William Weiss Interiors Studio


Scott by himself pulls off a successful evening

First Set

  • China Cat Sunflower->
  • I Know You Rider
  • Mama Tried->
  • Mexicali Blues
  • Pretty Peggy -O
  • Saint of Circumstance
  • Althea
  • Little Red Rooster
  • Loose Lucy
  • Picasso Moon

Second Set

  • Alabama Getaway->
  • Greatest Story Ever Told
  • Waiting For A Miracle
  • How Sweet It Is


  • No guest whatsoever and only Scott was drumming as Larry M. couldn't be there. 
  • I got in about 10 after 7:00 as I was late due to the upgrade of the MCMUA transfer station computer system
  • This is the only time I recall that an event in the prior week influenced Kevin enough to include a reference to it in the set list.

First Set Comments

  • Unbelievable Mexicali.  Bopping and Cheerful
  • We played Loose Lucy and a fast  little diddy.  Johnny loved it and it did have a certain flare even though it lacked all ties to a slinky blues.

Half Time Eating Comments

  • We ate the main meal before the jam.  Freakboy ran to the city of Marathon you warn Petros of Deadstein's pending hunger.  No disappointing,   Johnny came back with a pair of Gyro for each of us.  There is a reason the call it Gyro II.  Since Kevin that the real Pinocchio Gyro's the night before Johnny got him a $1.35 Pinky Burger.  He seemed to love it.
  • For half time we went with the coffee, drakes cakes and burnt Herb pretzels.

Second Set Comments

  • I thought the Getaway was right on and the transition into the Greatest Story was pretty good.


  • A beautiful night.