William Weiss Interiors Studio


Stuffed to the brim but rodent free.

First Set

  • Foolish Heart->
  • Victim or the Crime
  • Duprees Diamond Blues
  • Minglewood Blues
  • Loser
  • Lost Sailor->
  • Saint of Circumstance
  • To Lay Me Down

Second Set

  • Scarlet Begonias
  • Franklin's Tower
  • Truckin'->
  • Wharf Rat->
  • Sugar Magnolia


  • Just a thin mint-wafer, it won't make you explode. Well, maybe it is time to cut down on the junkfood. It is so easy to overdue the "kind" snacks when you go to a big supermarket, Halloween is just around the corner and you have a "spoc" crowd to please like Deadstein. Mild diabetic shocks to us all but we made it some how.
  • I'm glad to report there were no mouse sightings. Scotty really set up a Mageneau Line of traps that sent the vermin scurrying for Poland. Before we get too comfortable next to the Seine, let's not forget what little moustache wearing rat crossed the so called uncrossable line.
  • The best and most interesting thing that came out of the night was the discovery of "Rip Van Freakle." It's time FreakToast woke up and smelled the coffee. Catnaps at work are no way to deal with exhaustion, coffee is. It is the American way. Do you at least have a coaster on the conference table so you have a place to aim your drool?
  • Kevin's Bostonian friend Donny, the "Hutch-Meister-General", showed up for a good deal of the first set.
  • There were no other guests. Nothing was stirring, no even a mouse.
  • You have to give Kevin credit for the the penis font and the sexiest Jerry to date. The sad thing is Jerry had larger breasts in real life. A real job for the "mansiere" or "bro."
  • The tie-dye tapestry made it to its final resting place behind the drums. It looks good mounted there. It's good back there because it gives the illusion of the drummers having more hair.

First Set Comments

  • Gambetta SnuffI thought the Foolish Heart-> Victim was uncomfortable. It was loud and not in a groove. I think establishing strong grooves was a weak point of the night. Like many songs throughout the night, there came and went verse by verse and there were always really freaky intense moments in each and every song. The end of the Victim had such a moment of cool wildness.
  • Minglewood and Loser were pretty solid
  • I sang the Sailor/Saint which is a true challenge but we bulled our way through it. If you check back though the previous weeks Sailor->Saint is the most blown off song. Kevin was making a point of this so we did it. It was like the Wide World of Sports, the trill of victory and you know the rest but it never fell off of it's skis.
  • To Lay Me Down was surprising nice. It was cool calm, probably the best sounding song of the night.
  • Three songs short of the list but "Kid Dine-O-Mat" was calling.

Half Time Eating Comments

  • We gave the Stardust Dine-O-Mat, from Time Square, another try. I swore off it after the August 26, 1997 fiasco but I thought it would make a good meal under the circumstances. I was to take Kevin's advice and go for the cheeseburger. I was going to resist the temptation of a succulent fish sandwich or the spinach salad. No one ever complained about those burgers before accept maybe for being a bit too beefy, but is that a complaint anyway?
  • Lots Stardust Dine-O-Mat - Click to See the Menuof Rodeo Burgers were ordered. I unfortunately mistook the wing's thin and slippery hot sauce for the Rodeo burger's B-B-Q sauce and had a winged flavored, soggy, overbearing burger. At least I got a rare one. Poor Larry M. did the same thing with the sauce, too a lesser extent, but had a well done one. In either case, the burger had the taste of burgers you would get at the drive-in movie theater's snack bar. And that is not good. As previously mentioned, we had two orders of Spitfires, look it up on the menu if you want. They were a little tasty, but from a gross greasy perspective. The flavor was probably worse than the fact that some were undercooked.
  • The Kevin hard at work.  Checking out the chair tilt ratio.one nice touch was the provision of cups of ice that worked with our warm cans of coke at brought.
  • They messed up on Freakington's order and delivered it on the second trip. Actually it was the third trip cause the guy came first without the beeper and then trekked back to the Dine-O-Mat just to beep us. Coming back the second time without the Freakburger and some mashed potatoes resulted in the windfall for Rich Brotman's wife. The Dine-O-Mat threw in some mashed potatoes on the house and she's apparently a real potato head and loves when her man comes home with them.
  • Desserts and other snacks included Drakes Iced Cupcakes, Hostess Cherry Pies, miniature no name cherry pies, pumpernickel sticks, pretzels, spree, skittle, nestle crunch and Scott also had stuff.
  • As you can tell, It was a night to vomit.

Second Set Comments

  • Jerry Garcia CartoonIn 45 minutes the second set was played as called for.
  • Scarlet Begonias was pretty nice. It transitioned into the Franklin's but it took Kevin a real long time to catch on to the concept.
  • The Franklin's had its moments and sustained itself most of the way through. We ended the Franklin's with the Help of the Way thing followed by the end of the Fire on the Mountain thing. Gratuitous at best and neither one was called for. They add novelty without substance to the experience.
  • We did a 5 round Truckin' jam build up which hasn't worked for us. It never builds like a real build.
  • Wharf Rat was surprisingly good.
  • The Sugar Mag died during the jam before it ended. Kevin was about to fall, he wasn't making it. I thought it was death but it was just some type of back spasm.