Comments

  • I was amazed we were able to get through the food and get the second set in, but we did!
    What a bunch of Freaks
  • Let the Good Time Rolls was surprising enjoyable.
  • Help on the Way was good but I didn't like the Slipknot! I couldn't get in a good groove.
  • We went right into the Truckin' well and the song was done pretty but the ending jam didn't fall apart but it dragged in an attempt to swell beyond. a three round build up.
  • The Around and Around was good. I think it was Larry M. who started to go to the fast closing jam a verse early, before we even got to the C key change, but I did my best to put a governor on tha throttle.


  • CloudsIt was like the first autumn feeling day outside of the year yet in the basement it felt great. I wonder why Johnny isn't the speacial guest commentator on weather?