William Weiss Interiors Studio


A Freakboy birthday and Penny's worth of freak.

First Set

  • Deal-->
  • Good Lovin'
  • Mexicali Blues->
  • Me & My Uncle->
  • Big River
  • China Cat Sunflower->
  • I Know You Rider
  • The Wheel->
  • Throwing Stones->
  • Around and Around

Second Set

  • Birdsong->
  • Music Never Stopped
Jerry Goocia


It wasn’t the fact that we consumed bitter herbs or we ate reclining that made this night different than other freaky nights. It was the official Deadstein commemoration of the Freakboy’s birthday and the return of Penny Jones that made this night freakier than most.

She first saw us on September 24, 1996 and after a year's worth of recovery decided to come back for more. To jog those weary memory cells, Penny is the freak who works across the great divide from me and much like me, she is also a product of waste. Fortunately for us, she preaches full recovery while I only promote prolonged decay.


pennysquid.jpg (13106 bytes)

She certainly can tell a bad lesbian story. If it is such a story. Well at least it was taboo.

At Deadstein it seems as if everything is wasted. Good thing Penny was there to salvage it all. I'm going to try to take that cause up. It's the management of the excess liquid that causes the problem. If we had a system for that, a few issues would be resolved. Maybe a funnel and one liquid holding tank, i.e. one bottle.

(Sung to the Theme of Aqualung)

Sitting with a bad stench
Freaky like a DeadFuck
Snot is running down his nose.

Johnny Long my friend
A Freak of nature, you get off so easy.
Your poor old soul, it needs to be a Freak.

"Excuse me Sir
May I have some more freak?"

  • Many songs had problems starting
  • Relatively poor playing I think. I think everyone was off a bit.
  • One week left on the Brotman debt to the company store.

First Set Comments

  • Deadstein with PennyThe Deal was flowing. Larry had guitar sound problems but the rest of us were there providing a solid foundation and it had a very powerful, yet relaxing grooviness.
  • Good Lovin’ was started by Scott with old style beginning.  It was a failure and he must stop with that.  It just the point that none of us bafoons who care about pitch care enough to figure it out for this beginning.
  • Mexicali by itself, Bad Larry B Count-Off, good the rest of the way.
  • China Rider was freaky, a bit too laid back.

Half Time Eating Comments

  • Prejam, while waiting with Larry B. and Penny for the seven o'clock parking I ran to Bens for a coffees and dogs with kraut. There's nothing like eating on the hood of a car. Actually, the coffee was pretty good.
  • Snacks
    • Pies
    • Mike-Ike
    • Nestle Crunch
    • and more
  • Menaker with clutch Snapple Run.
  • Stardust Dine-O-Mat:Stardust Dine-O-Mat - Click to See the Menu
    • 3 BLT’s - They were pretty good this time.
    • 2 Mashed Potatoes
    • 2 Cheeseburgers with Fries
    • Popeye Salad
    • Calamari
    • Nachos
    • Cokes
    • Cherry Lime Ricky Slushes

Second Set Comments

The birthday boy left by the second set so we weren't compelled to play any of his proposed songs. It's a miracle we go up at all to play any music. I didn't think it was going to happen. The body gets very heavy after dinner.

  • The Birdsong was weird. Like most of the songs for the night we had trouble sustaining any significant groove but we did manage to float along without a track.
  • The Music Never Stopped was pretty good. It flew and had the good jam.